1. I'm made for steam

Chapter #1

"I'm made for steam"

Alisha's of View

I woke up to a world of smoke and Haze. Hera walked in the room. "Ms. please wake up, your father is expecting you." She says as she grabs a corset out of the drawer. I get up and feel a light dust against my feet as my gown hit the floor. I walked over to her and yawned. "Good morning Hera. I say to her as I removed my night gown, and put on my day under garments. I spread out my arms as Hera put on my shoulder sleeves and I tightened my leather straps in the front after I was done I held myself against the bed post as Hera tightened the corset to the time that I couldn't breathe. I let out a deep breath. Hera pulled out a black skirt. I pushed up my chest. I looked at mirror as Hera laced up the skirt. I say on my bed and tied up my boots. I walked to my vanity and put on my lace hand gloves and goggles. My hair was braided and tied with a piece of lace.

I walked down the hallway as my boots clicked against the floor. I walked down the stairs to see my father and a young man. I made it to the bottom of the stairs. "Father?" I ask as they both look at me. "Oh, Alisha." he said in a disappointed tone. "Why must you be so judgmental." I ask to him. "I think she looks ravishing." The young man said. My father looked at him. He was dressed up like I am. With goggles and gold and black fabrics. Leather straps crossed his shoulders. He looked me from head to toe. I looked down and my corset modeled my hourglass figure. "My dear, this young man is,.." He said to be soon interrupted. "James, James Clark." He said bowed. I slowly curtsied. "Alisha, Alisha Freya." I say to him. "Well then. My daughter. He will be staying with us over the year." Father said as I looked towards James. His sparkled light blue compared to my icy silver ones. His hair was dark brown as mine was a bleach white. My skin was lightly tan and it made my features sparkle. James was more of a Carmel color. "That is fine father, am I free to go?" I ask adjusting my gloves. "Yes my dear." Father says as I walk away and out the door.

I walked outside to see steam carriages and flying air balloons. I walk down the street and looked around. This is my world. The world of Steam. The world of gears and science. The world of Logic.

As I see other woman walking with their husbands an children. How lovely. I do want children of my own. But I am only twenty years old. My father forbid I live on my own with out a husband. I think that's why James will be living with us this next year. How... Lovely? I guess?

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