Deceit Lelia Winters was the product of a lie. Her mother gave her up to the man who lied and deceived her. She grows up into a beautiful young lady but has future problems lying ahead of her.


1. Prologue


Laying on the cold hard bed in the hospital lay a mother holding her newborn baby girl in her arms. She cradled her and only wished to give her all the love and affection that she herself never received. After all she was only ever told lies. She told the doctor she knew what she wanted to name the baby.


“Her name will be Deceit Lelia Winters.”


“Ma’am, are you sure?”


“Yes, I’m sure. And while you’re at it, take her away from me. I don’t wanna see her right now.” The doctor had a nurse take Deceit from the mother and place her in the incubator, then leave as well did he. Leaving the mother to think. ‘I don’t want her. But I can’t leave her. Ugh, hard decisions. She looks exactly like him and nothing like me. She has his green eyes, his hair color his everything. Ok well not everything, she has my smooth skin but still. He’ll be happier to have her than I will.’


All she had to do was wait until they were discharged then she could drop Deceit off at his house with money and a letter and haul her ass out of town.


Three days later they both were discharged and ready to go. She already had the letter and the money gathered and baby clothes for him to dress her in.Although she knew he was well off she’d feel bad if she only popped the baby out to just leave her with him and run off. She thought if she gave him even a little money it’d make everything better. Pulling up into his driveway, she got out and opened the backseat door to grab the child's car seat. Slowly walking towards the steps as if she’d get caught in the act. Inside she heard yelling, and she was the topic. Now she was exactly reminded why she didn’t want her child, the man who helped create Deceit was a lying bastard. He made her believe she was the only woman in his life when reality bit her on the ass that he had a girlfriend of 3 years. His soon to be fiance. Not only had she found out that she was being used but that she hurt another woman by sleeping with him. All anybody ever did to her was lie. And just maybe he’ll learn to love properly and show his daughter all the love she deserves. She left the baby on the doorsteps, knocked on the door then ran back to her car.


The yelling inside stopped and he went to his door. He opened it and could only see a woman running to her car and driving off. Recognition ran through his head. He knew who she was, she was the woman he was two-timing with. His thoughts were broken as Deceit started wailing. He looked down at his feet to see a car seat, with a baby girl in it, and a baby bag sitting right next to it. He took both in his house and set Deceit on the couch with his fiance.


“Who’s this?” she asked curiously. Her soft-spoken voice could barely be heard but it reached his ears.


“I don’t know yet but I’m about to find out.” he said as he opened the baby bag carefully. In it was a letter, an envelope and baby clothes. He opened the letter first.


Dear Claude,

    Her name is Deceit Lelia Winters. I had her three days ago. September 20th, 2014 I had to push her out without any help. You are the father and there’s no denying it. She looks like you. If you’re wondering why I named her Deceit then I’ll tell you. You hurt not only me but your fiance. She was lied to by you and I was too. You're a deceitful bastard. Give her love. Don’t hurt her like you hurt me. Don’t try to find me. I’m not gonna be in this town or the country. Bye Claude and give her the life I didn’t have.


Your Baby Mama’


Claude had shock written all over his face but then again he slightly expected this to happened.


“Well...who’s the baby?” the tone in her voice showed just about how irritated she was.


“My daughter. Apolonia had her three days ago. Her name is Deceit Lelia Winters and as you know now, I’m her father.”


“She was pregnant?! Get that whore’s baby out of our house right now! To top it off her name is Deceit. She’ll be a lying bitch when she grows up. I won’t tolerate it. No, no, no...I can’t.” her voice was brittle.


“SHUT UP! I won’t have you talking bad about my daughter. I may be a bastard, I may have cheated and lied but I’m not going to get rid of my daughter because she’s not yours. So sit your ass down and shut the fuck up. I don’t wanna tell you twice.” he glared at her from across the room. His voice low and scared her shitless. Claude was known to be feared. He didn’t like attitude nor did he like anyone talking about his family the way she just did.


“You of all people know how I feel when people talk about my family. So you can either get married to me and learn to love her as if she’s your or leave with all your shit. She’s only a baby. She doesn’t know who her real mother is.” Just as he finished his mini speech Deceit started crying again. He walked over and held her in his arms. Rocking himself back and forth to calm her down. “Hey there baby girl. Daddy’s here, no need to cry. Be a fighter not a cryer.” he softly whispered in her ear. She fell asleep to his voice and he put her back in her car seat. “ Babe, run out and get her a crib and any other baby items you think she’ll need.” She grabbed her purse and shoes and ran out the house.


Claude walked over to Deceit to see her sleeping peacefully. She was gorgeous beyond words and really did look like himself.


“I will not let you live up to your name. You’ll be the exact opposite. You’re my princess and will be treated like one. I swear to you on my life Deceit Lelia Winter, I will  give you all the love in the world.¨

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