Deceit Lelia Winters was the product of a lie. Her mother gave her up to the man who lied and deceived her. She grows up into a beautiful young lady but has future problems lying ahead of her.


2. Chapter 1


¨Deceit, you have 5 seconds to get downstairs and apologize to your mother.¨ Claude had rushed home after a phone call from Lesa saying she threw toys at her. She had been taught not to throw things at people much less not to call people names especially if she is the woman of the house. Deceit rushes downstairs ands stands at the bottom. She looks up at her father and sticks out her tongue as if that´ll make her situation better. Now Claude was furious and was trying to contain his anger as his dearest daughter was only 5.


“Deceit, you really don't want to get on my bad side right now. I shouldn't have to get phone calls of you throwing toys at your mother. Now apologize or you're being put in time out until you do.” She turned towards Lesa and spoke. But not the words anyone was looking for.


“I don't like Lesa. She brings mean people here and they say no-no words.”


“Baby what mean people?!  Women or Male, Dede.”  


“ Males, papa. They make Lesa scream but she’s the one who lets them in the house.”


Claude understood perfectly what Deceit was trying to say since she didn’t know what sex was yet. Finding out that his wife of 4 years was cheating on him in his own house. Probably in the bed that he sleeps in. His face scrunched up just with the thought of it. He turned toward Lesa and all he felt was anger. All the pent up anger from Apolonia leaving Deceit at his doorstep with nothing but a letter explaining herself, to him not knowing his own wife was cheating on him.


“How long?” Claude asked her.


She stilled with fear. Fear for the unknown. Anyone who knew Claude knew that messing with him meant the equivalent to death. He could mess up anyone's life with the snap of his fingers.


“HOW LONG LESA?!” She jumped and tears sprouted in her eyes.


“Six months…” she whispered. Claude stepped away from her and picked up Deceit.  


“Six months.. Ok well my first step is getting a divorce, and get the hell out my house Lesa and don’t come here again. The fact you had men here while watching my child was foul. Pack your things and leave.”


“Daddy, you said a no-no word.” Claude wanted to smile at his daughter but all he felt was heartache.


“Baby where were you when Lesa brought those mean people here?”


“Lesa put me somewhere really really dark with my toys, a blanket and food. She told me we were playing hide and seek. There was a lamp though.” Claude once again knew exactly what Deceit was talking about.


“Lesa, you put MY daughter in the basement?!!” Claude was furious. Beyond furious, if Lesa hadn’t already started packing she wouldn’t have any clothes or anything with her.



Claude grabbed Lesa by her arms and dragged her towards the front door and pushed her out. “Stephen, make sure she gets off this property and she is never to step foot into this house again!” Claude pondered over how Deceit said mean people. More than one person. “ Dede, baby come here.” she ran towards him and jumped up for him to catch her in his arms. “How many people were here? Did anyone hurt you or touch you or come up to you?”


“Papa, there was-” she stopped to count ,“ 4 people and a boy, but he’s my friend.” she smiled big as she remembered him.


His name was Everest. He was 6. He was a shy boy who came in with his father and had to sit in the same room as her. They became friends fairly quickly or more like she forced him to be friends with her. He walked up to her the moment he walked in the room and saw her playing with her toys. He scanned the room and saw there were a few blankets around and unopened food around the room. Lowering himself until he was the same level as Deceit, he spoke in a soft voice, “Uh, I’m Everest  a-and I just wanna go home.” she had thought he was just the cutest. “Well, I’m Deceit. Nice to meet ya. I’m gonna call  you Evie. You’re now my best friend.”


“Baby, I know you think he’s your friend but what if you never see him again? How many times did you actually meet him?” Claude asked. He couldn’t possibly imagine that they met more then maybe twice.


“Many, many times papa. And I will see him again because he’s my best friend.” Deceit was sure that they’d meet again. She just knew they would.

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