With Us In Spirit | Reincarnation Competition Entry|

Do you want to sell your house, but find that ghosts are scaring off your potential buyers? Or maybe you want to buy a haunted house, and just don't know where to look? Don't worry Cassandra Kavla and her real-estate team have got you covered! Unless, of course, your ghost happens to be that of Mavric Davis, a teenage trouble maker, determined to make Cassandra's life a nightmare.


1. Chapter 1

It all started with Millie. 

Cassandra had been able to see the dead as long as she could remember. For a while it was passed off as her imagination, but as she grew older, people began to see it as strange. This caused her to hide her abilities, allowing her to graduate from both high school and college without any suspicion. She managed to get a job as a real-estate agent, and didn't have much trouble despite the spirits wandering around some of the properties.

Normally, she would ignore the spirits in the houses and continue doing her job. This was easy enough, as most of the spirits had realized by now that no one could see or hear them. However, those that hadn't yet realized, or were desperate, still tried to talk to her. Millie had been one of these spirits. 

Cassandra had gone to view a house that a couple wanted to sell as soon as possible. The couple couldn't have been any older than thirty-five, but they looked much older. The woman's blonde hair was falling out of it's classy up-do, and her brown eyes were red and puffy, surrounded by smudged make-up. The man's hair was also ruffled, and his eyes equally red. They invited Cassandra inside, and explained their desperation to sell the house. They had a young daughter who had been killed by a hit and run driver on her way to school one morning and wanted to stop reliving the event whenever they looked out the living room window.

It was in that moment Cassandra spotted Millie. The girl was clearly a ghost, with a pale, almost translucent appearance, and slightly blurred features. She couldn't have been older than seven. The top of her blonde head was peaking around the door frame, as if trying to listen to a conversation she wasn't supposed to hear. The little girl watched as her mother left the room in tears, her father following close behind, insuring Cassandra they would be back in a moment. It was then she entered the room, her curious gaze fixed on the young woman.

"Why is mommy crying?" Millie asked, her soft voice full of concern as her head tilted to one side. "I thought she wanted to move away?"

"Don't you know why their moving away?" Cassandra asked softly, quickly glancing at the doorway to assure she wouldn't be heard.

"No," the little girl began to frown. "Why?"

"They don't want to live in the place where their little girl died," she studied the girl carefully, trying to gauge her response. "Don't you remember the car?"

Millie gasped, her wide blue eyes filling with tears. "I'm...dead?" 

"I'm so sorry," Cassandra looked away, unable to hold the girl's gaze.

"Mommy and daddy can't leave!" Millie sobbed, clutching the hem of her pink dress for comfort. "I don't wanna be alone!"

Millie's parents chose that moment to come back into the room.

"I'm so sorry for the inconvenience," her father replied. "I'm sure you can see why we would like to sell the house as soon as we can."

Cassandra looked at the parents who's eyes were red with tears, then back to the ghost girl sobbing beside them, begging them to stay, afraid of being left alone. She took a deep breath, and made her decision.

"Then if you don't mind, I would like to purchase the house."

It was that experience that had changed Cassandra's career. She started looking into owners of supposedly haunted houses wanting to sell, and used her abilities to help her. Some ghosts just needed someone to help them rest in peace, while others wanted to see families grow up in their houses and such. Occasionally, people would come to Cassandra wanting her to help them buy a haunted house, and for these she was able to convince ghosts to act up for certain people. More often than not however, she had to get ghosts who were angry with their death to calm down and not drive out the houses new occupants. These ghosts could be hard to deal with, but none if them were ever as difficult as the ghost of young Maveric Davis.

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