Journey to the Lost Island (Book 1)

A Boy named James is about to set out on an adventure that he barley knows anything about, to a mysterious lost island! What will happen in the first part of this story!


1. When it Started

James …………….. James ……………. JAMES!! I wake up with a fright, I looked around to see who was calling me. My eyes finally join with a person standing at my bedroom door, it was only Bailey. “Come on Buddy we got to go to the shops today! remember? Asks Bailey in a hurry. “Right I almost forgot about that” Bailey leaves the room, I start to wake myself up completely even though Bailey woke me up 90%.

 I wipe my Eyes and got up to walk out of my room but in the corner of my eye outside the house I saw a familiar face, IT WAS BILL! I haven’t seen him since I finished High school. I race down stairs to meet him before I’m cornered by my Mum and Dad “What’s the big rush James?” Dad askes politely. “Bill is outside, remember him?”.


“Oh, yeah that old friend of yours, go on then! Go say hi” says Mum. “Ok bye Mum, bye Dad!” I run out the front and I see Bailey speaking to Bill happily and then Bill looks over Baileys Shoulder and he Looks directly at me, his face lights up with happiness. “JAMES!!” He yells as he runs straight towards me like a raging bull running at the red flag.

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