Journey to the Lost Island (Book 1)

A Boy named James is about to set out on an adventure that he barley knows anything about, to a mysterious lost island! What will happen in the first part of this story!


2. The Reunion

Bill stops and gives me a big hug “Gosh It’s good to see you again James” says Bill enthusiastically. “Yeah good to see you to Bill” I reply. “Hey bill, Bailey and I are going out to the shops in around 30 Minutes, would you like to come with us?” I ask hoping he will say yes. “Yeah sure, nothing better than a reunion like this eh!”. So, I say my good bye’s to my parents and hop in the car with Bailey and Bill.

“So, Bill how are you and your Parents?” I ask, “Yeah their going alright, can’t wait till I get to see my Dad again”. “Wait where’s your Dad” Bailey asks trying to keep his eyes on the road so we don’t end up in an accident. “He’s looking for this Island that is meant to be a legend”. “What’s so legendary about it?” I ask suspiciously.

“Apparently 200 CE there was a Viking that found something deep underground, and from all of the books my Dad has read about this event the object the Viking found was a religious artifact from Zeus. “HAHAHAHAHA you really believe him Bill!” Yells Bailey Like he just watched a video of Top 10 liars in the world.

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