Journey to the Lost Island (Book 1)

A Boy named James is about to set out on an adventure that he barley knows anything about, to a mysterious lost island! What will happen in the first part of this story!


3. The Discovery

“GOSH how long till where there?!” I ask boringly. “We are just pulling up now” Says Bailey. “Oh” I reply. We hop out of the car and walk straight into the Shopping Centre. “Hey Bill, do you mind if we just go check out the library quickly?” I ask. “Yeah ok then, I have all day so no need to rush” Bill replies. I wonder around the Shopping Centre until I find the Library. After 30 Minutes Bailey comes rushing out one of the aisle with a thick book in his hand, “BILL, YOU WERE RIGHT!!! THERE IS AN ACTUAL ISLAND!”

“Wait you found a book OF the island?!” Bill asks extatically. “Yeah! I seriously didn’t think it was true but it is”. Bill replies. “Have you read it yet?” I ask bill politely. “Yes, and I now know it’s location”. “So, what are waiting for? Let’s buy the book and find the island and your dad!” I tell Bill.

“Yeah sure, I’ll do it!” Bill replies

  The End……FOR NOW!

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