The Gods Of The Night Sky

Kevin was a normal teenager with a normal life. What happens though when he figures out his mom's past, and what he and his older brother actually are? What happens when their existence cause a battle between constellations? What happens when he can no longer live a normal life?


1. Chapter One

" Kevin!"

Kevin jumped at his mother's voice. He sighed realizing he was zoning out again. She tapped her foot repeatedly her arms crossed.

" Well?!"

" Well what?"

" Where you even listening to me?!"

Kevin sighed before shaking his head. He earned himself a couple more screams from his mother before she marched off. He rubbed his eyes ignoring his forming headache. He then dragged himself up stairs to his room where he shut himself out from the world.

He grabbed his phone and played some music. He then started scrolling through social media bored out of his mind. He then got a text.

John: Hey Kev. Wyd?

John was Kevin's older brother. He's about ten years older than Kevin. He works for a research company in New York. No matter how far away though, he always seems to be there for his little brother.

Kevin: Nothing. You?

John: Just checking up on my little bro. How is mom?

Kevin: She just got done screaming at me.

John: What did you do this time?

Kevin: Got in trouble at school again. Got out of school suspension.

John: Kevin....

Kevin remembered it exactly. He was in seventh period. Mr. Nicholas was talking about history while Kevin gazed out the window. That's when Ron Burg hit him with a spit ball.

" Cut it out!"

Kevin snapped not in the mood. Mr. Nicholas immediately yelled at him for disrupting the class. Kevin cursed under his breath always getting in trouble for someone picking on him.

" What did you say Mister Smith?"

This is where Kevin should of kept his mouth shut. But no. He stood up putting away his books and backpack on.

" I said your a-"

Kevin cut the memory short not wanting to relive it anymore.

Kevin: I'll tell you about it later.

John: Fine. Talk to you later. I got to get back to work.

Then right on cue, his mother came in and yanked the phone out of his hands. Kevin didn't even object as she stormed out. He then noticed the storm outside his window.

" Of course."

He remember about hearing a bad storm coming this way. He got up and shut it a gust of wind hitting him. It knocked the air out of him for some reason. He blinked in mind confusion looking back at the storm.

Something wasn't... right.

" M-Mom.."

He said barely above a whisper. What was wrong? He felt like he was in a horror movie suddenly. He tripped falling on his butt but never taking his eyes off the storm.

He then dashed down the stairs to find his very still pissed off mother talking on the phone.

" What do you mean?"

She questioned someone on the phone.

" Mom!"

Kevin said scaring her. She placed a hand over her heart before grunting.

" What did I say Kevin about scaring me like that?!"

" Mom! There's a storm outside!"

" Yes Kevin. There is. They said last night on the news-"

Someone on the phone cut her off. Kevin watched his mother's face go pale. Her eyes widen.

" I'll see you there."

She hung up the phone before running up stairs. Kevin followed sensing the urgency. Seeing his mother like this scared him even more.

" Mom! What's going on?!"

" We got to leave."

She entered his room rummaging through his drawers for clothes. She threw them in a pile on the bed. She then grabbed empty luggage out of his closet not even folding the clothes as she stuffs them in there.

" Where?!"

" Away from here!"

She yelled going back down stairs and towards the car. He was frightened following her. She threw his stuff in the back.

That's when it turned dark. Like it was night. But that couldn't be possible! It was only around three pm. Kevin looked around not understanding. That's when laughter caught him off guard.

" Kevin!"

Kevin looked to see the car's lights on. His mom was in the driver's seat honking the horn. That's when someone yanked her out the car seat onto the ground.

" Mom!"

He looked at the figure. He had bright blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was wearing all white. Kevin ran to his mother's side pulling her away from the man. He just turned his face to Kevin his expression not changing.

" Leave me and run Kevin!"

" What are you talking about?! "

Kevin couldn't believe what he was hearing. His mother sent pleading eyes towards his way. He shook it off and looked back at the man.

" What do you want?!"

The man studied you. Confusion arose changing his hard cold stare. He took a step towards Kevin forgetting about his mother.

Kevin's mother pushed Kevin away yelling at him to run. Kevin shook his head refusing. He would not leave his own mother behind. He was about about to land a hand on him when the man was suddenly thrown... through the house?! Kevin looked in front of him to see his mother her eyes glowing shining in the nearly formed night.

" MOM?!"


The roar of a lion caught caught Kevin's attention making him look back at the house.

" You have to be kidding me!"

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