Life Happens

You're hurt and everything bad always happens, what do you do? Well what ever your answer is, it's incredibly...... wrong. If you were Mia, what would you have done in her position? No answer is wrong for this, just read my story and you'll either be bored or interested.


1. Healing

In the living room, Joesph was busy ignoring Cierra. Joesph was looking out the window and Cierra was trying to get his attention. 

"Joesph! Why are you ignoring me? Is it something I did?" 

He slams the table, "Stop acting coy, you know what you did, in fact what you did all the time!" 

"What are you talking about?" Cierra says coyed. 

Face scrunched, Joesph explained, "George told me why no girls talk to me anymore. They avoid me because of you which is why I'm not with you! You lied to me and your cruel to people." 

Cierra was speechless to the tone he was giving her. Before Cierra could speak, her mom, Andrea came out of the room with Mia right behind her with a cast on her left ankle, holding her socks and shoes in her hands. Joesph stood up and walked over to Mia. 

"Are you okay now?" He said helping her to the couch. 

"Yeah," she said as she sat next to Cierra. 

"So, is everything alright?" Joesph and Cierra twined. She blushed, he look away in discust then Mia touched his shoulder and frowned. Joesph looked upon her face and she shook her head slightly. 

While this was happening, Dr. Andrea was saying, "Well, I managed to fix it a bit, but it's sprained with a bruise at the heel of her foot and might I ask how did Mia get the bruise on her eye?" 

"It was Cierra's old boyfriend," Joesph said, "Charlie got jealous and thought I was cheating on Cierra with mia so he hit her. She was only getting a splinter out of my hand." 

"Then he punched me and Joesph retaliated and punched him back," said Mia continuing on off of what Joesph said. 

Andrea looked at Cierra thinking she would explain more but she excused to her room without a word spoken. 

"I should go," Mia said, "It's getting late." 

"Me too. I'll help take you to the car Mia," said Joesph.

Andrea started the car and pulled out the driveway and started a new conversation, "What's your last name?" 

"Edmondson, ma'am. Why you ask?" 

"Well then, you look just like your mother. Same eyes, but more muscle," she chuckled as well did Mia. 

When they arrived to Mia's house, Joesph helped her out the car. Andrea yelled out to Joesph to show that she put his bike against the garage and she drove off. 

As Joesph and Mia walked into the house her aunt and uncle were smothering her with questions as Joesph sat her on the couch. He couchened her ankle and her back. He was acting like a true gentleman. All three of them were over Mia with worried eyes. 

"Honey, are you okay? Was it Charlie again?" asked Aunt Maggie. 

"No, she fell off the monkey bars and sprained her ankle with a bruise on her heel. Dr. Andrea Andrews, say she'll heal in less than two weeks," Joesph explained. 

"Thank you," said Uncle James, "Wait. Are you her boyfriend?" 

"Uncle!" Mia blushed. 

"I'm just asking. Say, Joe, right?" 

Joesph nodded.

"Let's speak, man-to-man. Mia and Mag don't interrupt us." 

Joesph followed James into the kitchen and James pulled out a wine bottle. He took out glasses and poured half way in both glasses. 

"Here, you're old enough right?" 

"No thank you sir, it's illegal." 

"Your loss, more for me," Uncle James chuckled, "Do you think my niece is pretty?" 

"Excuse me sir?" He said flustered. 

"You know, hot. Would you want to date her? Is that why you dumped that other girl?" Uncle James said drinking. 

"Well, it's complicated sir, but Mia is not my girlfriend." 

Joesph looked down at his shoes with hands in his pants pockets. All of a sudden, James stomped towards Joesph, put his glass down, and took his face. 

"Boy, look at me," Uncle James removed his hands, "You didn't answer my question," he picked up his glass. 

"She's not pretty sir, she's beautiful," he said straightening himself out. 

"You know, you're not that bad, son." 

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