Life Happens

You're hurt and everything bad always happens, what do you do? Well what ever your answer is, it's incredibly...... wrong. If you were Mia, what would you have done in her position? No answer is wrong for this, just read my story and you'll either be bored or interested.


2. Coincidence

It's been three week since the monkey bar incident and Mia is going along just fine. Her and her new boyfriend, Joesph, are on their first date at the movie theatre. Mia was packing a bag filled with gummy bears, skittles, sour patch, gum, popcorn, and chocolates. All was well until they spotted Cierra on their way to screen room seven. Cierra was getting a drink when spotted them and ran over to them with a big smile. 

"Hey, what are you guys doing here? What a coincidence," Cierra exclaimed. 

"Yeah, a coincidence," Joesph said with sarcasm. 

Mia knudged him playfully, "Come on. You can't still be mad at her." 

He grinned, "We're going to see The Autopsy of Jane Doe, how about you?" 

"Oh, I'm just here with my mom. We're gonna see this new version of Cinderella," sighed, "Wish I was with you guys." 
"Well you can't," Joesph said, "because we're on a date. See ya, movie's gonna start soon." 
They walked away quickly and arrived just in time for the beginning of the movie. When they walked into the screening room the smell of popcorn had an overpowering way of making your mouth water. The seats were filled with the aroma of chocolate, urine, or spills. Joesph found a seat in the front in which Mia was hesitant at first but sat anyway. 

As the movie went along they started eating the sweets out of Mia's purse. The movie was going slow so Mia decided to lay on Joesph's shoulder, which made him fluster. He was going to make a move but didn't know when it was the right time to. 

Towards the ending of the movie there was one snack left and they both reached for it. Joesph allowed her to get it and watched her put each chocolate in her mouth and watched the movie. He decided not to make a move and watched the movie. All of a sudden he was about to lean in for a kiss but she turned away. 

"What's wrong?" 

"Nothing, its just... never mind." 

"No tell me."

She looked at the screen, "Lets just watch the movie." 

Joesph grabbed her face and put them nose to nose, "Tell me."

"I don't think it's right to date my friend ex, you know?" 

He stared at her for awhile then kissed her quickly so she wouldn't pull away. He held his position there on her small, soft lips. 

"That's what I think," he said with a smile and the movie was over. Little did they know that Cierra came into into the screening room and saw them kiss. She began to cry and raced out the theatre. 

When they walked out, you can sense that their heart was beating fast, that when they smiled yo know they would never stop. They began their long walk to Mia's house. 

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