Life Happens

You're hurt and everything bad always happens, what do you do? Well what ever your answer is, it's incredibly...... wrong. If you were Mia, what would you have done in her position? No answer is wrong for this, just read my story and you'll either be bored or interested.


3. Bad News

When Mia and Joesph walked through the door, Cierra was sitting on the small couch humming. When Cierra heard the door open she stood immediately

"What are you doing here?" Joesph said stomping over to her. 

"And where is my aunt and uncle?" Mia asked following right behind Joesph. 

"Good questions. First your aunt and uncle went dancing and was nice enough to let me in through the garage. And I'm here because, ... well because-" she was cut off by Joesph. 
"Oh my God, spit it out already. First you was at the movies with us acting strangely and now her house. What next, we gonna see you at a restaurant?" he said now yelling. 

Mia, standing to the left of him, placed her right hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest. 

"Calm down! I don't like when you're like this," Mia said. 

"Wait, you were serious about that? You're dating my boyfriend?" 

"Ex-boyfriend and yo said you was fine with it." 

"He's still my boyfriend, that you kissed. You really thought I wold give up him did you? How stupid are you?!" 

Joesph jumped in, "Don't yell at her! I'm not your boyfriend no more. Get that through your empty little brain!" 

"Get out of my house!" Cierra screamed. 

"This is my house, so get out of MY house!" Mia exclaimed in a loud, frustrated tone. 

"Fine, I will!" Cierra said on her way to the door and slammed it crying. 

Mia and Joesph went upstairs in her room and laid on her bed watching Criminal Minds. They sat for a while when the phone rang. Mia answered it hesitantly. 


"Mia, this is your Aunt Maggie. Listen, I'm at the hospital. While me and your uncle were dancing there was a little accident." 

"What kind of accident?" Mia asked now on the edge of the bed. 

"What's going on?" Joesph whispered. 

"My uncle's in the hospital," she whispered. 

"He had a heart attack. Also, I got a phone call from the hospital at your home," she was hesitant, "Your parents died in a car crash...," her voice trailed off as Mia dropped her phone and fell to the floor on all fours. 

Joesph quickly got Mia in his arms and rocked her. He sat there comforting Mia as she cried. 

"Imma call my mom to send clothes over because you need me right now," he said pulling out his phone. He said two words, 'Emergency Clothes.' He picked up Mia and laid her under the sheets and covered her up. He dimmed the lights and went downstairs to the front door and waited. 

Five minutes passed and there was a knock on the door that was rapid. Joesph answered the door and got the bag from his mom. She hugged him tight and whispered, "Hope she's worth it," then left. He went upstairs and laid on top of the cover and fell to sleep along side the sleeping Mia. 

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