The Day of The Sacrafice

this is about the day Hernan Cortez attacked the temple of the aztec people.

1. chapt 1

    I live in the great city of Tenochtitlan… at least, I used to. The city is not great anymore. It was once ruled by the great king Montezuma, with temples as big as small villages themselves. The people traded gold, cut and uncut jules, and beautiful pottery. The king's palace was elevated above the ground, and underneath were parks and zoos. The gardens were beautiful.

    That is… until the spanish came.

    Everyone stared, as the white colored men walked through the city. They marched right up to the king's palace, and the king welcomed them in. i asked my parents what those men were doing here, but my mama just told me that they were friends of the king, the leader of which was named Hernan Cortez, and not to ask again, and though I was curious, I did as she said. Then my dad told me to go get my robes on, for that day was the day for a human sacrifice. As I was getting dressed, i remember the silly clothes the men had been wearing, and wondered if they would be at the human sacrifice.

    As it turns out they were.

    When i got to the temple, king montezuma was already there, but before he could make through with it, there was a sought from the door, as i turned around, i saw my mama fall to the ground. I ran to her body, but the strange men held me back, tears streaked down my face, as i called for my mama, but she never responded. I heard the the men behind me, laughing as they pulled me away. On that day, i swore vengeance on Cortez, and i intend to get it.

    I don't know if anyone will find this manuscript, but i hope someone does, so they know how terrible he was….

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