Waking up

Imagine being on the Voyager after escaping the aliens who abducted you. You set course to earth together with Captain Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Harry and Seven. Icheb gets a crush on you. Neelix teaches you how to cook. The doctor sees you as his personal psychologist. Tom and B’Ellanna are having a furious marriage.
But your abductors come back to claim you as their property.
(_Stardate 54400 – 54470; Season 7, episode 10 – 13)


1. Injured and scared

Stardate 54400.4, May 27, 2377, early morning, I woke up. Was I abducted from my backyard while watering the plants. Yes. Did I sleep 360 years? More or less.

There was a hologram bend over me, mostly bald and with a very concerned frown. He scanned my body with a device.
Another man was busy on the other side of the bed. He didn’t exist of light particles, he was real. There was a metal ring around his finger. Something else was on their shirts, something metal. It constantly sent out signals in the sterile room. I could feel them vibrate on my skin. It was some sort of communicating device.

I had woken up now, but I couldn’t see. My eyes were wide open, but the world was gone. More or less. I could feel everything. Each energy pulse, each vibration, each heartbeat. It was like an infrared view of the world, but in sound and light.

As my memory started to come back, like the details of watering the flowers and the pain that shot through my chest. The muffled sounds, the scraping of metal and the weightlessness. I had been half conscious a lot, had felt terrible pains in my body, I had screamed and struggled to get free. I had finally escaped the slimy creatures, I had discovered I was in space and I had launched a shuttle pod, but…
I felt the urge to escape the room. I was in great danger. But not yet could I move. My eyes closed again and my regain of consciousness remained undiscovered by the two men.
“She has severe internal bleedings,” the hologram said worried, “whoever did this to her, they have been savaging around…”
“Doc, can you tell if she’s human?” the man asked. I couldn’t tell what sort of creature he was.
“Well, lieutenant, she is for 95%. They experimentally changed her DNA, her nerve system has drastically changed.”
“So she was born human?”
A sigh.
“What is a young girl doing in the Delta quadrant?” the man wondered as they both turned around to get other medical devices. They were going to operate me.
I shot up straight and jumped away from the bed. My feet carried me at the door and I entered a hall. They screamed after me, but I closed the door and locked it by piercing my nails in the device hanging on the wall.
Next, my instincts turned to my left, away from a little group walking towards me. They were as surprised as I was.
Did I have clothes on? Yes, god bless this suit…
One corridor after the other brought me further outside of this ship. Yes, I must go to the shuttle ramp and flee this place. I had to go back home.
My new vision overwhelmed me. The walls were like huge waves of energy closing in. I couldn’t slow down.
I accidently ran into a young man who left the wave, probably a door. We stumbled on the ground. As I lay on top of his agile body, the vibrations of metal body parts reached my skin. He was some half robot-creature. I gasped, immediately jumped up and mumbled some excuses as I continued my way.
But before I arrived at my destination, I had to climb into a tube and climb some floors up. The tiny stairs almost slipped through my sweaty hands. I bumped and bruised myself while clambering in the small rooms. I was almost there, just one more corridor, no more tubes.
Fasers were shot at me. They tickled my skin, but didn’t hurt me. They blinded me even more, because of the bright lights of energy I had to pinch my eyes. Now, I ran the opposite way to avoid the confrontation with these aliens. There was a telepath among them, he was leading them.
Desperate, I fled into a room after finally finding a door in the wall. It went quiet; I was in someone’s living room. It smelled sweet, like soap. There was a sofa, so I hid behind it and waited for the door to open and the aliens to find me.
Instead, a door on my left slid open and another creature, quite young, entered. He was freshly showered and only had a towel around his waist. The rustling of the fabric changed as he dropped the towel to put on his pants, who lay on the sofa, behind which one I was hiding.
My cheeks got hot. The subtle details of the energy reaching my eyes told me this was not one of the slimy ones. He was human, like me.
He didn’t see me. I did see him, I could hear him.
When he was about to put on his shirt, the others rushed into the room and he let out a surprised scream.
“Step aside, Harry Kim, there’s an intruder hiding behind your sofa.”
I got up slowly, showing both my hands. I was genuinely confused.
Harry let out another scream.
“You are not my abductors… Who are you? Why are we in space? I have to go, they will find me…” I couldn’t manage to make any sense; my thoughts were too confusing. My voice was hoarse.
“You are hurt and scared. Your reactions aren’t rational, but you are safe now,” the monotone-telepath spoke. His faser was no longer pointed at me. He tried to calm me down.
“Tuvok, what is going on?” Harry asked.
“We picked her up from space,” Tuvok answered, “she was floating around, no protection at all. We thought she was dead.”
“I’m not yet, but they will come after me,” I started saying, but the bright lights made me dazzle, “they want me back, I have to keep moving…”
Halfway my explanation, my breathing stopped and the little blood left in my veins ceased flowing at my heart. I fell on the ground in the tiny room.

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