Campus Platoon

Action packed, this gripping story is about a Second Year University Student who infiltrates a junior batch in the same faculty in order to understand unseen social issues among new arrivals.

However, Senior Student turned Insider, Chethi Senadheera bumps against something more serious than he originally expected within a junior batch — military intelligence.

Plot thickens as spy meets spy and Campus Platoon steps in.

Note: This story was previously published in 2006 in the Creative Writing Column of a Sri Lankan News Paper called Daily News. Visit the original web page through this link:


11. Six Months Later...


Six months later I had given up my BSc and found a job in Ports Authority. I had to give up my BSc owing to its time-consuming, cash-evaporating traits that did not suit my lifestyle. It was better to earn your own pennies than wasting dollars supplied by other people.

In the years to follow Neksha bagged his degree successfully and moved to a job in nature reservation as a Naturalist.

Meryl won an Olympic silver medal in Wu Shu and went to New York for further training.

Renegen bought out a bankrupt company by his father's money and turned it into a complete gymnasium. Dougf became his manager.

Dilin went to work in an embassy. Imiha became a lecturer...

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