Campus Platoon

Action packed, this gripping story is about a Second Year University Student who infiltrates a junior batch in the same faculty in order to understand unseen social issues among new arrivals.

However, Senior Student turned Insider, Chethi Senadheera bumps against something more serious than he originally expected within a junior batch — military intelligence.

Plot thickens as spy meets spy and Campus Platoon steps in.

Note: This story was previously published in 2006 in the Creative Writing Column of a Sri Lankan News Paper called Daily News. Visit the original web page through this link:


1. Help


The idea came from Neksha.


"Chethi", he said as we watched the slow registration process of the newly arriving 2000-2001 batch under way, "You think we can handle this lot without any trouble? I strongly suggest an Insider".


We were sitting waiting behind a big desk laid out in the open daylight outside block 4 - the big square building adjacent the mini zoology museum- where the annual signing up for B.Sc. undergraduates took place.


There were lot of new faces and we, as their senior brethren, prepared them and their papers before they filed into block 4.


Strictly speaking we were not needed there. A paid campus staff was present to deal with every new student. Yet, as with other matters it was inevitable the Student Union having a hand in the registration process. Being a prominent Union Member, Neksha had accepted to handle the reception.


Though I did not work for Unions, Neksha was my closest ally. It was not good manners to let my friend face music alone in rush hour. So I offered help.


Not that I was not aware of the significance of my presence in block 4. The mere fact of standing up for a Union Activist makes you one of the trouble makers in campus grounds. I was certainly not a trouble maker. But many trouble makers were my bosom contacts — like Neksha.

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