Campus Platoon

Action packed, this gripping story is about a Second Year University Student who infiltrates a junior batch in the same faculty in order to understand unseen social issues among new arrivals.

However, Senior Student turned Insider, Chethi Senadheera bumps against something more serious than he originally expected within a junior batch — military intelligence.

Plot thickens as spy meets spy and Campus Platoon steps in.

Note: This story was previously published in 2006 in the Creative Writing Column of a Sri Lankan News Paper called Daily News. Visit the original web page through this link:


13. Facts and Figures

I put two and two together and started to see the whole thing.

A the time we had kidnapped him there were unconfirmed rumours that a handful of terrorists who had somehow evaded capture at checkpoints, had reached the capital, and had found lodgings in campus hostel.

Many students pooh-poohed the stories but as for myself I really think there could be a one millionth possibility for that fantasy come true.

X must have been an SCAF operative at the very beginning. He must have been assigned to look into the matter personally. It must have been his key mission to get details of every potential danger in the new batch.

But he must have never grassed that there could be a senior student within the new batch to sieve out people with clean noses from those who are without.

He must have never dreamt that there would be a campus platoon to take care of people who did not smell right.

Without knowing it we had bungled a carefully throughout military operation especially launched for the sake of students like ourselves. No wonder X did not issue an order to flog the four of us to death the moment he returned to base. He was not interested in nitwits like us.

He was after terrorists.

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