Campus Platoon

Action packed, this gripping story is about a Second Year University Student who infiltrates a junior batch in the same faculty in order to understand unseen social issues among new arrivals.

However, Senior Student turned Insider, Chethi Senadheera bumps against something more serious than he originally expected within a junior batch — military intelligence.

Plot thickens as spy meets spy and Campus Platoon steps in.

Note: This story was previously published in 2006 in the Creative Writing Column of a Sri Lankan News Paper called Daily News. Visit the original web page through this link:


3. Class



No one challenged the idea. No one had anything against the idea. Everyone felt confident and hailed the plan with enthusiastic approval. Our target was to help built a better junior batch. To reach that target, an Insider would be an unlooked for prize.

If someone could do that, controlling the Raw and the Undisciplined would be a piece of cake. My friends knew they could trust me even at times when things go desperately chaotic.

A traditional way to tempt the juniors keep coming into the forbidden benches was to hold Classes by seniors themselves. No matter how ruthlessly we bullied them around, they trusted us implicitly when it came to study matters.

They knew seniors had already gone through the lessons they are to take up in future. So in some sense we were their unofficial data cables, waiting to be plugged in.

We decided to use one of those Classes as a loophole for my entrance as a junior.

For this Class I would arrive neat and well dressed with lots of junior smell.

I would wear shoes. (No seniors did that often. But one iron rule for juniors was to wear shoes). I thought it was about time I apply some polish to my pair back at home.

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