I Can't Help Loving You

The ships in this fanfiction are Travlyn and Dancole, with other side ships. This fanfiction is based off of a roleplay me and a friend are currently doing, and it's sometimes challenging for me to write about, so if I don't update the fic for a while, I apologize.


3. Saturday

When Nicole woke up in the morning, she looked over to her left and saw Dante sleeping. Her face started heating up as she looked at him peacefully resting. Why wouldn’t she when her crush was sleeping next to her in her bed?

After she got over said fact, she quietly slipped out of bed and went into her closet, pulling out her maid outfit. She quickly but quietly got dressed and did her hair and makeup even faster. Just as she was about to leave the room, she stopped.

She didn’t know that he woke up last night, so she felt that he would be confused when he woke up this morning. She scribbled down a note and left it on her side of the bed, then left. The note said “Don’t be worried or confused, we took you home after you passed out last night. We have gone to work today, from 7:30 to 12:30, and you can leave whenever you would like. Breakfast is on the table.”

In the next room, Katelyn was also waking up. She rolled over, wishing she didn’t have to get up, and saw Travis sleeping. She froze for a second, her face rapidly turning red, then sighed in relief when she remembered why he was there. She slipped out of bed and opened her closet, pulling out her maid outfit and changing quickly. She did her hair and makeup slower, not in as much of a rush, but still quickly. Nicole opened her door a bit and whispered to Katelyn, trying to not wake Travis.

“Katelyn! Are you going to leave a note for him?” she questioned. Katelyn looked at her as if she was crazy.


“Because he woke up in a strange place with no memory of how he got there and is going to have questions!” Nicole replied sharply, trying to make her give in. Katelyn sighed.

“Fine.” She scrawled a pen across a notepad, then tossed it onto her side of the bed. Her note read “We took you home after you two passed out. We’re at work now, back at 12:30. Breakfast on the table. Don’t touch anything!” She turned back to Nicole. “Happy?”

“Yep, now let's go! We’re going to be late!” Nicole turned and went downstairs and into the kitchen to make breakfast. Katelyn followed her and started helping.

They made bacon and eggs for breakfast, setting out four plates and giving each plate an equal amount of food. The girls sat down and started shoveling food into their mouths, trying to make it on time for work.

Once all their food was gone, they hurriedly put their dishes into the sink, not having time to wash them. Then they raced to the door and pulled on their shoes, then ran out the door, shutting it behind them. They jumped in the car and backed out of the driveway and drove to work as fast as they legally could.

After the girls left, Dante woke up after hearing the front door shut. He sat upright and looked around remembering last night. He then glanced down to where Nicole had slept, and wondered why she wasn’t there. A piece of paper with words written on it caught his eye. He picked it up and read it, and smiled. He got up and sat on the edge of the bed and texted Travis to wake him up.

Dante’s text read “Hey, remember last night, we were so freaking out!” After he sent the message, he got up and went downstairs to see if there really was breakfast downstairs waiting.

Next door, Travis heard his phone ping. He woke up and picked up his phone, reading Dante’s text and smirked. Then he realized that Katelyn wasn’t next to him, and he spotted the note. He picked it up and read it, then smirked again. He heard Dante leave Nicole’s room and go downstairs and decided to follow him.

Meanwhile, the girls were arriving at work, quickly pulling up and running inside, making it just in time. They set down their things in the back room and walked back out, beginning their shift. Both of them wondered if the boys would visit them at work, but neither of them told the other what they were thinking.

Katelyn began washing tables, occasionally dropping the rag due to her clumsy nature. Nicole was serving the few customers that came in early for breakfast before they too headed off to work.

Dante sat down and began eating the food that was left for them, and heard Travis join him less than a minute later. After they finished eating, they looked around the house, taking in what it was like when the girls weren’t there. Dante spotted the dishes in the sink and decided to wash them, doing the girls a favor.

“Did you get a note too?” he asked Travis, who nodded.

“Yep… I was just thinking, should we see them at work? I mean, they said we could come and go as we wish…” he suggested. Dante immediately shot down the idea, but then he considered it.

“Well… I guess we could… it wouldn’t hurt, would it?” he thought out loud. He hoped the girls wouldn’t mind them coming to see them at work.

“Well, you decide when we go, I’m okay with any time,” Travis said as he walked over and sat on the couch, turning on the Xbox One the girls had and started playing games, racking up high scores. Dante smirked, watching him, then deciding to join him.




Around 11:30, the girls were getting ready to finish the last hour of work. They had expected the guys to come and see them, but as far as they knew, they were still at their house. The cafe was more full than it was when they started, but it wasn’t completely unmanageable. They rushed around, trying to keep the customers happy by serving food as fast as they could. While they were racing to keep people happy, they failed to notice the boys coming in and sitting down, waiting for them.

Poor Nicole was so rushed, it took her almost 10 minutes to get to the boys. They couldn't be mad, however. The restaurant was pretty packed with people trying to get a good lunch.

“Sorry about the wait, it’s pretty busy right now-oh, hey guys!” Nicole smiled brighter once she realized the boys had come in to see them.

Dante grinned back at her, pleased to see her still happy even though she was being rushed around.

“Don’t worry about it, we understand,” he responded.

Nicole smiled more. “I’ll go get your food!” She left to collect the food they had ordered, passing Katelyn on her way.

“Katelyn, the guys are here!” she whispered as she passed her friend. Katelyn looked around and spotted the boys. Of course they came to see us, she thought. Why wouldn’t they?

Nicole brought two plates filled with sweets back to the guys table, setting them down and smiling cheerfully. They smiled back at her, equally as cheerfully. Once she had left, they started eating.

Every once in awhile, Nicole would look back at them. She didn’t really have a reason other than just because she could, and she couldn’t stop herself from looking over. Sometimes, Katelyn would catch her looking at them, and after the third time she caught her, she decided to ask about it.

“Why do you keep looking at them?” she questioned. Nicole felt her cheeks heat up after being caught as she tried to find an explanation, coming up blank.

“I-I don’t really know… I-I just am,” she stuttered. Katelyn looked at her friend with a sly glint in her eye.

“Mhm…” she teased. Nicole glared at her as she playfully punched Katelyn’s shoulder.

“Shut up! I really don’t know!” Nicole defended herself from her friend who had, no doubt, several pieces of evidence against her claim. Katelyn snickered.

“Whatever you say.”




The girls shift was over. The boys had left a while ago, so they didn’t have to worry about them. Both Nicole and Katelyn were sure that Dante and Travis had gone back to their house, but they were about to find out if they were correct.

“Got my stuff, you got yours?” Nicole asked Katelyn as she put her phone into her purse and swung it over her shoulder. Katelyn put her phone in her purse and nodded.

“Yep, I got my stuff… do you think the guys went back to our house?” she asked as she pulled out her keys and held the door that lead from the back room to the main part of the cafe open for her friend. They walked out together and got into Katelyn’s car.

“I would assume so, I don’t know why they wouldn’t,” Nicole responded logically. They both nodded. Katelyn started the car and started driving to their house, prepared to see the boys there.

While the girls were driving back to their house, the guys were tidying up their house for them. They wanted to surprise them, and this was one of the easier ways. From vacuuming every floor to wiping countertops to putting things away, the house looked ten times better than it did when they all left it this morning.

The second Travis shut off the vacuum, he sat down on the couch and began playing video games again. Dante smirked, but joined him while waiting for the girls to arrive home. They both felt proud of what they had done, considering they rarely cleaned up their own house. But for the girls who had been nice to them and provided hospitality (plus they kind of had a thing for them) they were more than ready to give a little back.

After a while of playing, the boys heard the front door open, followed by two people step in. Dante looked towards the door and saw the girls taking off their shoes. He smiled, happy that they had arrived home safely.

“We’re home-oh, Katelyn, look around! Look what they did!” Nicole exclaimed as she looked around, taking in all the hard work the guys did while they were gone. Katelyn looked around with an impressed expression.

“Not bad…” she admitted, slowly nodding while looking around some more. By now, both of the boys were watching the girls, still feeling proud of what they did.

“Did you do this on your own?” Nicole was still in disbelief that they had cleaned the house, even though she could see it with her own eyes. The boys nodded. Nicole smiled brightly, very pleased they didn’t have to clean the house sooner. She sat down on the floor in front of the guys and beamed at them.

“Thank you,” she said heartfeltly. Dante blushed and shyly smiled back. After Nicole saw Dante blush, she started blushing, continuing the loop. Katelyn eyed them strangely.

“Why are you guys blushing so much? It looks like somebody smashed your face into a bucket of red paint,” she commented. Nicole stopped blushing and playfully glared at her friend. Katelyn snickered, then saw the boys were playing on their Xbox.

“I see you two have found the Xbox,” she noticed, followed by the boys nodding. “Whatcha playin?”

“Call of Duty, wanna play with us?” Trais invited. Katelyn considered it, then nodded.

“Sure, after I change,” she said, and she turned and went up the stairs into her room.

“I should probably change too,” Nicole remembered, and she too went upstairs to change. While the girls were going upstairs, both of the boy’s eyes were following them, their feelings for the girls growing every minute they were with them. The only problem was, they had no idea if the girls felt the same way, which made every second they were with them heaven, but torture at the same time.

When the girls had finished changing, they went downstairs again and sat on the couch with the boys.

“Do you want to play, Nicole?” Dante offered. Nicole politely shook her head.

“I’ll just watch you three,” she said, sitting back. Dante shrugged

“Okay, if you say so.”

Once they started playing again, Katelyn smirked evilly. They had no idea how good she was at Call of Duty. She instantly started racking up big points, astounding the boys.

“How did you get so good?!” Travis exclaimed in disbelief. Katelyn shrugged, never losing focus.

“I just play a lot, I guess.”

“Okay, I guess that makes sense, but still… I’m impressed… Learn something new every day, I guess.”

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