I Can't Help Loving You

The ships in this fanfiction are Travlyn and Dancole, with other side ships. This fanfiction is based off of a roleplay me and a friend are currently doing, and it's sometimes challenging for me to write about, so if I don't update the fic for a while, I apologize.


4. Saturday Afternoon

After a long few hours of gaming, everyone decided to take a break. It was about 3 in the afternoon and they were all itching to do something.

“What do you guys wanna do?” Nicole asked, looking up from her phone. She was sitting at the kitchen table, thinking of what they could do together.

“I dunno… what do you want to do?” Dante asked her. She shrugged.

“I don't know, that's why I asked you guys!” she exclaimed.

“What about ice skating?” Katelyn suggested. They all looked at her and nodded in agreement.

“Sure, why not?” Nicole commented, then stood up. Everyone followed her actions by standing up too.

“I’m gonna go get my skates!” Katelyn started walking upstairs to collect her ice skates before they left. She was the only one out of them all to actually own skates, because she went ice skating often and was quite good. The others stayed downstairs and waited for her.

Once Katelyn came downstairs with her blue and white skates, everyone put on their shoes and got into Katelyn’s car to drive to the ice rink.




Katelyn pulled into the parking lot and parked the car, then hopped out. Nicole and Dante followed her out of the back seat and Travis out of the passenger. Katelyn collected her skates from the trunk of the car and started walking into the rink with the rest of the group. She bought the rest of them rental skates and sat down to put on her own.

After much tugging and panting, everyone got their skates on their feet. Nicole could barely walk with them, so she held onto Dante’s arm for support, blushing the entire time. Katelyn looked back at her and snickered, knowing she was safe from Nicole’s anger. Nicole could only glare at her harshly while walking with Dante. They soon caught up to the other two, and reached the ice as a group.

Katelyn stepped onto the ice and quickly found her balance, soon followed by Travis, with Dante and Nicole a little behind. Dante helped Nicole step onto the ice by providing support and started skating slowly with her. Nicole was always nearly falling, but regaining her balance eventually. Dante didn’t mind her stumbling. In fact, he found it quite adorable.

Travis and Katelyn were gliding over the ice elegantly, weaving in and out of the groups of people in varying sizes. The longer they were skating, the more speed they gathered, eventually going all the way around the rink and passing Nicole and Dante. Katelyn turned around while skating and smirked at Nicole, then skated away. Nicole frowned at her cocky friend, becoming jealous. While she was getting the hang of it, she wasn’t nearly as good as Katelyn yet. She had a long way of practice to go before she could catch up. But for the meantime, she would stay trying to not fall over with Dante, and she didn’t mind it.

After Katelyn teased Nicole by skating in front of her, she turned back around and skated away, knowing her friend couldn’t catch up. She elegantly skated through multiple couples holding hands as they skated and rolled her eyes each time she passed them. She had to slow down to avoid plowing over groups of small children, much to her distaste. She was distracted from trying to find a way around these children when somebody pushed her onto the ice from her right.

While Katelyn was being slowed down by the children, Travis spotted some reckless skaters were nearing her. She hadn’t seen them because they had come from behind, but they were clearly going to push her out of their way and into the path of other skaters, possibly causing havoc to erupt on the rink. If he didn’t do something, that would happen, and he wouldn’t allow it. He skated up next to Katelyn and pushed her out of the way. They both lost their balance and fell onto the ice.

“Ah!” Katelyn wasn’t expecting to be pushed over so suddenly, nor was she expecting Travis to fall on top of her. It took her a moment to process what had happened.

“K-Katelyn! I-I’m so sorry!” Travis stuttered, bracing himself to be slapped once again. Much to his surprise, Katelyn didn’t react.

“I-it’s okay…” she responded, not moving. Both of their faces turned a bright crimson red. Several other skaters passing by looked at them and snickered. Then a group of teenage boys passed by and made them blush even more.

“Just kiss her!” one of the boys shouted. Katelyn turned and looked at the boy and glared, her face burning even more. She could feel the ice melting underneath her and wetting her back. Travis, however, looked back at the boy and gave him a subtle thumbs-up. Then he turned Katelyn’s face to look back at him, and before she could react, he leaned in and kissed her.

    Katelyn was taken by surprise by the kiss, and she didn’t know how to react. She stayed still, her eyes wide and face burning as her brain went into overdrive for how to react. Then, after a few seconds, he pulled away. Both of their faces were still burning a deep scarlet and they stayed still for a moment. After an awkward moment of looking at each other with burning faces, he stood up and helped her up as well.

    Katelyn, now standing up, pushed her hand through her hair, getting it out of her face. She tried to forget what just happened, but no matter how hard she tried, the memory wouldn’t go away. Praying Nicole hadn’t seen, she started skating again, no longer blushing. Behind her, Travis was going over the memory over and over again, planning on telling Dante as soon as possible.

    Luckily for Katelyn, Nicole and Dante hadn’t seen what had happened. They were sitting down on a bench, waiting for the other two to meet up with them. Dante looked up and saw them coming towards them and waved them over. Travis spotted him and smiled cheerfully at him, then came over next to them.

    “Dante! I have to tell you something!” he bubbled excitedly. Dante stood up and followed him a little away from the bench where Nicole was still sitting.

    “What’s up?” he asked, preparing himself for a story.

    “Katelyn was slowed down by some kids, and some other people were coming her way to knock her down, so I pushed her out of the way and accidentally landed on top of her, and one of the teen boys here told me to kiss her and I did!” Travis was so happy and energetic he could barely speak.

    “No. Way.” Dante said in astonishment. “She let you do that?!”

    “Yeah, I know right! I can’t believe that happened!” Travis responded. Neither of them could believe what happened, nor why it happened, but they were willing to accept it.

While the boys were discussing what happened, Katelyn came over to Nicole and sat down next to her, unlacing her skates.

“What happened that made the boys freak out?” Nicole asked her. Katelyn froze up for a split second, then continued unlacing her skates.

“I don't know, ask them,” she responded, still trying to forget what happened. Nicole looked at her friend strangely, then looked back at the boys, waiting for them to come back so she could ask them.

Once the boys came back, they all started unlacing their skates and put on their shoes.

“Dante, what happened that made you guys freak out?” Nicole whispered to her crush. He looked back at her and smirked.

“Travis pushed Katelyn out of the way of other people and landed on top of her, and a teen boy yelled for him to kiss her and he did, and she let it happen!” Dante excitedly whispered back to her. Nicole looked back at him, astonished.

“She did what?!” she whispered in disbelief. Now, nobody could comprehend what happened, but all for different reasons.

Katelyn stood up with her skates in hand and waited for them to finish. Once they all were done putting on their shoes, they walked out of the rink together, with her a little ahead of the rest of them. Travis caught up to her and walked next to her.

“Hey Katie!” he whispered to her. She shut her eyes for a second and sighed, then opened them and kept walking.

“What?” she responded, hoping he wouldn’t do something similar to what he did while they were skating.

“I was just thinking about how we have to get Dante and Nicole together!” he whispered back. Katelyn instantly became interested and started thinking of how to get her friends dating.

“I couldn’t agree more!” she eagerly whispered back. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Ummm… well, there's the fair coming up, we could get them on the ferris wheel together!” Travis brainstormed out loud. Katelyn nodded, agreeing with his idea.

“Good idea! We have to make sure they get on it, though,” she reminded him as she unlocked the car and set her skates in the trunk. At the same time, Dante and Nicole caught up with them and sat together in the back seat, waiting for the other two. Katelyn jumped into the driver’s seat and Travis in the passenger, and with them all in the car together, they drove back to the girl’s house.

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