I Can't Help Loving You

The ships in this fanfiction are Travlyn and Dancole, with other side ships. This fanfiction is based off of a roleplay me and a friend are currently doing, and it's sometimes challenging for me to write about, so if I don't update the fic for a while, I apologize.


1. Friday

Katelyn woke up one Friday morning, feeling more tired than when she went to bed. She sat up and pushed her sky blue hair out of her face, and wished she could go back to bed, but alas, she had to work. Squinting her eyes at a ray of sunshine peeking through her navy curtains, she decided to start her day.

She slipped out of her bed and, in a zombie-like style, walked to her closet to get her work clothes.

“Oh… I forgot where I worked…” Katelyn sighed as she stared at the rather skimpy maid outfit in front of her. She tugged it off its hanger and started changing.


Meanwhile, in the room next door, Katelyn wasn’t the only one awake in the house. Nicole rolled over and put her head into her pillow, burying her face from the world.

“Ughhh, I don't want to get up,” she mumbled into the silky ruby-colored pillow.     The guilt of not going to work eventually pushed her out of bed.

“I can't just let Katelyn go alone… she would kill me…” she said to herself.

Nicole swung her legs off the edge of her bed and jumped out of her warm haven. Turning around, she made her bed, making it look neat and presentable. Then she walked over to the closest that connected to Katelyn’s room with a skip in her step and pulled out her maid outfit, because her and Katelyn worked at the same maid cafe. Pulling off her pajamas, which consisted of a large t-shirt and pajama pants, she wondered what today had in store for them.


Katelyn heard Nicole open the closet door, confirming that her friend was awake. Katelyn pulled on her maid outfit, checking in the mirror that it had no wrinkles and that it fit correctly, a rosy streak appearing across her nose as she looked at herself in a short skirt and a semi-revealing top. She turned her focus away from her outfit and worked on her hair, tucking her light blue locks behind her left ear, and taking the hairbrush she kept on her bedside table and brushed down the frizz her hair had collected overnight. After approximately a minute and a half of brushing her hair, she took hold of the ends of her hair and fluffed it, exposing all of the natural wave it possessed.

After her hair was done, she went into the connecting bathroom and began working on her makeup, using foundation as the base for her makeup. Then she started lining her eyes in black eyeliner, then using mascara on her eyelashes. She used a light blue eyeshadow to give her eyelids some color, and moved on from her eyes to the rest of her face. She searched her makeup bag for her favorite flamingo-colored lipstick, but couldn’t find it. Katelyn dug through the cabinets and searched the counter, then decided to check Nicole’s makeup bag. The second she unzipped the white bag, she saw her lipstick poking out from the rest.

“Nicole, stop taking my stuff without asking!” Katelyn huffed to herself as she took her lipstick back and used it on her lips, then leaning back and checking her reflection.


Nicole heard the bathroom door open, and assumed Katelyn was in there, doing her makeup or something else, and knocked on the door.

“Katelyn, can I come in to do my makeup?” she asked.

“Yeah, c’mon in,” Katelyn’s voice replied from inside the bathroom. Nicole opened the door and saw Katelyn checking her reflection. She glanced at her makeup bag and saw it was open, with a tube of lipstick missing.

“I found my lipstick in your bag… I wonder how that happened?” Katelyn asked Nicole sarcastically. Nicole shrugged sheepishly.

“Sorry, I forgot it was yours!” she explained. Katelyn rolled her eyes and went back to checking her reflection. Nicole got started on her makeup, using foundation first, then using black eyeliner, followed by a light pink eyeshadow, and finishing her eyes with some mascara. She then used a cherry red lipstick on her lips, to closely match her scarlet hair. Nicole stepped back, looking over herself, patting her hair down and inspecting her makeup.


Katelyn walked out of the bathroom when she had finished her makeup, ignored her unmade bed, and walked out of her room and to the stairs. Instead of walking down them like everyone else, she decided to slide down the railing.

“WOOO!” she whooped as she slid down the stairs, landing elegantly on her feet at the bottom. She got into the kitchen and made a simple breakfast of eggs and waffles, then sat down and waited for Nicole.


Nicole saw Katelyn leave the bathroom, and decided she should follow her actions. She snapped off the lights and shut the door, then closed her bedroom door as she exited her room. Just as she turned around, she saw a glimpse of Katelyn sliding down the railing, whooping as she slid down.

“Katelyn, stop doing that, you’re going to get hurt!” Nicole called down after her. Katelyn ignored her comment on her reckless actions and continued her journey into the kitchen for breakfast. Nicole rolled her eyes at her friend and walked downstairs like a normal person. Once she caught a whiff of Katelyn cooking, she stopped and tried to guess what she smelled.

“What's for breakfast?” she asked, giving up on trying to guess.

“Eggs and waffles, you okay with that?” Katelyn responded to her question. Nicole nodded, eyes going wide with excitement. She loved waffles and pancakes. Katelyn smirked at her. “Okay, good, because I’m not making anything else.”


Katelyn finished cooking and put the food on two plates, and putting the things she used to cook breakfast into the sink. She placed a plate in front of Nicole and watched her go to town on her waffles. Smirking, she sat down and began eating her food. She looked at the clock and realized what time it was.

“Nicole, we’re gonna be late!” Katelyn exclaimed. “I totally forgot about the time!”

Nicole hurriedly shoveled food into her mouth to make it on time for work, then slowed down once she almost puked up her breakfast.

Katelyn finished eating, and put her dishes into the sink. She grabbed the keys to the car they shared and waited for Nicole by the door. After Nicole came up to her, Katelyn walked out the door, shutting it behind Nicole. She jumped into the driver’s seat of their black compact car, and backed out of the driveway after Nicole was buckled in.




    Nicole jumped out of the car as soon as they were parked, slamming the door shut behind her. She waited for Katelyn to get out of the car and lock it, and then walked quickly into the maid cafe, cleaning off the tables for customers to sit down at.


    Katelyn followed Nicole in a less hurried pace, knowing that they arrived on time. She said hello to Kawaii~Chan, who was working as cashier at the maid cafe, and set hers and Nicole’s things that were on the counter in the back room. She then walked out and waited for customers to walk in so she could serve them.




    After a tiring shift, Nicole went into the back room and collected her things, glancing at the clock, which read 12:04. She checked her phone for text messages and found none. She sat down and waited for Katelyn to join her so they could go back home.

    After Katelyn came into the back room and joined Nicole, the clock read 12:07. Nicole stood up and handed Katelyn her things.

    “Ready to go?” she asked, standing in front of the door. Katelyn nodded. Nicole opened the door and walked out of the restaurant, saying goodbye to Kawaii~Chan, who was also leaving. She jumped into the front seat and waited for Katelyn, who joined her in the car less then a second later.

    “How was your shift? Mine wasn’t too bad,” Nicole asked her friend. Katelyn shrugged, backing out of the parking lot.

    “Eh, it was ok… not too many creeps this time,” Katelyn responded, referring to the men who came into the cafe solely for the attractive women working there. Nicole nodded, understanding.




    Katelyn parked the car in the driveway, the car’s digital time blinking 12:25. She exited the car and locked it after Nicole had also left the vehicle, and opened the front door. Nicole joined her in the house, and she shut the door and sat on the couch. Her phone pinged. The screen read “text message from Travis.” She sighed.

    “What is it?” Nicole asked her, leaning over her shoulder to see what made her friend sigh. Once she saw the notification, she tried stifling her laughter.

    “What are you laughing at?” Katelyn responded, slightly annoyed. Nicole knew how much she despised Travis, and she couldn’t understand why she was laughing.

    “I’m just imagining what it says…” Nicole giggled. She finally stopped laughing. “Well, what does it say?”

    Katelyn slid the notification across the screen and typed in her password. She read the notification and sighed an even bigger sigh.

    “It’s for both of us… It says, ‘Would you girls like to join me and Dante in the park for some time to get to know one another?’ and a winky face…” Katelyn rolled her eyes. Typical Travis behavior.

    Nicole snickered, but blushed when she heard Dante’s name mentioned. Katelyn knew she had a crush on him, even though she never told her. It’s just been plain obvious.

    “I-I guess we could see them in the park… I mean, i-it’s been awhile since we’ve hung out with them…” Nicole stammered.

Katelyn considered it. It had been a while, but she wasn’t looking forward to seeing them, mainly seeing Travis. He was always interested in seeing her from behind, and Katelyn always got her revenge, which was usually a slap or a punch.

    Katelyn sighed. “We might as well… but seeing him is pretty much staying at work…” Nicole nodded, understanding. Even though she would laugh at them every time it happened, she understood the awkward and disgusting feeling.

    “Well then, text back and ask for details!” Nicole moved on from remembering the awkwardness and sat on the couch next to her friend, grabbing the remote and turning on the tv. Katelyn started typing a response, nearly regretting almost every key she tapped. Her text back read “Sure, we’ll come, what time?” but she lingered over pressing send. Then she inhaled and pressed the button. She was now stuck. She shut off her phone and watched tv for a bit with Nicole before her phone pinged again. When she turned on her phone, she saw that Travis had replied.

    “Is it a reply?” Nicole asked, not looking away from the tv.

    “Yeah,” Katelyn informed her, prompting Nicole to look away from the tv and to listen to the message. “The message says, ‘Meet us at the park at 6, see you there,’ with yet another winky face,” Katelyn said with an exasperated sigh. “I’ve seen enough winky faces, if he makes one when we get there I’m smacking it off.”

    “That makes sense, I’ll just stand off to the side laughing when that happens,” Nicole said, fully aware it was going to happen. Then she went quiet, thinking about something.

    “You know, I can’t help but think that he has feelings for you,” Nicole admitted. She put up her hands defensively in front of her. “Before you can get mad at me, hear me out.”

    Katelyn looked over at her friend as if she had just told her that the sky is green. She couldn’t believe what she had just said. “Okay, then explain…” she responded, still is disbelief from what she just heard.

    “Well, we all know he likes the way you look from behind, we’ve all seen it and laughed, but if he didn’t care about you more than just what you look like, why would he keep trying?” Nicole shared. “That may just be the only way he can handle the way he feels about you, or it’s the only way he knows how to express it, because we also know he isn’t great with words.”

    Katelyn stared at her friend, shocked by what she was being told. I can’t believe it, but she’s making sense… she thought. She bit her lip.

    “Well, while that does make sense, I would like to believe it’s not true…” Katelyn admitted. She would never admit it in a million years, but she sometimes thought about what it would be like if they had started dating. Those fantasies were never very detailed, but they were enough to make her wonder if it would ever happen, and if she would say yes or no. Only time will tell, she thought.

    “I think you two would look cute together…” Nicole teased. Katelyn turned her head and glared at her.

    “Do you really want to go there?” she threatened. Nicole laughed and leaned away. “No, please don't hurt me, I was just kidding!” she quickly replied. “Not…” she muttered under her breath.

    “Good, ‘cause if you did, I would have to bring up how to blush every time you see Dante…” Katelyn said smugly, watching for Nicole’s reaction. She was satisfied when she saw her blush and avoid eye contact. She turned to face the tv once again, watching the show.




    “Katelyn! We forgot to watch the time!” Nicole’s worried voice shook Katelyn back to reality. She checked the time on her phone. 5:49.

    “We’re going to be late!” Nicole stood up and ran up the stairs, panicking. Katelyn followed her, not nearly as panicked. She wasn’t looking forward to going, but she had signed herself up for it, so she was going anyway.

    Into her room Nicole ran, shutting her door and opening her closet, pulling out her nice casual outfit, which consisted of a crimson sweater and midnight blue skinny jeans. She quickly pulled off her maid outfit and pulled on her other clothes. She then rushes in front of her bedroom mirror and starts fixing her hair, deciding on a simple half up, half down style. Makeup is ok, I don't need to fix that… where’s my phone-in my pocket… money? Yeah, just in case… she thought, trying to be prepared for anything.

    Next door, Katelyn was calmly changing out of her work outfit and into her casual clothes, a white sweater with brown stripes on the sleeves, and some navy blue skinny jeans. She steps in front of her mirror and evaluated her hair, deciding what to do with it. After a minute and twenty-seven seconds, she decided on leaving it down, fluffing it up and squirting it with water before grabbing her hair brush and taking out some knots. She held the ends of her hair and fluffed it, trying to make it as naturally wavy as possible. When she decided it was okay, she paced around her room, waiting for the panicking Nicole.

    “Katelyn! Are you ready?” Nicole asked from a room over.

    “Yeah, are you?” she responded, exiting her room and waiting in the hall in front of Nicole’s bedroom door. Not longer than a few seconds later, Nicole walked out of her room, still looking worried.

    “I'm ready… what time is it?” the worried girl asked her friend. She pulled out her phone and tapped the home button, letting the screen display the time. Her screen read 5:54.

    “It’s 5:54, we have to go now if we’re going to be on time!” Nicole rushed down the stairs, nearly tripping. Katelyn followed, still not rushing, and rolled her eyes at her friend’s concern.

    Nicole pulled on her comfortable, yet stylish black and white sneakers. Katelyn pulled on her black and navy-blue laced high tops on, and waited for her friend to finish lacing her shoes.

    “I call driving!” Katelyn declared. Nicole nodded, standing up.

    “Okay, I’m cool with that… now let's go!” Nicole pulled her friend’s sleeve out the door, turning and shutting it, then double checking she locked it. Katelyn walked around to the driver’s side of the car and hopped in. Soon Nicole followed her, and they started backing out of the driveway.




    Katelyn pulled onto the side of the road next to the park, sighing.

    “Well, it’s too late to back out now…” she uttered. Nicole nudged her, making her look at her friend.

    “Don’t worry, what could possibly happen that we aren’t used to already?” Nicole stated. She had a point. Katelyn reluctantly nodded, agreeing.

    “Yeah, I guess you're right. Okay, let's go get this over with,” Katelyn sighed, leaving the car and shutting the door, scanning the park. Nicole joined her by her side, and the two girls started walking into the park, searching for the boys.

    After approximately a minute, Nicole pointed towards the fountain with benches surrounding it.

“There they are!” she exclaimed, taking her friend’s hand and pulling her towards the boys, who had not yet spotted the girls coming towards them.

“Hey guys! We’re here!” Nicole greeted them cheerfully,

trying not to startle them. Dante turned around at hearing Nicole’s voice and smiled at her.

    “Hi girls! It’s nice to see you again after so long!” he pleasantly greeted them. Nicole cheerfully smiled back and sat down on the bench next to Dante, leaving the only open spot for Katelyn next to Travis, much to her disdain.

    Travis smiled at Katelyn, prompting her to roll her eyes and sit down reluctantly. He wrapped his arm over her shoulder, expecting her to pull away, but instead she didn’t budge, much to his surprise.

    “So, what’s new with you two?” Dante asked. Nicole shrugged.

    “Not much, work and home life is the same. What about you guys?”

    Dante also shrugged. “Not much, actually… still working, same old things. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you two do for work? We’ve never actually known, which is kind of strange.”

    Nicole blushed, becoming embarrassed. Katelyn looked her friend with a smug smile on her face, enjoying her embarrassment.

    “Why don’t you tell them, Nicole?” Katelyn teased her blushing friend. Nicole glared at her for a second, then looked away.

    “U-uh…” Nicole stuttered, unable to say where they worked. Katelyn laughed, then looked at Dante.

    “We work in the maid cafe. That’s why she’s so embarrassed,” she answered. Dante looked surprised, then a slight amount of blush spread across his cheeks. Travis, however, looked at Katelyn with a surprised look, then his expression went from surprised to pleased. Katelyn slowly turned her head to face him again, looking displeased.

    “I know what you’re thinking of, and my answer is no,” she shut him down before he could even ask anything. He looked slightly disappointed, then went back to looking happy.

    “So, what do you guys do?” Nicole asked the guys. Dante looked back at her.

    “We work as lifeguards at the beach. Sometimes it’s pretty busy, which makes it harder, but it’s overall okay,” he replied. Nicole looked away and blushed, imagining how they are dressed for the job, shirtless in swim trunks.

    Travis turned to Katelyn again, tilting his head in a suggestive way.

    “I can show off my phenomenal abs! Whaddya think Katelyn?” he boasted, pulling her closer to him. She sighed a bigger sigh than before.

    “I think you’re trying to impress me and I also think it’s not working,” she fired back. He looked disappointed for a second, then shrugged.

    “Hey, it’s true. You can’t deny that,” he brushed off the rejection and moved on. Katelyn rolled her eyes yet again. She had been expecting this type of behavior, but it was slightly different each time. Still, it was embarrassing nonetheless.

    “Are you two going to Laurence and Garroth’s party tonight? I heard everyone is going,” Dante asked. Nicole nodded excitedly.

    “Yep, we’ll be there! I’m going to bet that they’ll get so drunk they’ll pass out!” Laurence and Garroth got drunk at almost every party they went to, no matter what type of party it was. What they did when they were drunk was always hilarious, and sometimes impressive.

    Dante smiled at Nicole. “Great! We won’t be alone for once.” Nicole blushed. He was smiling at her! She was so flustered she didn’t notice Katelyn take a sneaky picture of the two. Nicole looked down and put a lock of her hair back behind her ear. While she didn’t know this, Dante found it attractive when she was flustered, which made him smile even more, thus continuing this loop.

    Nicole was brought back to the real world by a notification from her phone. It was a snapchat from Katelyn. Uh-oh. She opened the notification and saw that Katelyn had sent her a picture of her blushing and Dante smiling at her, with the caption ‘Look who’s in love!’ Nicole’s eyes widened, her cheeks becoming as red as her hair. Katelyn snickered. She was always pulling harmless but fun pranks. Nicole looked at her with a look of irritation.

    “KATELYN!” Nicole screeched, standing up to tackle her friend, but Katelyn darted away before she could catch her. The two boys stood up, sensing a fight. Nicole ran after Katelyn, hot on her trail. On the other side of the fountain, Katelyn stopped running and let Nicole catch up to her. Right as Nicole was about to tackle her, Dante pulled her back by the hand, diminishing her anger.

At that same moment, Travis came up from the other side of the fountain and grabbed Katelyn’s waist and pulled her away from Nicole. Katelyn was startled, and her immediate reaction was to smack him, so that’s exactly what she did. She didn’t mean to, but she was so used to this happening she couldn't stop herself. Across from them, Nicole and Dante were laughing. Nicole was no longer angry, and seeing Katelyn smack Travis was so amusing she was feeling much better. Katelyn walked over to them, dusting her hands.

    “What’s goin’ on guys?” she asked as Travis came up next to her, with a red handprint on his face. Nicole snickered even more when she saw the red mark.

“Are you ok?” Nicole asked, knowing that Katelyn wouldn’t ask, so she did for her. Travis nodded. He was used to this happening, and even was expecting it.

“Hey, what time does the party start?” Katelyn asked.

“They said it started at 8, and it’s 6:30 now,” Dante replied. He always knew times and dates. Nicole got an idea, and decided to share it to Katelyn through her mind.

“Katelyn,” she thought. “Should we invite the guys over for dinner with us, and then we can all go to the party together?”

“I don't see why not… I can order the pizza while you show them around our place,” Katelyn thought back. Nicole subtly nodded, then turned to Dante.

“Hey, how would you and Travis like to come over for dinner? We can all go to the party together when we’re done too!” she asked cheerfully. Dante turned to Travis.

“Do you want to?” he asked. Travis nodded.

“Of course I do, what are you talking about?” he responded.

“Great, well, do you want to come to ours now? Katelyn can order the food while I show you two around,” Nicole suggested. The guys nodded. “Okay then, we’ll see you in a bit!”

The girls turned and walked to their car, Nicole in the front seat an Katelyn driving. While they were leaving, the guys were talking about what they just signed up for.

“They invited us over for dinner! It’s almost like a date!” Travis exclaimed. Dante put his hands on his excited friend’s shoulders, calming him down.

“We don’t know if they meant a date, they might’ve just meant dinner,” he explained. Travis’s posture sank in disappointment.

“Yeah, you’re probably right… but I can still hope!” he went back to an upbeat mood. He turned and started walking back to their car, with Dante following him.




Not longer than five minutes after the girls got home, the doorbell rang. Nicole opened the door and saw that they boys had gotten dressed up nicer, which was a relief, because the girls had too. Dress shirts and nicer shoes for them all. The boys came inside and started following Nicole as she showed them around the house as Katelyn started ordering the food.

“So here is the living room, dining room, and kitchen… the bathroom is down this hall…” Nicole introduced them to every room in the house.

“What’s down here?” Dante asked, pointing to a closed door.

“Oh, that’s the basement, we never go down there, so the door is closed,” Nicole replied. “Our rooms are upstairs, I guess you could go in…”

The train of people went up the stairs and Nicole showed them where her room, Katelyn’s room, and the bathroom was. Then she heard the doorbell ring, and Katelyn open the door.

“Nicole, can you help me?” Katelyn called. There was too much food for her to carry on her own.

“Okay, I’m going to go help Katelyn, you guys stay here, I’ll be right back!” Nicole told them, then quickly walked downstairs to help her friend set up the food.

The boys hadn’t been in their rooms before, but just now they were told which room was who’s.

“Should we go in?” Travis asked Dante, who shook his head.

“We shouldn’t, if they want to show us what’s inside, they would do that.”

“C’mon, just a peek inside!” he pleaded. Dante considered it. A peek inside wouldn’t hurt, would it? He thought.

“Alright, but only for a second.” he gave in.

“Yes!” Travis beamed as he opened the door to Katelyn’s room. He looked around, and the room was almost just as he had pictured it. The walls were a deep sapphire, the carpet a dark midnight blue. There was a pile of clothes on the floor at the end of the bed, and her desk was a mess of papers and pencils and pens. He caught a glimpse of a laptop under the materials.

Next door, Dante was looking around Nicole’s room. The walls were a deep scarlet, and the carpet was dark cherry red. Her bed was neatly made, and there was no mess anywhere to be seen. Her desk was organized as was her bookshelf. Then he heard someone coming up the stairs, so he quickly slipped out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Travis joined him in the hall a second later.

Nicole was coming up to tell the boys that dinner was ready. They could smell the delicious aromas from where they stood. Nicole lead them downstairs and sat them around the table, then sat herself next to Katelyn and across from the boys.

Katelyn had ordered them a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza, breadsticks, and had made a salad from scratch. It was a delicious dinner before a night out. They did little talking during dinner, there wasn’t much to talk about.




Once the awkwardly silent dinner was finished, Nicole stood up and collected the empty plates. Katelyn also stood up, closing the pizza boxes containing a few slices left and put them into the refrigerator, then going back to put away the breadsticks and salad.

“We can help put things away,” Dante offered, nudging Travis to follow his lead. Nicole shook her head and smiled, politely refusing

“No, it’s okay, we got it covered,” she responded, finishing cleaning the dishes. “What time is it?”

Katelyn glanced at the clock. “It’s 7:47 right now, if we leave now we would be a few minutes early to the party.”

“Should we leave now then? I mean, are we ready?” Nicole questioned. Dante nodded.

“I’m ready,” he replied, followed by Travis and Katelyn.

“Alright then, let's go!” Nicole opened the front door and let everyone else leave the house, then left herself. She hopped into the front seat with Katelyn driving, and the boys were in the back.

“Um, just a question… are any of us planning on drinking, or getting drunk?” Katelyn asked. Nicole shrugged.

“I don’t want to get drunk, maybe just a few drinks…” she responded. Then she looked back at the guys.

“We don’t plan on getting drunk either, but we might just end up there,” Travis admitted.

“Knew it,” Katelyn chimed in. She had a suspicion that she would be driving at least one drunk person home tonight, but only time would tell.

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