I Can't Help Loving You

The ships in this fanfiction are Travlyn and Dancole, with other side ships. This fanfiction is based off of a roleplay me and a friend are currently doing, and it's sometimes challenging for me to write about, so if I don't update the fic for a while, I apologize.


2. Friday Night

Once they pulled into Laurence and Garroth’s driveway, they all could tell those two were drunk. They were falling over and laughing at nothing, with beers in their hands. They all exited the car, and Katelyn made sure she locked it. They walked inside the house and saw the plethora of beer kegs. Travis and Dante immediately grabbed some red plastic cups full of beer and chugged them incredibly fast. Nicole and Katelyn took two cups also, but just as they were about to drink, the guys snatched the cups from their hands and started drinking them too.

“Dante, give me my drink back!” Nicole commanded, but he kept drinking it until it was all down. Katelyn tried snatching her cup back, but Travis moved too quick for her to reach it. They sat down in a chair each and huffed. They weren’t allowed to drink, but the guys could?




Soon, the two boys were so drunk they were falling down on the lawn. Katelyn and Nicole were sitting in the living room on the couches and chairs with their friends, just talking. They would eye every guy that came through, but keep talking. They weren’t going to let the drunk men ruin their fun.

Suddenly, Nicole felt a pair of hands pull her over and out of her chair and into one that was slightly farther back from the rest of the girls. She instantly knew it was Dante. He sat her down in the chair and stood behind it, resting his chin on his fists, putting his elbows on the chair back. Nicole rubbed her arms awkwardly. She had never felt uncomfortable around Dante before, but now that he was drunk, she had no idea what he was going to do.

Katelyn watched her friend get dragged off her chair by Dante and snickered. She knew that Nicole felt awkward, but she still found it funny. She stopped laughing when someone picked her up bridal-style and started carrying her around the house. She guessed it was Travis, and when she looked up at him, she found she was right. He was so drunk she could smell the beer. He just carried her around for a while, looping in and out of rooms, around the yard, upstairs and back down, eventually putting her down in a large, tall cage. She sat down and watched him climb into the cage as well, lock the door, and throw the key away. She gulped, becoming slightly nervous.

Dante was just hovering over Nicole, when he decided he had enough of standing around. He walked around the chair and sat on her lap, gently kissing her neck. Her face quickly went from normal to tomato red. She didn’t know how she felt about this situation. On the one hand, her crush was sitting on her lap and kissing her neck, but on the other hand, he was drunk, and she was afraid to do anything, because he wouldn’t know how to react because his senses were blurred. She decided to try to talk to Katelyn to decide what she should do.

“Katelyn! Are you there?” she thought.

“Yeah I’m here, what’s up?” her friend responded.

“Well, Dante pulled me onto a different chair and now he's on my lap and kissing my neck!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know how I should feel about this!”

Katelyn chuckled. “Well, seeing as they are drunk, I would be slightly nervous, but hey, enjoy it while it lasts…” Katelyn thoroughly enjoyed teasing her friend.

“Okay, I’ll take your advice I guess… Where did you go?” she asked, directing the attention off her.

“Well, Travis picked me up and put me in a cage, went in himself, and locked it, so…” Katelyn responded. Now it was Nicole’s turn to giggle.

“Looks like you’re kinda stuck, huh?” she replied.

“You shush, I don’t suppose you’re in a worse situation.”

“Okay okay, fine. But seriously, I wonder what’s going to happen to us…” Nicole worried. Katelyn solemnly nodded, understanding.

She was pulled from her chat with Katelyn by Dante starting to nibble on her neck. She tensed up, bracing herself. This was new to her, so she didn’t know what to expect. He pulled her closer to him, and she could feel his breath on her neck. It was overall an uncomfortable situation to be in.

Meanwhile, Katelyn was backed up against the corner of the cage that was farthest from Travis. H came closer to her. She eyed him, trying to guess what he would do. Suddenly he grabbed her waist and turned her around, startling her. Then, just as quickly, he spun her around again, nearly making her dizzy. Everything was happening so fast she couldn't grasp what was happening. Then just as her mind stopped spinning, she felt a cold hand on her stomach. She tensed up and froze. Then the hand started moving up, very very slowly. She didn’t know what he was doing, but had a feeling it wouldn’t turn out good for her.

Dante was still nibbling on Nicole’s neck, going rougher and rougher each time. She still was trying to decide if she liked it or not. She would much have preferred him kiss her neck when he wasn’t drunk, but she would have to take it anyway. She could feel her neck developing bruises the longer he continued biting her neck. Then he abruptly stopped. Nicole turned to face him, trying to figure out why he stopped, and he was looking at her like someone just asked him to tell them the meaning of life. Then he stood up, picked up Nicole, and started running around with her in his arms. She was alarmed, seeing as he was drunk enough to fall down at any given moment. She held onto his arms tightly as they ran around.

Travis’s hand was still slowly climbing up Katelyn’s stomach. She felt more uncomfortable than she ever had in her life. Once his hand had reached her ribcage, it stopped going up her torso, much to her relief. Then he leaned in and started licking her face. She was not expecting it, so she was surprised a fair amount. She turned her head in every which way to try to avoid being licked, but to no avail. She glanced to her left and saw Dante carrying Nicole, which was a way out for her.

“Nicole! Can you get out of Dante’s arms and find the key to this cage that I’m in before my face is covered in saliva?” Katelyn asked her friend through her thoughts. Nicole looked over at her uncomfortable and disgusted friend and gave out a chuckle.

“Yeah, okay, one second.”

Nicole hopped out of her crush’s arms and ran to find the key while being chased by a drunk and confused Dante. A glint of something metal caught her eye, and she swooped down to grab it. Once she had it in her hand, she realized it was the key. She quickly raced back to the cage and unlocked it, then ran away while still being chased by Dante.

Katelyn watched her friend unlock the cage, and when Nicole ran away, she charged at the door, slamming it open, and running away. Travis followed quickly after, but he kept stumbling and running into people and things. After several minutes of playing chase, both of the guys collapsed and fell asleep. The girls were forced to drag them out to the car and lay them down in the backseat, and drive home in silence. They had had enough of drunk guy shenanigans after what had happened.

While driving, Katelyn looked at her friend and noticed the bruises on her neck.

“What’re those bruises on your neck?” she questioned, fully knowing the answer. Nicole blushed and rubbed her neck, covering the bruises.

“O-oh, those? U-um, those are from Dante…” Nicole stammered. Katelyn snickered.

“I figured.”




Once Katelyn pulled into the driveway, Nicole hopped out of the car. Katelyn followed her, and they opened the backseat doors. The boys were passed out, so they had to drag them into their house. They opened the front door and dragged the unconscious bodies inside.

“Going upstairs will be hard, huh?” Katelyn asked Nicole, who nodded in response. They sighed in unison.

“Well, let's get going.”

They carefully dragged the boys up the stairs, and they surprisingly didn’t wake up. Into their bedroom they went, too tired to realize they were dragging drunk, unconscious boys into their rooms. They pulled the boys under the covers of their beds and went to go change into pajamas, which consisted of a large t-shirt and pajama pants. Then they climbed into bed as well and fell asleep.




Travis woke up late in the night, unaware of where he was or how he got there. He looked around in the darkness and could see from the strange silhouettes in the room that is was not his. He could vaguely make out the colors of the room once his eyes adjusted to the darkness. It’s so blue, like Katelyn… he thought. He then turned to his right and saw Katelyn sleeping next to him, and he froze. He decided to ask Dante what was happening.

“Dante! Wake up!” he thought. Dante woke up and was slightly annoyed at his friend for waking him.

“What do you want, it’s so late!” he demanded. Then, when he didn’t recognize the room he was in, he looked around. “Where are we?”

“Look next to you!” Travis exclaimed. “No questions, just do it!”

Dante turned to his right and saw Nicole sleeping peacefully next to him, and he too froze.

“Wh-how did this happen?” he was puzzled beyond belief. Then his confusion turned into shock. Nicole was snuggling him in her sleep. “She’s hugging me! She’s hugging me!” Dante couldn’t understand what was happening.

“I’m just as confused as you are, and all I can remember is going to Laurence and Garroth’s place for a party, and getting very drunk…” Travis tried to help both him and Dante become less confused. He looked back at Katelyn, trying to think of how he got here. She looks so cute when she sleeps, he thought.

“Yeah, I remember that too… maybe they brought us to their house for the night because we passed out?” Dante suggested. Travis was shaken from his thoughts.

“Oh, uh yeah, probably…” he responded distractedly.

“Something wrong? You seem distracted,” Dante questioned him suspiciously.

“No, I’m just noticing how cute Katelyn looks when she sleeps… I just told you that,” Travis became carried away when explaining. Dante snickered.

“Ha! You’ll never live this down.”

“You suck, man. You suck.” Travis was a bit embarrassed to have Dante find out what he thought, but there was nothing he could do now. He already knew.

While he was thinking about how he didn’t want Dante to tease him about this, he didn’t notice somebody snuggling him right away. When he did, he saw Katelyn hugging him in her sleep. He immediately became shocked and surprised, but not displeased.

“DUDE! She’s hugging me now!” he squeaked.

“Nicole’s hugging me now too!” Dante added, equally as surprised. Neither of them could believe that they had woken up in a girls bedroom after a night of drinking and now they were hugging them in their sleep.

Travis yawned. “We should probably go back to sleep…” he suggested, and Dante agreed.

“Yeah, I just can’t believe we woke up next to them and now they're snuggling us!”

“Me neither… goodnight Dante.”

“Goodnight Travis.”

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