Under The Smile

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  • Published: 30 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 30 Aug 2017
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This is a poem about someone who always is smiling, but on the inside is hurting.


1. Under The Smile

I smile with pleasure day in and day out,

But my emotions are heather from inside and out.


It may be a spring day on the outside,

But the inside brings a dark and violent storm.


My smile is only a cover-up of what's behind,

That the madness and sorrow,

That is of mine.


Pain, hatred, and loneliness is all that I feel!

And slowly but surely my soul starts to peel.


I alone,

Trapped as I yelp,

But to my misfortune,

There is no one coming to my help.


And now as I tell you,

To make it know,

My simle that of who you see,

Is only a cover-up of the pain,

That long ago I had gain.

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