Code: Lucid Reality

Have you ever wondered if this world is real? What if everyone around you was simply an artificial intelligence? What if there are those who have learnt to gain ability from this disaster? The story of the organization LUCID begins.


3. The Relality

Code: Lucid Reality

The Reality

"I am in a danger?" I, settling down on the extraordinary space, cleared it out with the rest of the members.

"Yes, you are considered as number one threat to this world," The rest of the members shouted out in complete harmony.

"What did I do?"

"Humans who realize that this world is fake are to be considered as a minor threat while those who learn to use the "codings" of the world are considered the major threat," The tall blue haired man named Ulich explained.

"What do you mean by a codings? Why are you telling me this?" I asked them in the middle of the confusion.

"If you realize that this world is fake and if you are able to read the basic composition of it, then you will be able change the coding, or the basic concept of it. For example, you see green haired, yellow eyed Charles? He is able to change color of anything as he wishes. He can even delete colors, making it invisible."


"Luna's ability allows her to teleport or create cracks in space to move anywhere, Incas's ability allows her to slow down the time, Ulich's ability allows him to change the weight of an object, and Darris's ability allows him to predict the future." 

"What ability did I have?"

"You had the strongest ability of all, something that can't be explained by words but can be just seen."

"What does that mean?"

"Anyhow, we will help you recover your memories."

"You finally came to us in a mere century"



"Did I hear that wrong?"

"No, Captain..."

"We only waited that long to search for you."

"h...How old are you?" I, drenched in cold sweat, asked the other members.

"It goes from Charles, Ulich, Luna, Darris, Incas, and you from the youngest to oldest." 





"And you are about 1,723,512"

"We really didn't believe that you were this old until we began to live about the same as you, its ironic how its now you that is surprised by our age.


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