Code: Lucid Reality

Have you ever wondered if this world is real? What if everyone around you was simply an artificial intelligence? What if there are those who have learnt to gain ability from this disaster? The story of the organization LUCID begins.


1. The Dream and The Reality(Prologue)

Code: Lucid Reality

The Dream and The Reality

"Have you ever thought that you were the only "real" person in the world?

The question itself is wrong.

It shouldn't be that you were the only "real" person in the world, but the fact that everyone, including you, were artificially made in the subatomic scale."

The sun was bright as it always was; the gravity still held onto us as it always was; and the sky was clearly red as it always was.

Yes, I didn't say it wrong. The sky is red and it was always that way.

The physics remained all the same; the gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear was still the major component of the fundamental interactions. 


Something important was always missing whenever I see the sky.

Something important tells me that the sky shouldn't be red.

Something important suggests that the sky should be something more soothing.

It was the color blue that had always come up to my mind. 

The color of gentleness and calmness.

Every moment that I live. I always wonder if this is real world. It wasn't that I hide myself in the sea of artificial consciousness nor did I escape out of reality to reach the ultimate destination of fantasy, but it was that something didn't seem right to me.

I remembered how my little curiousity had brought me to this point...

As the saying goes, the curiosity killed the cat(me). 


A humanoid figure in white had appeared out of nowhere.

"Code: AUV Threat Detected"

"!?" I was confused. Confused of what to do now.

"Be careful!" A mysterious voice had shattered the space behind of me and small, soft hands grabbed me by the back.

I didn't know what I was doing that time and how this one event had changed the life of an ordinary individual significantly. 


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