When you go to sleep at night you never know what you will wake up to. Maybe crows will be watching you or a vampire that is out of sight. Could be a grave with worms inside. Chains surround you and black velvet lace. Fangs come out and you drink the blood.

1. Revenge

Blood is what matters.


Blood is everything that makes us.


Parts of the legend are lies,  vampires are not turned or awakened,  they are born.  And what's more,  they are actually living beings.  Vampires are actually humans born with albinism and their Vampire side is triggered when they first mix blood with someone else.  At this age,  they stop ageing,  and become immortal,  grow fangs,  crave blood and become everything else a Vampire is.


In a world like this,  one teenage girl accidentally consumes her younger albino sister's blood and is awakened as a Vampire.  At first she does not notice the sharpness of her teeth or the coldness of her skin.  And when she feels the urge to drink blood,  she believes that she has become insane.  But then,  believing that she is no longer human is her only choice.  But the oldest living Vampires the Ancients find out what she is,  they are intrigued.  A case like this has not been heard of for centuries.  


So they put her in prison,  wanting to know more.  What will happen to her?  To her life and relationship?  When she drinks her sister's blood she did not realize what she had done.  So when she woke up and finds out she is a Vampire.  She is scared and angry and felt like giving up,  but she didn't.  When she realized how sharp her teeth were,  she knew she could hurt herself and others.  The coldness of her skin bothered her because she hates the cold.  When she gets the urge to drink blood she feels sick.  She would never have thought she would want it or need it.


She got it in her head she was insane but deep down she knew she wasn't.  So she got herself together and started working on her mind and thoughts.  But then,  she believed she was no longer human and that she had no choice.  But the thing is she will have a lot of choice's to make.  Some would be dangerous and others would be sad.  But she knew she would make it.  


When the Ancients found out about her they knew how special she was.  They thought she could help them with work.  They were intrigued by her and they put her in prison because they had not seen a case like this in centuries.  They wanted to know everything about her.  She hated being in prison but made the best of it, she did not give up.  


Instead she made a plan to get revenge and she would make them pay for everything they did to her and others.  She made a good life for herself and never looked back.  She finally got revenge and it was sweet.  They pay a big price for putting her in prison.  Her life was good and she was proud.  As for her relationship if she had one it would be strong and it would last.  With trust and respect. She would give it her all


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