Star-The Empire Chronicles: Pirate Entanglements

After finding his brother, Lord Valkyrie and his followers fight off against Pirates and Lord Valkyrie gives a speech that reveals The Empire's true purpose, and himself.


9. 9

Lord Valkyrie is looking at his 36 inch monitor as he asked, “Are you certain Director Spec?” Spec stood at attention in his brown uniform and replied (as he tried to hold back a smile), “Yes my lord.  I personally checked the mathematics and the material that is needed to construct these warships and it can be done.” Lord Valkyrie contemplated, “Hmm.” Spec asked, “Do you want to increase the building of the construction bots and create construction clones to accelerate production?” Lord Valkyrie replied with satisfaction in his voice, “I was just contemplating that Director.  Will it affect the progress of building our military forces?” Director Spec made a face as if debating how to respond and replied, “It will, but not much to cause any significant delays.” Lord Valkyrie contemplated for a few moments till he ordered, “Then proceed director.” There was a soft beep sound and Lord Valkyrie pressed a button off screen and asked, “Yes captain?” Captain Cruz’s voice came over the speaker, “My lord, we have arrived.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Thank You captain.” And he pressed the button again, turned to Director Spec and Spec spoke quickly, “It will be done my lord.” And Lord Valkyrie turned off the monitor, stood up and left his quarters with his black cape trailing behind him.


    The entrance to the hanger bay doors opened and Lord Valkyrie’s dark figure walked through as Captain Cruz stood by the ramp, leading up to the transport shuttle, and followed behind as he walked past her and into the shuttle before the ramp closed behind them and the shuttle lifted off.  Valkyrie’s shuttle flew out of the Frederica’s hanger and away from the ship as the shuttle headed straight towards the capital of Saa while in the shuttle’s path and view, laid various groups of ships and structures that represent The Empire.  A handful of circular space station rings sat around various spots over the planet’s atmosphere with long, finger shaped structures extended out around the rings that serve as docking ports for The Empire’s Star Cruisers, Piercers, Transports and other warships in between the finger shaped extensions.  The shuttle flew past various shaped shuttles and aircraft carrying either troops, food supplies or other various tools or supplies that each aircraft is built to handle as Valkyrie’s shuttle entered the planet’s hazy atmosphere, and engulfed the shuttle the majority of the way till the hazy atmosphere dissipated and before the shuttle’s view laid the glass domed capital city.  Built into the dome’s overhead is a large dish and the shuttle flew around it and entered through one of the openings as a large section of the glass wall retracted and closed.  The shuttle flew in the sprawling capital with clones and robots walking about and vehicles driving/gliding on the roads below as the shuttle continued onward till it reached a large Capitol Building with stone columns surrounding the structure’s perimeter with the viewing windows from various rooms facing the outside behind the grey columns.  The shuttle rounded the building as a large crowd of Blitz, Leader and other troopers stood in parade formation before the large podium (like Nuremburg) in front of the Capitol and the shuttle descended and landed on its designated landing pad inside the back center of the building.  Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz descended the ramp as a squad of Guard Troopers stood at attention, facing each other, along the red and black carpet with Grand Commandant Cravage standing at attention at the end, as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz reached him, and followed along Lord Valkyrie’s left side and Lord Valkyrie asked, “Commandant Cravage, is everything set in motion?” Cravage replied, “It is my lord.  All present military clones have assembled and the rest are preparing to watch your speech as we speak.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Very good Grand Commandant, I will join you at The Podium shortly.” Cravage stopped as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz continued onward and saw two male figures standing in the shadows as Lord Valkyrie approached and followed alongside him before Cravage turned away and headed towards The Podium to await Lord Valkyrie to give his speech.

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