Star-The Empire Chronicles: Pirate Entanglements

After finding his brother, Lord Valkyrie and his followers fight off against Pirates and Lord Valkyrie gives a speech that reveals The Empire's true purpose, and himself.


6. 6

The tri-fin shuttle landed in the hanger bay and the ramp lowered before Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz walked out only to find a clone of Cruz, younger version with a Lt. insignia, standing at attention before them.  When they approached the Lt.’s direction, the Lt. said, “My lord, one of our Space Cruisers, the ESS Diablo, is under attack by an unknown aligned of enemy space fighters.” They continued on walking towards the hanger entrance doors as Lord Valkyrie calmly asked, “Are they not able to defend themselves with their anti-air blast cannons and fighter squadrons?” The Lt. replied, “They would sir, except just as the enemy fighters appeared an EMP was set off and targeted the launching clamps, fighter operating systems, the auto targeting of the anti-air cannons and engines.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Notify any nearby ships in the vicinity to assist the Diablo immediately.” They walked past the hanger entry doors and the Lt. spoke, “My lord, we are the nearest ships.  There is no one else closer.” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stopped dead in their tracks as the Lt. stopped and stood at attention, waiting for Lord Valkyrie’s reply, when Lord Valkyrie looked over his right shoulder at her and ordered, “Notify Captain Kovak to leave orbit and head to the Diablo at maximum phase and notify the other two Space Cruisers in orbit to maintain their alert status and monitor the Hyena and his colleagues progress till we return.” The Lt. replied, “Yes my lord.  Do you want me to also notify Fighter Control to prep your fighter for our arrival?” Lord Valkyrie turned his body towards her, with his hands on his hips, and spoke as if he was impressed, “Yes Lt., that is just what I was considering.  Have it ready and notify the captain to prepare for battle.” The Lt. bowed and replied, “Yes my lord.” And she walked off as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz entered the nearest turbo lift as they headed towards the bridge.


    The ESS Diablo sat dead in space as small craft in an S configuration flew about and repeatedly fired upon the Diablo causing multiple small explosions as twelve anti-air blast cannons around the ship’s superstructure and five along the top and bottom of the rest of the ship’s hull fired erratically at the evading aircraft and repeatedly miss them.  On the bridge, the human form robots in the two control pits and stations along the walls worked at a rhythmic fast pace while the handful of clone officers ran about calling out reports as the captain (a young clone version of the hispanic male from The Facility) walked fast along the walkway between the control pits, trying to ascertain the damage reports coming in.  The bridge shook and the captain grabbed hold onto the railing as a Lt. (clone of Miranda Cruz) grabbed hold onto the nearest computer console a robot operated and looked up at the captain and called out, “Sir, they destroyed our long range communications tower!” The captain looked at her in anger and yelled over the alarms, “Double the power outage on our short range and transmit the same message from there!” The robot next to the Lt. spoke aloud but calm, “Captain Remos, if we do that the antenna will overload and blowout and we will lost all communications completely.” Remos yelled, “Do it anyway cubo!” The robot acknowledged respectfully when suddenly there was another shake, this time harder.  Outside a section of the area between the top and bottom hulls (closest to the port side of the superstructure and port engine) exploded into a chain reaction and caused the section of the top and bottom hulls closest to the explosions to ripple and almost collapse while inside, five Energizer gun turrets either exploded or flew off their mountings as the human form robots tried to jog out of the way but yelped as they were either crushed or thrown about as they were consumed by a wall of fire as the munitions behind the turrets exploded into a raging fire.  


    The bridge shook violently from the explosion and robots and clones either grabbed hold to something or staggered to the point of almost falling till it stopped and Remos yelled, “What the hell happened?” The same robot in the port control pit replied calmly, “Main battery section E-22 and E-22 Ammo Storage destroyed.  Fire suppression and fire crews are activated and suppressing fire.” Another Lt. clone approached the captain and spoke aloud, “Sir that is close to the engine room!  If that happens again the whole Proton Energizer and we will lose the ship!” Remos asked aloud, “What’s going on with our fighters?” The Lt. replied, “Sir, we can’t get the locks to disengage as the computer system is still out!” Remos yelled, “Then rip the locks off manually!  We need fighter support, NOW!” There was a repetitive beeping noise and a robot spoke aloud, calmly, “Captain Remos, a Space Cruiser is coming out of phase!” The captain looked a little relieved as he looked down at the robot that gave the report and Remos asked, “Designation?” The robot replied, “Captain, it is the ESS Frederica!” The captain and the Lt. looked out the main viewports and there was empty space when suddenly the Space Cruiser Frederica appeared.


    A clone, wearing a red and black pilot suit, hastily fastened her helmet to her breathing hoses and air pack as she tried to keep up with the rest of the clone fighter pilots as they rounded the corner towards the briefing rooms when Lord Valkyrie appeared before her and another pilot and she immediately stopped dead in her tracks.  Lord Valkyrie pointed at her and the other pilot next to her and he said, “Several fighters are intercepting us before we are ready to attack.  Come with me.” His cape fluttered behind him as he turned and headed towards the hanger and both pilots followed him while the rest quickly headed towards the briefing rooms to the left and right of them.  They entered the hanger bay and the two pilots climbed down the ladders and entered their I-class fighters as Lord Valkyrie’s personal fighter sat on a platform (next to the walkway) with a rounded head of a small droid (built into the fighter) turned its head towards Lord Valkyrie, as he approached, and made a chirping, beeping noise as the fighter powered up.  Lord Valkyrie stepped onto one of the two protruding, angled down, fins from the bulb shaped cockpit and Lord Valkyrie lowered himself inside before closing the hatch above him.  The inside of the cramped, small, cockpit lighted up red as Lord Valkyrie pulled up on the wheel and his fighter lifted off and barreled rolled down and shot through the energy barrier separating the hanger bay from the rest of empty space with his two escorts detaching from their docks and followed closely behind Lord Valkyrie on each flank.  Lord Valkyrie and his escorts flew away from the Frederica and headed straight to the Diablo as a wave of S configured ships rapidly approached them and Captain Kovak’s voice echoed inside Lord Valkyrie’s cockpit with a sense of alarm, “My lord you are going up against over 50 fighters!  Shouldn’t you wait...” Lord Valkyrie interrupted, as he adjusted a knob on his joystick steering wheel, “I will handle them myself.”  Lord Valkyrie looked to his left and ordered, “Cover me.” The female pilots replied (as they both gave a quick salute in Lord Valkyrie’s direction), “Yes sir.” And they watched as just ahead of them, a wall of S configured aircraft flew right towards them as they grew closer and closer as they approached on a head on collision when suddenly both sides unleashed a furious barrage of red blaster fire.


    Just as they began to fire, Lord Valkyrie and his escorts moved side to side to avoid the bolts of blaster fire from the opposing fighters as they flew over or around Lord Valkyrie and his escorts.  Lord Valkyrie jerked his stick from side to side as bolts of red light shot over and close to his cockpit as the two female pilots followed suit as they held down their triggers and blew apart the S aircraft that spun and flew suicidal in their direction when one of the aircraft was struck and blew apart one of its curved wings and spun crazily towards Lord Valkyrie’s right escort as the escort pilot yelled in anger as she continued to fire, but each shot missed and the damage aircraft struck and incinerated the escort in a ball of fire and flaming debris.  Lord Valkyrie’s fighter and his remaining escort exited the passing wave of enemy aircraft and performed a barrel roll as they flew overhead and came about.  The wave of the S fighters broke into two groups and flew in opposite directions as they began to turn about and Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Hold formation.” Lord Valkyrie and his remaining escort flew towards the group that peeled to the left when the pilot of Lord Valkyrie’s escort looked over to her right, at the other group, and watched them when suddenly she pulled back the right throttle and shoved her left all the way up and her fighter broke from Lord Valkyrie’s left flank and flew straight towards the rear of the right group of S fighters.  


    Lord Valkyrie snapped his head to his right and saw his escort flying away from him and towards the right group of enemy aircraft and did not say a word as a male voice spoke angrily aloud on the intercom, “NC-1974, get back to formation immediately!” NC-1974 rapidly approached the rear of the enemy S fighter group and she looked down her targeting scanner till she had a lock on multiple contacts and pulled both of her triggers on her two joysticks.  All four blaster points on the two three-sided solar fins of NC-1974’s I class fighter fired rapidly and blew up multiple S fighters, even as they tried to evade, and when they tried to break off in sharp 90 degree angles they were ripped apart as well as NC-1974 targeted and blasted them in an instant (as if on instinct) and continued to relentlessly destroy the enemy fighter formation before her.  Returning his attention to the enemy fighter group before him, Lord Valkyrie pulled the triggers on his wheel and his twin blaster guns on his fighter fired at the enemy formation trying to evade him and turned their ships into puffs of fire and debris as they exploded on contact with Lord Valkyrie’s shots.  One of the enemy fighters wore a ragged, dark and light brown World War 2 like pilot suit with a breathing mask covering his face as he looked over his right and left shoulder as he made evasive maneuvers.  The radio in his cockpit filled with the screams and yells of the other pilots in his group, “Who the hell is that?”, “I can’t shake him!” “No one here is that good!” The fighters that are attacking the Diablo took notice of their comrades being blown apart as they approached them and turned their attention from attacking the Diablo to destroying Lord Valkyrie and NC-1974.  


    On the bridges of both the Frederica and the Diablo, both the captains and bridge crews watched either through the view ports or their monitors of the battle (slaughter) that is unfolding.  Lord Valkyrie flew after the fighters and jerked left and right, blowing each of the fighters apart as he followed closely behind with fighters also chasing and shooting at him (as he also evaded) as they all flew around the main body of the Diablo and around the superstructure, making the view as if it was one big firework display around the Diablo.  One of the S fighters yelled, “What the hell!  He’s evading every shot!”  “Who the fuck is this!” NC-1974 is firing on multiple S fighters that flew about her as a large group of others flew behind her and tried to shoot her down as well.  The lead one fired and multiple bolts of red light flew right by her cockpit and NC-1974 pulled back a lever to her right and pulled both the joysticks up, turning off both her engines and her fighter spun backwards and up as a handful of the S fighters flew right on by and she pulled both her triggers and laid down a rain of green laser fire from all four of her guns and all five S fighters that flew right by her exploded.  She immediately pushed the lever all the way forward before she shoved both her joysticks and her fighters engines reignited and she shot back forward in her same trajectory.  An S fighter flew in a head on collision, firing his guns and sending twirler bolts of red light at NC-1974 as she immediately shoved her joysticks down, fired and blew apart one of the two legs of the S fighter and it spun out of control, flew right over NC-1974 and the closest fighter that is behind her had only enough time to throw his hands up to his face and scream before the fighter collided and smashed/exploded two other S fighters behind him before the rest spread out or flew around.  NC-1974 looked down and to her left and saw Lord Valkyrie’s fighter flying evasively as a large number of S fighters flew behind him and fired desperately to shoot him down as Lord Valkyrie blew apart another fighter before flying down and straight towards the exhaust vents of one of the Diablo’s main engines and performed a sharp 45 degree turn barrel roll, causing the two closest fighters behind him to fly by and exploded into balls of fire due to the heat and active lighted blue engines and Lord Valkyrie flew down and at the bottom surface of the Diablo with still plenty of fighters tailing him and NC-1974 jerked both her joysticks to the right and performed a downward spiral barrel roll.


    Lord Valkyrie flew his fighter and blasted apart four S fighters that flew in his way as they tried to cut him off when one red bolt of light struck just to the left of his cockpit and a stream of white mist issued forth and an alarm blared in his cockpit and the built in droid made a short wailing sound in protest.  Lord Valkyrie looked at the built in droid and ordered, “Stop coolant link.” And the droid chirped with acknowledgement.  After a few moments of zigzagging the leaking stopped and the built in droid chirped with satisfaction.  Lord Valkyrie looked to his right, as if something caught his attention, before looking back forward and ordered, “Release spare parts hatch.” The droid chirped and the rear, rounded, hatch behind Lord Valkyrie’s cockpit opened and various parts and tools flew out and into the path of the S fighters that are tailing Lord Valkyrie.  The parts flew right in front of the tailing fighters, forcing them either to fly away or around the objects and resumed their course and speed behind Lord Valkyrie, as he watched from the small monitor before him and spoke with satisfaction, “Interesting.  They are smarter than I expected.” They fired on Lord Valkyrie’s fighter and the droid made a wailing noise, as bolts of red light flew right past it, and Lord Valkyrie spoke, as if controlling his anxiety, “I know K9-218.  But if you think we are in trouble, look to your left.” The droid turned its rounded top and saw NC-1974’s fighter appearing from the bottom right side of the Diablo, barrel rolling, and made a sharp up turn and flew in a collision course with Lord Valkyrie with a handful of S fighters tailing her when suddenly NC-1974 squeezed both her triggers as she yelped, “YAHOO!” And all four of her guns fired bolts of green light and ripped apart almost a dozen S fighters like they were fly paper when behind her, one of the tailing S fighters targeting scanners made a beeping sound as it locked on NC-1974 and the pilot spoke with evil satisfaction, “Got you clo...” Suddenly he was engulfed in a ball of fire as well as the fighters behind them exploded as bolts of blue light struck them from one of the anti-air turrets of the Diablo and the gunner gave a thumbs up sign and spoke aloud with satisfaction, “Four birds!” NC-1974 continued her trajectory and Lord Valkyrie pulled a lever to his left, pulled back his wheel and his fighter’s engines shut down and his fighter flipped a 180 before Lord Valkyrie squeezed both triggers and fired a stream of blaster fire straight into the enemy fighters that are tailing him and created a wall of flaming debris as fighter after fighter flew straight into it and exploded either by debris or Lord Valkyrie’s laser fire, while the rest were destroyed by NC-1974’s strafing attack.


    Lord Valkyrie reignited his engines and spun back a 180 as NC-1974 flew back to his left, as escort, and Lord Valkyrie ordered, “NC-1974, cover the lower guard.  I will take the upper.” NC-1974 snapped her head to her right and was silent for a few moments, as if pondering to question Lord Valkyrie, till she replied, “Yes sir.” And she jerked her joysticks and her aircraft made a sharp U-turn to her left as Lord Valkyrie reached the end of the lower hull of the Diablo and curved hard, straight up.  Lord Valkyrie flew higher and higher as around him multiple S fighters flew about the Diablo, resuming their destruction on the Space Cruiser, when the S fighters, that he flew by, broke off their attack and turned to intercept Lord Valkyrie.  Lord Valkyrie continued his ascent, even as alarms were going off and Captain Kovak spoke urgently over his comms that he was being targeted, as his fighter droid turned to him and chirped fast and with alarm and Lord Valkyrie ordered calmly, “Prepare for un-control spin.” He pressed various buttons on the control panel before him and when he looked back up his eyes turned from red to pitch black and with his left hand he pulled back a lever and with his right he shoved his wheel forward causing his fighter’s engines to shut off and his ship spun uncontrollably and when he squeezed both triggers on his control stick the bridge crews on both ships, as well as those looking through the view ports from various areas of the ships, looked on (some of them with awe) as Lord Valkyrie attacked.


    The first few enemy fighters flew towards the spinning fighter of Lord Valkyrie and the lead pilot snorted as he was about to pull the trigger, “This is going to be ea...” A bolt of green light flew from Lord Valkyrie’s fighter and headed straight to the surprised pilot before his entire cockpit was engulfed in green light and exploded.  Just when the lead enemy fighter exploded, his comrades broke from formation and flew around Lord Valkyrie as one of the pilots called out, “Lets see if this freak can take on the crazy formation!” But not soon after he said that, Lord Valkyrie’s spinning fighter fired bolts of green light in various directions and the enemy fighters that flew erratically exploded into balls of fire or flaming debris as the pilots yelled or screamed as they were being blown apart.  As Lord Valkyrie’s fighter spun, K9-218 made a loud “WEEEEE!” Chirp as its circular head spun continuously in a 360, as if it was enjoying the ride and destruction, as all the enemy close to Lord Valkyrie were shredded apart or parts of them were blown off and the fighters flew uncontrollably and collided with their comrades as they performed the crazy formation, all the while screaming or yelling either surprised or terrified and it extended to the enemy pilots that were attacking the Diablo as well, when Lord Valkyrie’s fire were able to reach the fighters and made them suffer the same fate as their comrades that were trying to destroy Lord Valkyrie.  


    On the bridges of both the Space Cruisers, the bridge crews listened and watched the destruction and cries of the enemy fighter pilots as they are being slaughtered by the wrath of Lord Valkyrie’s highly accurate firing in his uncontrolable spin.  The bridge crews watched with blank expressions as if they were hiding their surprise or fear for Lord Valkyrie’s destructive accuracy, even as the enemy fighters tried to escape the battle area, but their escape was futile as they suffered the same fate as their comrades and became either balls of fire or flying debris.  NC-1974 did not see Lord Valkyrie’s maneuver, but saw the laser light, destructive, show that followed and the enemy aircraft as they tried to flee but were slaughtered till many of them flew below the lower hull of the Diablo as they tried to cover their escape.  NC-1974 then understood what Lord Valkyrie wanted her to do and she flew evasively as the fighters either tried to fly by or shot her.  She pulled back her left throttle and pressed a button over the right side of her head before pulling back the joysticks and then twisted and turned them as she pulled both triggers as her fighter’s engines cut off and she spun and fired a few short bursts and destroyed one fighter radically approaching her from behind.  Her engines then cut back on and she flew for a few moments before she cut them off again and had her aircraft spun a 360 as she fired at the same time and blew apart two more fighters before igniting her engines, flew again, cut off her engines and barrel rolled to her left and blew apart another fighter before reigniting.  


    Some of the bridge crew watched in awe at the mass of destruction that is reigned down upon the enemy fighters that were attacking the Diablo and Lord Valkyrie’s and one of their own clones unique fighting abilities that to them was unheard of.  Over the cries and screams over the communications station of the enemy fighter pilots, as they faced their death, Captain Cruz asked, “Who is piloting the I class fighter?” One of the clone sailors in the left control pit pressed a few buttons on his console and replied, “NC-1974.  She has 8 simulated and zero live combat missions according to records.” The green and red laser fires stopped, as well as the explosions, and a human form robot called out, “Combat has ceased.  All enemy aircraft is either destroyed or disabled.” From the viewing windows, Captain Cruz and the rest of the bridge crew noticed Lord Valkyrie ceased spinning and NC-1974 stopped her acrobatic attack as her fighter flew out from beneath the Diablo while Lord Valkyrie flew towards one of the wrecked fighters that looked like its cockpit is still intact.  


    Lord Valkyrie approached one of the S shaped fighters (that now looks almost like half an S) and noticed the pilot pounding on his controls and yanking on various levers and when he started kicking the glass hatch before him, he stopped as he saw Lord Valkyrie hover in front and above him.  The two ends of the gun barrels (at the tips of Lord Valkyrie’s wings) lighted green as they fully charged and at the same time as NC-1974 exited the bottom hull of the Diablo and faced Lord Valkyrie, there was a sharp, loud, crackle sound that made her, the bridge crews of both Space Cruisers and any remaining survivors of the destroyed/disabled enemy fighters flinch and Lord Valkyrie’s voice echoed in a solemn/robotic tone, “Who are you?” The pilot sat firm in his seat, with a look of superior confidence, and declared, “We are the Rogue Brotherhood and we claim we declare is ours!” Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly, “This ship and its crew is not yours.  Nor anything that is part of The Empire.  Where is the location of your homeport or ship?” The pilot continued to sit firmly in his seat as he replied, “I and no one in the brotherhood will betray one of our own for the likes of y...” His cockpit and ship suddenly exploded as Lord Valkyrie fired a single shot directly at the pilot, taking everyone (including NC-1974 and the remaining enemy fighter pilots in their disabled fighters) except Captain Cruz by surprise.  Lord Valkyrie’s fighter droid made a high pitch “WE!” sound, as if in rejoice, as the enemy fighter exploded and Lord Valkyrie maneuvered his fighter to the next surviving enemy fighter pilot and aimed his fighter to the enemy’s cockpit and asked again, “Where is the location of your homeport or ship?” The pilot sat firmly in his seat and replied, “I declare amnesty a...” The pilot was blown apart (along with his craft) as Lord Valkyrie fired directly into the cockpit and Lord Valkyrie maneuvered to the next surviving pilot and repeated the question.  


    The enemy pilots at this point started to panic and began yelling, kicking or furiously pushed various buttons on their consoles to try to save themselves as Lord Valkyrie went from one pilot to another asking the same question and blowing them up if they either gave a response that does not answer his question or continued yelling/screaming in panic.    Lord Valkyrie approached the twelfth surviving enemy fighter pilot and asked the same question and the pilot stopped kicking and yanking on the controls and sat back as he breathed hard and rapid as he replied excitedly (in fear), “I will not tell you where our home planet is!” Lord Valkyrie squeezed the triggers, “For there are many of us!” Lord Valkyrie stopped and sat silently for a few moments before he asked, “How many?” The pilot replied fearfully, “Enough to have large ships to store our fighters, like the ship we are attacking to requisition it for another large carrier!” Lord Valkyrie asked, “How far do these carriers operate from the rest of your comrades?” The pilot replied quickly, “Somewhere within an average solar system’s length in areas where you can’t track us by our communication’s links!” After a few moments, Captain Cruz spoke over Lord Valkyrie’s comm link, “Sir, we detect a large anomaly behind a dead planet two hours at maximum impulse speed.” Lord Valkyrie thanked her as the pilot looked confused and asked, with eyes wide in fear, “Wait a minute!  How can you find...” Suddenly a green bolt of light struck his cockpit and he exploded into flames and Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Captain Remos, confine the rest of the surviving Rogue Brotherhood and interrogate them as you await for us to return.  We will take care of their home ship.” Captain Remos replied over the intercom, “Yes my lord.” And Lord Valkyrie turned his fighter around and headed back to the Frederica as NC-1974 remained still (as if still astounded by what Lord Valkyrie has done) for a few moments before she came to and quickly accelerated till she followed along Lord Valkyrie’s side as they approached and returned to the Frederica.


    NC-1974’s fighter locked in it’s docking clamps as Lord Valkyrie’s landed on its personal landing pad before NC-1974 opened her overhead hatch and climbed up to the walkway above her.  She gave her auto recorded combat report to a clone officer that stood before her before looking to her right to see Lord Valkyrie disembarking his fighter, turned to his fighter droid and spoke low enough that NC-1974 could not understand what he was saying.  When he finished the droid gave an acknowledged beeping noise and its head swiveled away from Lord Valkyrie as he walked off the landing pad, turned left as a clone officer and tech robots stood at attention as he walked briskly past and straight towards NC-1974 with his black cape trailing and almost covered the railings on both sides as he walked.  NC-1974 stood rigid as Lord Valkyrie’s dark shadow casted over her (covering her short figure in darkness) as she looked up at his glaring eyes of his helmet when he spoke, “That is some interesting combat maneuvers.  What is your name pilot?” NC-1974 answered, “NC-1974 sir!” Lord Valkyrie continued, “Do any of your brothers or sisters possess the same abilities as you do NC-1974?” She replied, “Not that I am aware of sir!” Lord Valkyrie spoke with fascination, “Impressive.” A Miranda clone officer stopped and stood at attention behind Lord Valkyrie and announced, “My lord, Captain Cruz requests your presence on the bridge sir!” Lord Valkyrie gave a short nod at the officer’s direction and NC-1974 back stepped behind and to the railing that was on her right as she made way for Lord Valkyrie to walk through when he stopped, glanced at NC-1974’s direction and said, “NC-1974, from now on you are assigned as my permanent left wingman till death or handicapped from your duties from now on.” NC-1974 almost choked up as she tried to hide her shock as she replied, “Ye...Yes sir!  Thank You my lord!” Lord Valkyrie replied, “You’re welcome, LT. NC-1974.” Lord Valkyrie walked away and NC-1974 stood relaxed and looked at her left and right shoulder boards and removed her Ensign insignias and pocketed them before walking away, with her red and black pilot helmet under her left arm, and entered one of the corridors and made her way to the Rank Quartermaster as some clones looked in her direction and noticed her missing rank either with blank expressions or concern as they wondered what rank she is upgraded to.

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