Star-The Empire Chronicles: Pirate Entanglements

After finding his brother, Lord Valkyrie and his followers fight off against Pirates and Lord Valkyrie gives a speech that reveals The Empire's true purpose, and himself.


5. 5

The turbo lift doors opened and Lord Valkyrie stepped onto the bridge and approached Captain Kovak, as he stood at attention, and Kovak announced, “My lord, Grand Commandant Cravage wishes to speak to you at the comms.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Very well captain.” Kovak looked a little puzzled, as he glanced over Lord Valkyrie’s shoulders, and asked, “Sir, where is Captain Cruz?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Watching over Hyena and the others, so none of them will wander around the ship.....again.” Kovak hid his nervousness as he bowed quickly and said, “Yes sir.  The Grand Commandant is awaiting for you.” Lord Valkyrie stepped away and stood before the communications station, on the side, and saw the image of Grand Commandant Cravage appear with an orderly, military office behind him as he stood at attention and Lord Valkyrie said, “Commandant Cravage.” Cravage smacked his heels and announced, “Lord Valkyrie, Director Spec has notified me that your Command ship is complete and I have sent a message to Commander Gleam to prepare a crew to man your ship and prep it for your flag transfer!” Lord Valkyrie stood there and even though his mask covered his face (concealing any facial expressions if he looks pleased or not) he replied with evil satisfaction in his voice, “Excellent Commandant.  Notify Director Spec of my approval and to further continue his research and development of more aircraft and warships from the archives to expand our fleet.” Cravage replied firmly, “Yes my lord.  I also wish to notify you that whenever you arrive, Director Spec has prepared a special present for you and has built your personal quarters that he believes will satisfy you.” Lord Valkyrie spoke with firm caution, “Tell Director Spec that I am “Grateful” of his hospitality, but if he is doing this in order to please me rather than do what he hired to do, then his bribery will cost him something that he cherishes dearly.” Cravage replied (hinting with satisfaction), “Yes my lord.  I will notify him immediately.” Lord Valkyrie acknowledged, “Thank You Commandant, the captain will notify you of my impending arrival when I give the order.” Cravage confirmed, “Yes my lord.” And Lord Valkyrie made a nod to the robot manning the communications station and the monitor changed from showing Cravage, back to its original view.  


    Lord Valkyrie turned and was about to walk away till Captain Kovak approached, snapped to attention and said, “Sir we are receiving a transmission from Perinea II for emergency assistance.  Should we reply?” Lord Valkyrie asked, “What’s the nature of their emergency, captain?” Kovak replied, “They said their capital is on the verge of collapse and the rioters origin point is coming from the Northridge Mall District.  They said the rioters are made up of criminals, murders and thieves.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Have you conducted a thorough research on the Perineas to make sure their statements are true and who they are?” Kovak replied, “The research analysts are researching the Perineas as we speak my lord.” Lord Valkyrie spoke with a hint of satisfaction, “Very good captain.  I will remain here to receive your full analysis.  In the meantime, set course to Perinea II and notify any nearby Empire ships to rendezvous at the coordinates.” Kovak bowed and replied, “Yes my lord.” Captain Kovak walked away as Lord Valkyrie walked through the walkway between the two control pits till he stood before the front viewing windows and watched as the Frederica went to phase towards Perinea II.


    The Frederica came out of phase and in front of the forward viewing windows, Lord Valkyrie sees a green and brown planet with two other Space Cruisers waiting in orbit for the Frederica to arrive.  Captain Kovak approached Lord Valkyrie’s left, stood at attention and announced, “My lord, we have reached Perinea II!” Lord Valkyrie turned about, pushing his black cape behind himself and ordered, “Have the personal effects of our guests be delivered to their common room captain.” Captain Kovak looked like he did not understand, but he quickly is taken aback, bowed and replied, “Yes my lord.” As Lord Valkyrie walked away (with some of the robots in the control pits looking up either in wonder or fear), entered the center turbo lift before turning back around and the doors closed before him and, at that moment, Captain Kovak relaxed.


    (Continued in The Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody)

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