Star-The Empire Chronicles: Pirate Entanglements

After finding his brother, Lord Valkyrie and his followers fight off against Pirates and Lord Valkyrie gives a speech that reveals The Empire's true purpose, and himself.


3. 3

Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz left the recreation room, as the two Guard Troopers in their silver armor stood outside, and once the doors closed Captain Cruz spoke questionably, “Are you sure leaving The Assassin and Tightrope babysitting those five lunatics is a wise decision my lord?” Lord Valkyrie suddenly stopped and Captain Cruz stood her ground as she tightened her grip on her rifle in the short silence before Lord Valkyrie replied with eerie calm, “I trust them to contain those LUNATICS till otherwise, and I will forgive the fact you added Raphael amongst them, even though he has lost his mind.” He then turned to Captain Cruz and stated, causing the hair on the back of Captain Cruz’s head to stand up from Lord Valkyrie’s tone, “Do not repeat that again.” Captain Cruz gave a slight indication of a nod as she replied apologetically, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie then turned back and resumed his walk with Captain Cruz following behind till the doors, to the hanger bay, slid open and they walked towards the awaiting Troop Transport with a platoon of Blitz, Lead, Heavy and Breach Troopers flanked and stood at attention at each side of the ramp as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz marched past them and followed behind as the ramp closed behind them.


    The ramp dropped and Lord Valkyrie, followed by Captain Cruz and the two platoons of troopers, marched out and noticed a few of the buildings before them looked like they been bombed by an air raid and three grey uniformed humanoids with lizard like eyes and a single nostril nose stood before them with one of them stood in front of the others and claimed, “Welcome to Montoya IV Lord Valkyrie. I am Commander Ina of the Security Bureau here at Mont City.  I trust your travel here is relatively peaceful?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “It was, now what is this problem about a witch?” Ina looked anxious as he made a quick bow and replied, “Yes If you follow us, we will explain on the way.” Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the troopers followed Commander Ina and his two comrades into one of the larger wrecked buildings before them and when they entered they saw multiple Montoya Security Bureau men and women lying up against the walls to their left and right holding bandages to their yellow bleeding extremities or their uninjured comrades helped wrapped bandages on their wounds.  As they continued on Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the rest of their party  saw a couple of male Montoyers with crazy looks on their faces as they yelped or screamed as two of their comrades tried to hold them down even as the crazed Montoyers yelled, “THEY’RE ALIVE!  THE WALLS AND LIGHTS! THEY’RE ALIVE!” Commander Ina spoke over the moans and cries, “This witch has some sort of mystical powers that is turning my people to hallucinate or injure one another without realizing it!” They reached a point where there were no more soldiers lining the walls and the hallway was deserted except for a machine gun nest that is facing a new hallway to the right (which is deserted as well) and Commander Ina stopped and peered over the corner, as if concealing his position, to see nothing but a rundown, poorly maintained, hallway.  Commander Ina turned to Lord Valkyrie and whispered, “She can also hear us through the walls if we are close, but at this distance we are safe.” Lord Valkyrie asked in a low tone, “What room is she in?” Commander Ina pointed around the corner and Lord Valkyrie used the x ray vision in his eyesight and saw Ina is pointing to room 166.  Lord Valkyrie’s eyesight returned to normal and placed his right gloved hand on the commander’s left shoulder and he said, “Thank You commander.  We will take it from here.” Ina looked puzzled as Lord Valkyrie looked over his left shoulder, towards Captain Cruz, and Captain Cruz made a single nod before she looked back and ordered, “1st Platoon, move up!” 1st Platoon, lead by a Lead Trooper, moved around the machine-gun nest and Commander Ina with their rifles raised and at the ready as they steadily moved down the empty hallway along the right far side towards room 166.


    Commander Ina looked shocked and turned to Lord Valkyrie and exclaimed, “WHA...” He stopped and was lifted off his feet as he began choking as Lord Valkyrie instinctively raised his right gloved hand in a squeezing motion before Commander Ina as he clawed his own neck and Lord Valkyrie spoke calmly but menacingly, “Watch your tone, commander.” He dropped his hand and Commander Ina staggered on his feet and gasped as he breathed again and he looked up at Lord Valkyrie, wide eyed, and whispered, controlling his excitement this time, “Mr. Valkyrie, what are you doing?  I told you what she is capable off and she probably sees them going down the hallway as we speak!” Lord Valkyrie ignored him as he watched the troopers take position to the left of the door and the Lead Trooper spoke into his right wrist radio, “In position.” Captain Cruz pulled her right wrist up as well and replied calmly but firm, “Move in.” The Lead Trooper looked at the Breach Trooper, who is looking at him as well, and pointed right at her (furiously) and the Breach Trooper turned and spoke loudly in her helmet mike, “Breaching, breaching!” And she charged, as she raised her left forearm to her face and upper body, at the door and smashed it in as she threw her body up against it and fell into the room and right behind her charged the Lead and Blitz Troopers, with their rifles raised, as they stormed the room and Lord Valkyrie spoke calmly and villainy gratifying, “This went easier than I expected.” And right after he spoke there is sound of angry yells and cries of pain coming from the room the troopers entered and Commander Ina and the two soldiers in the machine gun nest looked on in horror while Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie’s helmets looked on and Lord Valkyrie said, “Lets see what they see captain.” Captain Cruz raised her left forearm, touched her wrist with her forefinger and a section of her armor on her forearm folded back, revealed a small monitor and when the picture cleared, Lord Valkyrie looked on grimly, not noticing Cruz’s stunned expression beneath her helmet.


    The troopers stormed into the room to see the witch sitting Indian style with her eyes closed, as if she’s meditating, and just before the Lead Trooper spoke the witch opened her eye lids to reveal white spot lights where her eyes should have been and the Breach Trooper was yanked off the floor (by an invisible force) and was hurtled back, knocking the Lead Trooper hard to the floor beneath the Breach Trooper’s back, and the rest of the troopers opened fire.  The first bolts of red lights bounced off an invisible shield surrounding the witch and their is a roaring sound (as if from a mountain lion) and the troopers were thrown off their feet and flew in the air and either bounced off the walls, ceiling or floor as if invisible tentacles grabbed them either on their arms or legs and threw them about.  Even as they were thrown about in the air, some fired their rifles at the witch only for the bolts either to miss or were deflected by the same invisible shield.  The troopers screamed either in shock or fright as their bodies flew crazily till they made smacking sounds on the ceiling, floor or walls (with some of them leaving black liquid stain marks) and fell on the floor lifeless.  One trooper fell on the floor, scrambled to grab his rifle within hand’s reach till something grabbed his right ankle and dragged him away (as he screamed within his helmet) as the trooper clawed/scrambled to grab his rifle even though it was futile till he was thrown in the air and hit the wall with the faceplate of his helmet and their was a crunch sound before he crumpled to the floor and did not move.  Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz watched the chaos unfold on Cruz’s overwatch monitor in silence till Lord Valkyrie broke it with a sound of satisfaction, “Impressive.” The Breach Trooper scrambled back up, as well as the Lead Trooper, and the Lead Trooper pulled out his carbine and aimed at the witch as the Breach Trooper immediately charged after the witch as she yelled and the witch immediately turned her attention at them and opened her mouth, to reveal a bright white light, as she gave a high pitch scream and blew the Breach Trooper off her feet, flew so close to the Lead Trooper that the armor on her right forearm just barely grazed the Lead Trooper’s helmet as she flew by and smashed through the wall and into the hallway, catching Ina and the other Montoyers off guard as they gasped/yelped in shock while Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie looked up and their helmets covered their blank but firm expressions and Lord Valkyrie said, “Most impressive.” Suddenly the Lead Trooper appeared as he was throttled past the doorway and only the wall on the other side of the hallway stopped his flight as his back rebounded off it and fell hard onto the floor and he and the Breach Trooper groaned in pain.


    Captain Cruz retracted her overwatch monitor and Lord Valkyrie ordered, “I’ll deal with this witch myself.” Captain Cruz looked up at him and asked, “Sir, permission for me and the other team to extract her instead?” Lord Valkyrie looked at her and replied, “I appreciate your concern over my safety captain, but this witch is beyond your ability to apprehend her.” He looked at the direction of the witch for a few moments before he looked back at Captain Cruz and said, “Although to satisfy both of our needs, you and the last platoon can cover me as we go in and immediately cuff her once I subdue her.” Captain Cruz lifted her rifle and there was a powering up noise as she cocked it and she stated, “Let’s get a witch.” As Lord Valkyrie looked on, where the witch was, Captain Cruz looked back at the rest of 2nd Platoon and relayed Lord Valkyrie’s order within their helmet monitors and once Lord Valkyrie stepped forward, Captain Cruz and the platoon of troopers followed him with their rifles at the ready.  


    The witch smirked with her gleeing, hideous eyes as she saw Lord Valkyrie appeared through the hole in the wall, as he approached the doorway and the witch said, “You shall all die.” A large dark shadow immersed the room in darkness as Lord Valkyrie stood at the doorway and spoke firmly, “Says the witch.” There was a sound of a sound being pulled out from its holster and a silver flash before the witch’s eyes as it was revealed to be Lord Valkyrie pulling out his sword.  The witch’s eyes rolled back and again her eyes and her mouth turned into bright spot lights as she screamed and immediately Lord Valkyrie raised his sword in his left hand and deflected/broke pieces of the wall and broken furniture with his sword that were thrown at him while he thrusted his right towards the witch, as if to squeeze her throat, and the witch gave a short squeal as she lost her voice and put her hands around her throat as she looked down with a puzzled look (even though her eyes and mouth were still shinning bright white lights) as Lord Valkyrie marched fast directly towards her and the witch quickly looked up and tried to scream again but only to make short squeal like sounds.  The rifles of the fallen 1st platoon suddenly flew up into the air, circled Lord Valkyrie and pointed directly at him, before Lord Valkyrie had time to react, when suddenly they were blown apart as the 2nd platoon stormed in and fired with deadly accuracy at the hovering rifles and took them all out before any of them had a chance to fire.  Lord Valkyrie ignored the events that transpired around him as he walked up with a deadly purpose towards the witch, even as she raised her left hand/arm to block him, and easily shoved her hand to the side as he grabbed her throat and lifted her up till she is at Lord Valkyrie’s eye level and her feet dangled in the air, about two feet from the floor.  The witch grabbed Lord Valkyrie’s hand and tried to pry it off her throat repeatedly, but to no avail even as she continued, as she began choking and Lord Valkyrie spoked firmly, “You shall surrender to me, now.” Unbeknownst to the troopers, one of the rifles (that the troopers blew apart earlier) rose from the floor and suddenly hurtled towards the back of Lord Valkyrie’s head, to fast for the troopers to react and try to stop it.  


    The broken rifle suddenly stopped as a red gloved hand grabbed and held it back as it struggled to continue its flight towards the back of Lord Valkyrie’s helmet.  The witch looked wide eyed as Lord Valkyrie glanced back to notice it was Captain Cruz who grabbed the rifle and is continuing to hold it back with ease, even as her left arm muscles flexed from the strain, before Lord Valkyrie looked back at the witch and threatened, “One last chance, or die.” The witch struggled to speak, “” Lord Valkyrie squeezed tighter and the witch’s face began to turn purple and blue as her eyes got bigger and bigger and she desperately clawed and pried Lord Valkyrie’s hand loose, but Lord Valkyrie kept a firm grip, as form and saliva started to leak from the corners of the witch’s mouth.  When the attempted momentum of the rifle ceased, Captain Cruz pulled the rifle back and tossed it aside and when she heard a cracking sound she turned her attention back to Lord Valkyrie and the witch and saw the growing discoloration and the witch’s eyes were about to pop out as Captain Cruz deduced that the popping sound is coming from Lord Valkyrie as he was about to crush the witch’s neck and forcing her head to pop out.  Captain Cruz briskly approached Lord Valkyrie from his right and stated, “Sir, she can be more useful if she is alive sir.” Lord Valkyrie paused his squeezing and looked at Cruz as she continued, “If we bring her back alive, Commander Gleam could extract some of her DNA and see if her powers could be replicated to the clones or if not, clone her instead.” Lord Valkyrie looked back at the choking witch and back Cruz and replied, “Captain Cruz, you maybe right.” He then looked back at the witch and let her go, allowing the witch to crumple to the floor and gave a long, big gasp as she tried to breath before she began to cough and looked up at the intimidating black figure of Lord Valkyrie with wide eyes as she gasped, “How?” Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly, “That is non of your concern, witch.” Lord Valkyrie holstered his sword as two Blitz Troopers came around from behind and the witch did not resist as they cuffed her hands behind her back and yanked her up so her feet barely touched the ground as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz led the way out of the room with half the platoon (including the two troopers carrying the witch) following behind while the rest aided the Medic Troopers as they carried their dead/wounded comrades out of the room and towards their awaiting transport ship.  


    Commander Ina and the Security Bureau behind the machine gun nest and the two soldiers behind Ina stood at the ready with their hand blasters drawn and pointed at the witch as Lord Valkyrie and his party approached them and Ina said (still looking worried), “We will take it from here.  Thank...” Lord Valkyrie interrupted, “No, she is coming with us.” Ina and the Montoyers around him looked shocked but quickly regained their composure and looked angered as they blocked the troopers path (forcing them to stop) and Commander Ina exclaimed, “NO!  She will stand trial for what...” Captain Cruz and the Blitz Troopers (not including the ones holding the witch) immediately aimed their rifles at the Montoyers blocking their path or at Commander Ina and forced the two Montoyers to aim their hand blasters at them as they looked surprised and Lord Valkyrie spoke blatantly, “Move or die.” They stood for only a few moments till Ina put his right arm up and blocked the two soldier’s guns and guided them away as the troopers and Captain Cruz lowered their rifles and the troopers continued their purpose and headed back towards the transport with the witch in tow while Captain Cruz stayed behind with Lord Valkyrie as he spoke to Ina, “The witch will get what she deserves, commander.” Lord Valkyrie snatched Ina’s neck and surprised the surrounding Montoya security and were about to pull out their guns till there was a powering up sound and they saw Captain Cruz aiming her rifle at them and nodded side to side and the soldier’s removed their hands from their holsters and watched as Lord Valkyrie choked Commander Ina to death.  Lord Valkyrie lifted Ina off his feet till he is at eye level as Ina clawed/pulled Lord Valkyrie’s grasping right hand as he choked and his face turned red as he looked at Lord Valkyrie’s red glaring eyes in terror and Lord Valkyrie glowered, “Do not defy me again, commander.” He let go of Ina and let him crumpled to the floor, gasping for breath, as the surrounding security personnel, that were held back by Cruz, kneeled for his aid while Lord Valkyrie turned and walked away with Captain Cruz lowering her rifle and followed suit.


    Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz exited the wrecked building and were about to board the transport till a Lead Trooper approached them, snapped to attention and said, “Lord Valkyrie, Captain Kovak is standing by and wishing to speak to you!” Lord Valkyrie looked away from the transport and asked, “What is it Captain Kovak?” Kovak replied through the radio within Lord Valkyrie’s helmet, “Sir we are receiving a message from the Montoya Security Bureau requesting further assistance.” Lord Valkyrie replied with restraint, “Are they aware of the casualties we suffered for apprehending a person they couldn’t apprehend themselves earlier?” Kovak replied (worriedly), “Yes sir and they said if you assist them again then this will be the last and they are willing to cooperate with our military forces and allow the enlistment of their own people to join our forces.” Captain Cruz and the Lead Trooper looked at him as they stood at attention, as if awaiting further orders, and Lord Valkyrie made a low frustrating growl before he replied grudgingly, “Where is the problem they want us to deal with?” Kovak replied, “About 10 clicks northwest of your position.” There was a sound of an approaching engine powered vehicle and when Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the Lead Trooper looked they saw a four seated hovercraft vehicle, powered by two engines, stoping with two Security Bureau personnel awaiting for them and Kovak continued, “They have sent a transport to take you there with the utmost hast.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Very well.” He turned to the Lead Trooper and ordered, “Lead, take the transport back to the Frederica and lock up that witch before you come back to retrieve us.  This should not take long.” The Lead Trooper snapped to attention and replied, “Yes sir!” And Lord Valkyrie turned to Captain Cruz and ordered, “Captain Cruz, you will follow my lead.” Captain Cruz stood at attention and confirmed, “Yes my lord!” And she and Lord Valkyrie turned and made their way to the awaiting transport while the Lead Trooper turned away, as he shouldered his carbine, and marched with haste up the transport ship’s ramp before it closed.


    On the planet Saa, the carbon dioxide, cloudy, atmosphere still surrounded the planet (hiding the surface beneath it from space) but if you look closely, there are pockets where you could see the tops of towering skyscrapers in some of the larger cities.  On the surface, large generator like structures sat at the edge of each city with two, three story, circular holes at ground level that are big enough to fit two Caterpillar 797F Off Highway trucks side by side and made a loud vacuum cleaner noise as the carbon dioxide air is sucked in on the side of the generator buildings that is facing outside the cities while the cities themselves are protected by an invisible energy shield from a two rung, half circular, structure that generates it from the other side of the cities.  In the tallest building in the center of one of these cities, an older, grey haired male with a face that can closely resemble to that of a bulldog, wore a dark green military uniform with three square rows (one red, black and gold) on his left chest, stood and looked at the multiple, transparent screen monitors as the view of the smog city is semi blocked off from the monitors as the man watched humanoid like machines walked about, finishing cleaning up the city and refurbishing the ones that were damaged overtime.  As he is watching the progress he looked back and forth from the monitors and the plastic clipboard he is holding and making notes with his photolum ink pen.  A silver humanoid robot entered the clean room and spoke in a female soothing voice, “Grand Commandant Cravage, you have a guest that wishes to speak to you.” Cravage continued writing on his clipboard as he barked back, “I am occupied!  Get the name and...” A male voice spoke calmly but firmly, “Unfortunately, Commandant, your attention is required elsewhere.” Cravage turned around and looked up to see a middle aged man wearing two binocular blue and grey electronic google eye pieces over where his eyes should be and a dark brown military uniform and cap (covering his shock grey hair) as he grinned at Cravage.  Cravage looked at him grimly and asked, loathing, “What do you want, Director Spec?” Spec’s forehead and eyebrows flexed up as he looked surprised, sarcastically, as he replied, “You remembered me Grand Commandant Cravage!” Cravage replied, as if he is on the edge of yelling at him, “That’s because you keep coming to my office three times a day with new ideas and it is driving me nuts!” Spec made a sad expression as the lenses of his eyes squinted and he spoke, “Sorry Commandant, but it comes with the job.” Cravage scowled at him, as he gave a deep growl and ordered, “Speak, NOW!” Director Spec smiled and declared, “Grand Commandant, the Shipbuilding Research and Build Dept. has finished construction on the ESS Valkyrie!” 


    The room is suddenly quiet (interrupted with only the audio sounds from the monitors behind Grand Commandant Cravage and the computer bank wall to his left) as Cravage stared at Spec and asked with eerie calm, “Are you sure Director?” Spec continued to smile as he replied, “Yes, Grand Commandant!  All it needs now is a full complement of clones and machines to man it for its maiden voyage and receive Lord Valkyrie!” Grand Commandant Cravage held back from smiling as he declared, “Excellent Director!  I will notify Captain Cruz on the Frederica of your success!” Director Spec gave a short bow before he spoke aloud, “Thank You Commandant!  I also bring further good news that Lord Valkyrie’s droid is completed as well.” Cravage could not refrain himself as he smirked and declared, “You have outdone yourself Director Spec!  Your people on Drakonian II should be very proud of your accomplishments on creating The Empire’s military machine!” Director Spec gave a short bow as he smiled and thanked Cravage before he spoke, “Even though you failed to deliver the first two classes of fighters that were stored in the planet’s technical archives, your accomplishments continue to out way more than your failures.” Director Spec raised a finger (and looked like he has a bright idea) before he replied, “But those failures were due to the wear and tear of time on those old files.  Thankfully those were the only files that are corrupted, for now.” Cravage glared at Spec and said, “That better be.  Continue your research on the other classes director, I will inform Commander Gleam to prepare a crew for the Valkyrie and notify Captain Cruz of your successes and the delivery to Lord Valkyrie.” Director Spec thanked him again, saluted, made an about face and walked out of Cravage’s temporary office before he turned his attention to the computer console wall and began pressing buttons to hail Commander Gleam.

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