Star-The Empire Chronicles: Pirate Entanglements

After finding his brother, Lord Valkyrie and his followers fight off against Pirates and Lord Valkyrie gives a speech that reveals The Empire's true purpose, and himself.


2. 2

The doors to the recreation room closed behind Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz and Cruz immediately stated with controlled anger, “They are disgusting!  I recommend my lord that we eject them out the airlock and put Raphael in holding till we reach The Facility and have them straighten his attitude out!” She followed alongside Lord Valkyrie as they continued to make their way towards the nearest turbo lift as Lord Valkyrie answered her frustration, “I understand your CONCERNS captain, but they are fine where they are for now.” They entered the turbo lift and began to move as Captain Cruz asked, “Do you want to station a guard detail outside the entrance in case any of them try to leave their quarters?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “A two Guard Trooper detail will suffice.” He then added with curiosity, “Hyena and his colleagues maybe of some use to us.” Captain Cruz cocked her helmet and asked, “What do you mean?” Lord Valkyrie answered her curiosity, “We could let Hyena and his gang loose in Zhargosia and United Star System’s space and have them wage havoc to keep Zhargosia and the United Star Systems occupied and not notice our growing presence outside their space and by us some time to build our forces.” Captain Cruz looked away and pondered Lord Valkyrie’s idea for a moment before she spoke, “It’s a good plan my lord, but the size of the team currently is not sufficient for them to last deep in enemy territory.” Lord Valkyrie said, “I believe we could find more criminals to join their enterprise.” The turbo lift stopped and the doors opened before Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stepped onto the bridge with Captain Kovak waiting for them and he said, “My lord, we have received a transmission from The Mons Kingdom on Montoya IV requesting immediate assistance.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Assistance for what captain?” Captain Kovak answered, “To kill a witch, sir.” Some of the machines and crew closest, including those at their stations below the walkway, glanced in the captain’s direction either with curiosity or dread as Lord Valkyrie replied (as if ignoring their looks), “An odd request captain, but since this will be our first contact, we will take it nonetheless.  Head to Montoya IV maximum phase and prepare a landing party.  Notify the Montoyers of who we are and we will rid of this witch that they are having problems.” Captain Kovak bowed and said, “Yes my lord.” And as he walked away to relay Lord Valkyrie’s orders, Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz walked to the front of the bridge and looked out the viewing port as the Frederica went to phase. 


    The Frederica flew in a tunnel of blue and white streaks, as the ship is still in phase, and Captain Kovak stood at attention to the side and declared, “My lord the landing party is ready for duty!” Lord Valkyrie complemented Captain Kovak and stated, “Continue present speed captain, have The Assassin and Tightrope report to the bridge at once.” Captain Kovak replied, “Yes my lord.” He walked away, leaving Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz remaining when not even a few moments a female, threatening toned, voice spoke, “You are expecting us!” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned about and saw The Assassin and Tightrope standing before them and Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly, “I see you have expected me to summon you two.” The Assassin replied, “Once the ship went to phase I figured you were going to call us eventually.  So I got Marko and we came up and stood to the side till Captain Kovak approached you two.” Lord Valkyrie spoke with a hint of curiosity, “Independent thinking.” He looked at Captain Cruz as he continued, “Commander Gleam again is proving his mastery at cloning once again, despite his faults.” With a hint of loathing Captain Cruz spoke, “Indeed he has.” Lord Valkyrie turned back to the others and said, “I summoned you two because I have a special assignment till I and Captain Cruz return from our mission.  Follow us.” Captain Kovak took Lord Valkyrie’s spot at the head of the bridge once Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz, The Assassin and Tightrope made their way to the center turbo lift and Lord Valkyrie said, “Before we head to the hanger bay Captain Cruz, we should pay a visit to Hyena and his colleagues and make sure they don’t do anything stupid while we are away.” They entered the turbo lift and just as the doors were closing Captain Cruz spoke to herself, “God damn it.” And Lord Valkyrie glanced at her direction and The Assassin and Tightrope looked at both of them curiously just as the turbo lift doors closed.


    (Continued in The Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody)

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