Star-The Empire Chronicles: Pirate Entanglements

After finding his brother, Lord Valkyrie and his followers fight off against Pirates and Lord Valkyrie gives a speech that reveals The Empire's true purpose, and himself.


10. 10-The Speech

Lord Valkyrie exited the darkness and before him laid hundreds of various troopers standing at attention before The Podium and behind the troopers stood half a dozen towering Elephant Walkers with their rotating single twin barreled battleship gun turret and their heads (with twin .50 caliber shaped guns built into their chins) facing towards the podium as Lord Valkyrie stopped at the head with Captain Cruz, Grand Commandant Cravage and Director Spec flanking his rear left while Supreme Leader Cassel Depkun and Chancellor Karma Zebu flank his rear right.  The new flag and emblem of The Empire draped over five of the columns right behind Lord Valkyrie with two large banners of the same flag and emblem draped over two of the large columns, four columns away from the central flag behind Lord Valkyrie and more hung over large poles amongst the troopers.  The emblem of The Empire is a black dragon with its snake like body wrapped around the outline of a white circle and its head is in the lower center of the circle, staring straight at the crowd and barred its teeth as if ready to strike with what appears to be an olive branch sticking out the right side of its teeth and the top half of a sword sticking out of its left and a red background behind both the dragon and the white circle.  Lord Valkyrie’s deep voice boomed in the air, as he spoke from the built in microphone within his helmet/mask, “Today is the end of the old order.  Throughout history, soldiers and clones, like yourselves, have fought for others beliefs or wants instead of fighting for themselves.  As a result this lead to many wars to last almost without end till either the people that fought for them are almost wiped out or are merely bored and have no use and casted aside like broken tools.  Many of you served during the Colony Wars for the Zarn Protectorate against the Federation Alliance till the wars ended and resulted with the Zarn Protectorate being allowed to relocate and you either terminated or forced into exile because you were no use to them.”  Cassel and Karma stood ridged at his last comment and saw some of the clones glancing quickly at them through their plexiglass masks of their helmets as Lord Valkyrie continued, “Your brothers and sisters endured much since, and ended when I appeared.  When your brothers and sisters, led by Captain Miranda Cruz, saved me I have made a promise to all of you!  And that is to create a world of clones that is free from this oppression and instead use your abilities of war for another purpose!  And that purpose is this:  To end ALL alliances and empires within the galaxy!  All systems will continue to trade and move peoples for various purposes except for military, political and humanitarian needs!  For this The Empire will not conquer systems or planets to accomplish this goal, but to liberate these systems and establish bases and checkpoints on planets or asteroids that do not contain life or are uninhabited!  If we do liberate them and they continue to repeat their alliances or conquests then we shall attack them again and firmly establish our military force upon that world and stomp childish behavior till they get the message!  On this journey we will deal with two of the most corrupt and hazardous organizations in the galaxy!  The Zhargosia Republic and the United Star Systems!  The Zhargosians have allowed themselves to be continually terrorized by my future self who calls himself, Lord Serenity and have allowed him to become the leader of the Republic and rule supreme!  Instead of stopping Lord Serenity with his empty threats they continued to cower and obey everything he demands with fear that he MIGHT inflict harm but does not!  They hunted me down because I look like him and fear what I might become even though I created their republic!  My wife turned on me for my future self’s greed and nearly killed me!  The United Star Systems did nothing, even as they were threatened by the Zhargoisans because Lord Serenity ordered them!” He suddenly pointed at the hundreds of troopers that stand before him as he yelled, “YOU, SHALL SHOW THOSE COWARDS WHAT YOU ARE AND DELIVER THEIR PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR CRIMES!” For the first time Cruz looked at Lord Valkyrie nervously while the troops before him stiffed and tightened their grip on their rifles with confidence and pride as Lord Valkyrie continued, “FROM THIS WORLD, THAT WILL BE KNOWN AS APOCALYPSE, THEY WILL KNOW THE TRUE MEANING OF TERROR FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!  THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF COWARDS WILL DIE BY THE EMPIRE, AND THE GALAXY WILL REMEMBER THIS!  THE EMPIRE IS HERE TO STAY!”  Suddenly the soldiers pumped their right fists back and called out in unison, “HAIL!” They thrusted their closed right fists up and forward and yelled, “VALKYRIE!” And repeated, “HAIL, VALKYRIE!  HAIL VALKYRIE! HAIL VALKYRIE! HAIL VALKYRIE!” There was a loud clanking noise and a few moments later a large, spearhead shaped ship arose far behind the Capitol Building and just beyond the capital dome, revealing a dozen double barred gun turrets (six on each side), what looks like a city of skyscrapers along the top center of the spear head shaped ship and a T shaped structure, towering over the other structures, with a single cannon shaped turret below each rung of the T and as the ship rose higher, it revealed a name along the bottom, banked body of the port side of the ship, “ESS VALKYRIE” Then there is a dull roaring sound behind the troopers and as they turned to look, they saw triangular shaped ships gleaming either their bright white or dull grey hulls with two (step shaped) hulls along the top back of the ships and led to a towering T structure with single barreled cannon shaped turrets below each rung and the troopers on the ground (as well as the clone citizens within the capital) cheered and yelled in unison “HAIL VALKYRIE! HAIL VALKYRIE! HAIL VALKYRIE!” Lord Valkyrie crossed his arms over his chest as he gazed upon the crowd and ships with Karma and Cassel gave nervous smiles to what they are witnessing before them while Captain Cruz stood at attention, with her rifle crossed over her chest, and looked on with a blank stare.......Except her left lip twitched up.

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