Star-The Empire Chronicles: Pirate Entanglements

After finding his brother, Lord Valkyrie and his followers fight off against Pirates and Lord Valkyrie gives a speech that reveals The Empire's true purpose, and himself.


1. 1

A figure wearing a black suit, cape and helmet sat at a bar, silently, with an untouched glass of liquor sat on the bar before it as two men, behind it, sat at a bar table and looked at the dark figure with curiosity/opportunity.  One of the two men leaned over to his yellow faced comrade and whispered through his yellow teeth, “Looks like an easy target.” His comrade continued to look on with his wide black pearl eyes and whispered back with caution, “With the exception of his sword, yes.  See what he has.” The yellow faced man sat as his comrade got up to reveal his large, muscular body beneath his ragged dark and light brown clothing and shoulder length jet black hair as he walked lightly on his feet towards the dark figure that still sat at the bar with his back turned to him.  The man smiled, as he showed his yellow stained teeth, as the man spoke in his mind, “This idiot is way too easy.  I should yank his cape back and knock his ass to the floor before I...” He suddenly stopped moving, as if he is frozen, just as he was about to touch the dark figure’s cape and looked at the dark figure with his wide black and blue eyes as if something or someone caught him off guard.  The man’s yellow faced friend watched and shifted in his seat as he looked on with frustration and spoke quietly to himself, “Come on Barn!  Stop standing there and do something!” A deep, spine tingling, male robotic voice spoke aloud, “He cannot.” The dark figure looked over his right shoulder to reveal his black mask, breathing hose that lead from his mouth and nose to beneath his body armor suit and what appears to be attached red lensed goggles over his eyes as he looked back at the yellow faced man and Barn with his solid red goggle eyes.  The yellow faced man looked taken aback as sweat formed on his forehead and he thought, “Why is my body terrified by this freak?  How...” He stopped as he heard a choking sound and saw Barn levitating off the metal floor, and grasping his own neck as if trying to pry off an invisible hand.  Barn’s face started to turn purple as he looked wide eyed and grasped his throat to stop whatever it was that is choking him and the dark figure spoke, “You should not have disturbed me.”  Barn began foaming at the corners of his mouth as he gasped and let lose some spittle, “” The yellow faced man yelped (as he overcame his shock), “Let him go!” The bartender appeared and stood before the dark figure (across the bar) as he asked with tired frustration, “Okay, what’s going....” He saw Barn dangling in the air and choking and the bartender stood shocked as the dark figure replied (as if ignoring the yellow faced man’s cry), “That is irrelevant, for you.” About a dozen strong various alien men in the bar stood up, as if ready to fight, as the yellow faced man stood up from his seat and said, “Let him go asshole or else...” The dark figure faced forward again and he raised his right hand and in one flick of forefinger, Barn’s head snapped all the way back till there was a bone snapping sound before his limp body dropped to the floor like a bone fish.  


    The bar was suddenly quiet and no one moved as they witnessed what happened to Barn and various emotions flooded over the yellow faced man before he pulled out a large knife, kicked his table over (sending unfinished beer and his and Barn’s glass mugs spilling/shattering on the floor) as he charged at the dark figure’s back with furious rage as his yellow faced turned a shade of red and he yelled with anger, “YOU MOTHER...” Suddenly a silver streak appeared from the dark figure’s right side, as his black cape ruffled back, to just past the yellow faced man’s neck to reveal a sword and the yellow faced man stopped in mid-motion (as if frozen) with wide eyes.  The dark figure brought his sword back and slipped it back to his side before the yellow faced man’s body dropped to the floor, along with his severed head.  Everyone in the bar, including the standing strong men, looked on with wide eyes in shock as the bartender remained motionless, except that his hands shook in fright, and the dark figure looked up at the bartender and said, “Now that I have your full attention, I am here to collect an item that is worth a significant value.” The bartender stammered, “What...what that might be?” The dark figure answered, “A black, impenetrable, helmet that covers the top and back of a head.” The bartender overcame his shock and said, “You mean The Helmor?” The bartender gave a short laugh and replied, “Sorry mister, but you got the wrong...” The dark figure interrupted, as if controlling his anger, “You have it, and you will give it to me for 1500 credits.” The bartender looked serious and placed his hands on the bar and looked down upon the dark figure and said, “Sir, as I was saying you got the wrong seller.  As the owner I am ordering you to leave or else I will call the authorities.” The dark figure looked up with his red lensed eyes, as if glaring back, and the bartender smirked and spoke, “If you are thinking of using your sword, don’t bother.  I just turned my bar into a magnetic and you will be unable to pull your sword out for any threatening reason.” The dark figure grabbed the hilt of his sword, under the bar, and pulled, but could not pull it out.  The bartender relaxed as he stood up, with his hands still on the bar, and he spoke again, “Now, leave my bar or...” The dark figure raised his left hand, in a grasping motion, parallel to his head and the bartender cringed and looked wide eyed as he was lifted off his feet while his arms and hands lifted from the bar and extended to the sides and the dark figure stated, “I hate liars.” And the dark figure turned his left hand into a fist and the bartender’s head exploded, as it was crushed, sending white liquid splattering on the one way mirror and some liquor bottles behind him and onto the bar table and a few drops on the dark figure’s mask before the lifeless bartender dropped with a crashing thud behind his own bar.  The dark figure lowered his left hand and extended his right, as if to grasp something, and the dark figure sat there as the various liquor bottles rattled and there was a low rumbling sound when all of a sudden some of the bottles shattered and part of the wooden wall behind them exploded as the helmet, that the dark figure mentioned before, appeared and landed directly on the dark figure’s outstretched hand.  The dark figure then placed the Helmor over his head and pulled it down till there was a soft click sound.  The dark figure then looked through the hole in the wall, that the Helmor made, and the dark figure stated, “Interesting.” A small, triangular device flew, at ease, at the dark figure, as he opened his right gloved hand and the device sat on his hand as the dark figure looked at, as if in fascination and stated, “Same armor, but with two lights and meant to protect the subject’s nose and mouth.” He then removed the hose, that led from his mouth, and then attached it over his mouth (behind where the hose attached to before) and nose till there was a soft, short, hiss sound.  The dark figure then grabbed his glass, still with light brown liquor inside it, and the front part of the triangular device (over his mouth) folded back as the dark figure began to raise his glass till an empty beer bottle smashed against the back of the Helmor.  The dark figure looked over his right shoulder and noticed the same strong men still stood, but had anger expressions on their faces and wielded either empty/broken beer bottles, legs of the tables that they once sat or had various forms and lengths of knives in their hands while the woman stood (angry expressions on their faces as well) and either held brass knuckles or small, sharp chains while the rest bared their sharp finger nails and a strong man, with a jellyfish like face, said, “You are in big trouble boy.” The dark figure replied, as if the strong man was crazy, “Really?” The jellyfish faced man glared at the dark figure and he and the others slowly approached the dark figure as the dark figure’s red eyes glared back at the strong men and angry women.


    A number of pedestrians walked by “Joe’s Bar” And some of them looked at the bar worriedly as they heard a noise that sounded like a wrecking crew, mixed with cries and angry yells when suddenly a large, squid haired man’s back smashed through the one sided viewing window and landed hard on the ground.  The pedestrians around the vicinity of the bar ran away in various directions, leaving the squid haired man lying on the ground with one end of a beer bottle stuck in the center of his chest as green liquid oozed around the sides and bubbled out of his mouth as he laid squirming on the ground gurgling in pain.  The moment the man flew out the bar, the area surrounding it and inside is totally silent.  The silence kept going for a few minutes till a dark figure walked out and broke the silence as he stepped on the glass from the bar window and made a single brush on both of his shoulders before he walked away, leaving a scene inside the bar that looked like a recreation of a massacre with severed limbs, various colored liquids and silent bodies everywhere in the silent, dead, bar.


    The dark figure continued walking with his cape flowing behind him till there was a soft beeping sound and he stop and spoke, “Go ahead captain.” A female voice said, “Lord Valkyrie, the Nova Destroyer Frederica is orbiting the planet and we detect a disturbance where you left your brother.” Lord Valkyrie asked (as if without emotion), “What kind of disturbance Captain Cruz and where is the Triton?” Cruz replied, “From our still imagining recon there was a fight as your brother and his female companion tried to drive away the people that tried to capture them but their resistance was futile and the Triton has been dispatched to Sea to undergo essential upgrades.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Very well.” He then asked, “Are they still at the site?” Cruz replied, “Unfortunately they were captured just after you finished your business at the bar.” Lord Valkyrie asked again, “Tracking?” Cruz replied, “Negative sir.  By the time we got live imagining and assembled an extract team the fight was already over and the perpetrators went dark.  What are your orders my lord?” There was a few moments of silence as Lord Valkyrie stood staring ahead before looking over to his right and moved towards an empty lot and said, “Shuttle to my position.” Cruz confirmed, “Yes my lord.” And Lord Valkyrie stood at the edge of the empty lot and stood there as he awaited for his shuttle.


    Lord Valkyrie’s tri-fin shuttle flew towards the landing bay of the Nova Space Cruiser Frederica and once it passed through the energy barrier the shuttle’s fin’s folded up before it landed and dropped it’s debarking ramp as Captain Cruz and a welcoming party of Blitz Troopers stood waiting.  Lord Valkyrie casted a long dark shadow as he walked down the ramp just as Captain Cruz and the Blitz Troopers snapped to attention and Captain Cruz greeted Lord Valkyrie before walking alongside him as he walked by, leaving the Blitz Troopers to snap left/right face, facing him as Lord Valkyrie marched by.  As Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz walked towards the exit of the hanger bay and towards the nearest turbo lift Lord Valkyrie asked, “Any progress of the location of Raphael Valkyrie?” Captain Cruz replied, “Negative sir, but we are using all available resources to find him without being detected.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Keeping looking captain.  The last thing we need is for him to be interrogated and revealing that his brother is still alive and has an empire behind him.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes my lord.  Commander Gleam reports Anya Taylor is fit for full duty to whatever position you desire to place her.” Lord Valkyrie glanced in her direction for a moment as he continued walking and stated with fascination, “Interesting.  How was Commander Gleam able to control Anya’s mood swings?” Captain Cruz replied, “I asked him the same question and he replied, “Don’t ask.”” Lord Valkyrie asked, as they entered the turbo lift, “Anything else?” Captain Cruz answered, “The Facility and Kaman are producing clones at a competing rate my lord.  As of now, we have enough clones to man half a dozen naval task forces, air and army groups each.” The turbo lift began to move towards the bridge and Lord Valkyrie asked, “Do we have enough weapons and transport to accommodate your brothers and sisters?” Captain Cruz answered, “The machines on Saa are just able to keep up with activating, retrofitting and building Star Piercers, Cruisers and Transports as well as assembling or activating the weapons from storage on the planet, but I advise we find man power to assist or replace the machines that are working overtime.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Tell Commander Gleam to create sets of clones that their primary field is construction and various maintenance or other building abilities.  That should solve the problem.” The turbo lift stopped and they both exited the turbo lift just as Captain Kovak snapped to attention and said, “Welcome back my lord!” Lord Valkyrie stopped before him and asked, “Anything yet on where they took them?” Captain Kovak firmly replied, “Nothing my lord, but we are still scanning the entire city and surrounding area!  We should know very soon my lord!” Lord Valkyrie stated, “You have 24 hours captain, or else you will order the gun crews to rain hell on the city below us for tolerating this kind of treachery.” Captain Kovak nodded and replied, “Yes my lord.  Sir, Commander Gleam has requested for you contact him as soon as you returned.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Raise him captain, and patch him to Monitor Communication 1.” Captain Kovak answered, “Yes my lord!” He walked briskly away as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz just exited the bridge to the left and stood before a wide monitor and the upper half of Commander Gleam appeared as he stood by ready (as if expecting Lord Valkyrie) and said, “Lord Valkyrie, it’s a pleasure...” Lord Valkyrie interrupted with hostility, “Spare me the pleasantries commander!  What is your problem?” Commander Gleam was taken a little aback but replied promptly, “Nothing really my lord, just want to go over Ms. Taylor’s report and what position you want her assigned to as she is fit and ready to do whatever duties you wish to assign her.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, with some reservation in his voice, “Let me speak to her.” Commander Gleam acknowledged and after a few moments the screen changed to show Anya Taylor wearing (what appears to be) a black pilot suit and armor and her hair and eyebrows are dark brown and pulled back into a bun behind her head and her lips have color as Taylor snapped to attention and greeted Lord Valkyrie with full curiosity and Lord Valkyrie asked, “Ms. Taylor, how are you feeling?” Taylor replied firmly, “I am ready for duty my...” Valkyrie interrupted (with a raised voice), “No!  How are you FEELING?” Taylor tried to keep a blank expression but gave a hint of confusion and looked a little shy before she replied, “I feel.....empty, my lord.” Valkyrie asked, “Explain?” Taylor responded, “I have completed all the training and psych evals to make me fit for duty and since then all I am doing is going through different or repeated ground and air combat simulations and physical fitness, without leaving The Facility.” Valkyrie stated, “So you wish to leave The Facility and have a life like your brothers and sisters beyond The Facility.” Taylor made a single nod and said, “Yes my lord.” They stood in silence as Taylor and Lord Valkyrie stared at one another, like statues, each refusing to blink first till Lord Valkyrie broke the silence, “Granted.” Taylor remained at attention, as if Lord Valkyrie’s approval did not phase her, as Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Commander Gleam, have Lt. Taylor assigned to the CSF and once she completes her training have her unit assigned...” Captain Kovak interrupted, “Sir we found Raphael!” Both Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned their heads to the captain and Captain Kovak gulped as he looked nervous and spoke apologetically, “Sorry my lord.  We have found Raphael.  Do you wish to prepare a landing party?” After a few moments, Lord Valkyrie replied, “No.  What is his status?” Captain Kovak replied, “We located him at what appears to be a chemical plant, only inside it is a prison and conduct experiments on whoever they kidnap.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “And who is they?” Captain Kovak answered, nervously, “We don’t know sir, but whoever they are now trying to subdue Raphael as he appears to have broken free and is attacking the scientists and prison guards that are holding or confronting him my lord.” Captain Cruz stepped in and said, “My lord, I have two highly skilled clones that can go down there and extract him in these kind of conditions.” Lord Valkyrie turned to her and asked, “Explain captain.” Captain Cruz spoke, “Sofia Demor aka Assassin is highly trained in hand to hand combat and carries a modified stick that can fire high powered bullets and phaser bolts and various other weapons and Marko Russo aka Tightrope has a master skill set on ropes for various purposes.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Bring them before me.” He then turned back to the monitor and continued, “You as well Lt. Taylor.  Once you have completed training and your unit is assigned to my command.  Any concerns Commander Gleam?” Commander Gleam replied off screen quickly, “No my lord!” Lord Valkyrie stated, “Then it’s settled.” The monitor went blank and Lord Valkyrie turned towards the left turbo lift and stood, waiting, even as the captain approached and notified him that there was an explosion at the location Raphael is held and Lord Valkyrie replied simply, “Very well.” And he continued to wait as Captain Kovak left with a puzzled expression on his face.


    The turbo lift doors opened and The Assassin and Tightrope exited and The Assassin was taken aback as she saw Lord Valkyrie’s different appearance since the last time she saw him before she approached and she and Tightrope stood before Lord Valkyrie and she held her staff to her right side and stated, “Reporting as ordered Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie looked at both of them from head to toe (as he scanned them within his helmet) before he spoke, “You have trained yourself well Ms. Demor.  For a unique clone, like yourself, you should be proud.” The Assassin huffed and replied with disdain in her voice, “My lord, I only trained myself hard so if my so called brothers and sisters decided to dispose of me, I will be able to kill them all with ease.” There was a barely audible sound of gloves squeaking as Captain Cruz tightened her grip on her rifle across her chest, even as Lord Valkyrie raised his right for her to remain calm before he lowered it and replied to Demor’s comment, “If that is what drives your training, so be it.” He walked up to Sofia Demor, casting a dark shadow over her as Demor looked up at Valkyrie’s face with worry, and raised his right glove hand and pointed at her in a threatening manner as he continued, “Although, make sure your drive does not compromise your duties, in any way.” He stopped right in front of Sofia Demor as she looked up at his red eyes and her forehead and cheeks became moist as she tried to contain her fear, as Lord Valkyrie’s eyes intimidated her, and she responded just before she bowed her head, “Yes, my lord.” Lord Valkyrie spoke with confidence, “Good.” He turned towards Captain Kovak, as he was already standing by, and ordered, “Have all stations and fighters remain on standby.  I and Assassin and Tightrope will retrieve Raphael ourselves.” Captain Kovak replied, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie turned to Captain Cruz and ordered, “Captain Cruz, notify the transport room to prepare to beam us down to Raphael’s location.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes my lord.” And inside her helmet she gave the order to the transport room as she, Lord Valkyrie, The Assassin and Tightrope entered the center turbo lift and made their way to the transport room.


    (Continued in The Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody)

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