rd riding hood unknown

what if the big bad wolf didn't eat the granny? what if he wasn't even just a wolf? what if he wasn't as bad as people say he is? the only way to find out is to follow teenage red riding hood as she once again, walks through the woods in this retelling of little red riding hood.


3. what big eyes

It turned and looked at me, as if it knew I was there long before id even seen it. It turned toward me and beared its sharp teeth at me. It crouched down and prepared to pounce. so I did what any other person would do. I turned and ran. Then I fell because of my ankle. Then I was surrounded. A wolf on every side. I knew at that moment that there was no chance for me. No way to get out. They all growled at me. So I closed my eyes. And waited. But nothing happened. I waited there. Laying in the dirt. It was probably ten minutes before I opened my eyes. And it wasn't a wolf that I saw. but a boy.

​The first thing I noticed were his eyes. Not yellow or red like in the stories. But blue. The purest blue id ever seen. And believe it or not, he wore actual clothes. He extended his hand toward me but I didn't take it. "Hello. My name is Wolfer. But friends call me Wulf" he said it so casually that it surprised me. "Where are the wolves?" I asked. "I scared them away." He said it as if I should have believed him without question. "and your grandmother sent me to find you" he added. Now, I was officially shocked. "my . . . my grandmother?!" I snort with compressed laughter. "you don't believe me?" he questions. "trust me. If my grandmother had sent you she would have sent you with a symbol of some sort so that I would know. "I could not help but laugh. The idea was absolutely impossible. Crazy even. "Will this do?" Wulf pulled a crested pendent from his pocket. And I recognised it immediately. It was my family crest. I rolled my eyes in defeat. "fine. I believe you." Wulf put the pendent in his pocket and smiled. He then said "good. need a hand?" and that time. I accepted.

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