rd riding hood unknown

what if the big bad wolf didn't eat the granny? what if he wasn't even just a wolf? what if he wasn't as bad as people say he is? the only way to find out is to follow teenage red riding hood as she once again, walks through the woods in this retelling of little red riding hood.


1. on my way

have you ever thought that maybe the wolf wasn't always the bad guy? that maybe he only acted that way because he was trying to protect something? I know what your thinking. you've heard it all before. but have you heard this version? this story? if not then your missing out. come, stay a while. put up your feet and enjoy a nice cup of tea and let me tell you my story. let me tell you about the day I met him...


it was early spring and the snow and ice was still melting. baby birds called from their nests hidden up in the trees and waited for their mothers to return with a big fat worm they've managed to find in the snow. or a piece if stale bread they grabbed from the bakery. calling good bye to my mother and wrapping my warm red cloak tighter around me and picking up m basket, I set off down the path that lead into town, on my way to grandmothers cottage. the path was slippery and I was careful to walk around patches if ice and snow. my leather boots were warm but slowly starting to go cold.

soon I arrive in town. this particular town is small and the lanes were lined with cottages and small shops and stalls. I walked past the church and the bakers. I walked past the pharmacy and the orphanage. I walked past the many homes and shops and stalls until finally I came to the forest trail. now this trail lead to another village on the other side. but it also lead through not just any forest. but the wolves forest. as long as you didn't leave the trail or talk to strangers, you would make it out the other side. but if you did the opposite. it could lead you to your doom. lucky for me, I had been walking down this trail since I was a little girl, so I knew it well. but what I didn't know was what was to come.


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