rd riding hood unknown

what if the big bad wolf didn't eat the granny? what if he wasn't even just a wolf? what if he wasn't as bad as people say he is? the only way to find out is to follow teenage red riding hood as she once again, walks through the woods in this retelling of little red riding hood.


2. must not talk to strangers

I walked along the dirt path. Pine trees surrounded me and I could see little spring flowers beginning to bloom. The trees had grown higher and looked as if they could touch the sky. As I walked, I listened. In a nearby bush I could hear a rabbit running for cover at my approach. In low branches I could hear birds in their nests. But then I heard a different sound. I tried to listen but it stopped. I slowed my walk until I too had stopped. there it was again! it sounded like someone was following me but I couldn’t be sure. I continued to walk along the path. The steps continued. Out of sheer fright, I couldn’t stop myself from walking a little faster. The footsteps kept in time with mine. I felt someone's eyes on me. I turned around to check. Suddenly I slipped on a rock and tumbled to the ground. I dropped my basket and landed with a thud. As I stood up, a sudden pain flourished in my right ankle. Pulling my skirt out of the way I examined my ankle. It was swollen and purple around my ankle. I carefully crawled across the path and picked up my basket and its contense which had scattered amongst the melting snow.

Later, I had had been walking for hours. The sun was setting in the west and the snow glistened in its light. Soon after the moon, sending the sun away, took its place in the sky as night finally fell. It grew colder and darker. Every now and then, clouds would block out the moon light and I would be left wondering in the dark. As time wore on I grew tired. I limped from tree to tree but my ankle hurt non-the less. Sadly, my misfortunes were not over yet. As I was soon to come across a creature I had dreaded running into. A creature so feared in these woods that even a man ten times my size would run away in fright. a creature so dangerous that I shivered just thinking about it. A wolf.

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