the new girl

Destiny Whites is a new girl at Lakewood Elementary she had came from all the way from San Francisco she is around 8 years old and attends 3rd grade. But there was a problem she had trouble making friends and she worries people won't like her will they?
@copyright Marc Brown all rights reserved. (I do not own Arthur or other related characters I only own Destiny)


4. The next day.

"Hey Destiny!" Cried a voice it was 6 am my usual leave home time I turned and noticing Arthur coming up on his crutches I was worried he might fall over and hurt himself he didn't had any glasses on! I'm surprise he didn't hit a pole yet that's when I remember the new pair I got him last night. "Whoa! Careful Arthur you'll hurt yourself if you're not careful" I replied I grabbed out the new pair of glasses and placed them on his face "thanks I was having trouble seeing where I was going" he replied I rolled my eyes I was surprised you haven't hit a pole without glasses" I replied "I have excellent hearing I can figure my way around" he replies smiling. this was my third day in Elwood city three days plus a night I've knew him I was warming up to him "would you like to sleep over at my house tonight?" he asks I was startled.

"Excuse me?" I added "I said would you like to sleepover my place tonight? I mean you helped me out at least twice in one week I gotta owe you somehow" he replies "oh I'll think about it I'll have to ask my parents first since you live a few blocks from me it won't be far for me to walk" *yes my first sleepover!* I squealed in my head. "great I'll see you tonight perhaps" he replies as I tried my hardest to keep up with him despite being on crutches he's dang fast. We were later than usual I was making sure Arthur didn't hurt himself on the way we arrived in class and everyone gasped seeing Arthur notably his ankle "Arthur what happened to your ankle?!" Cried Fern "yeah what happened?" asks Buster "class quiet down please Arthur, Destiny please sit down" Mr Ratburn said we did so I sat down next to Brain and Arthur sat next to Francine as he told me yesterday.

"Now class as I just said we have a maths test on Friday say take these textbooks home with you and study the questions and be prepared for the test bright and early ok that's enough for today class dismissed" Mr Ratburn says as the bell rang. As Arthur and I left Buster caught up with us "hey Arthur how did you ended up like this?" he asks "the tough customers did this ok?" Arthur replied "oh I think those guys went too far don't you agree?" adds Buster "I agree someone should do something" Muffy adds running up to us I noticed Francine coming up too! "I agree someone should teach those guys a lesson" Francine replied.

We soon headed into Gym class and practised for the soccer game later that week. Arthur had to sit on the benches due to the sprained ankle and I took his place on the team everything was going well until I was hit in the face by a soccer ball I suddenly blacked out. "is she dead?" I heard Buster's voice as I moaned "no she's not dead" I heard brain's voice I moaned again as I got up "destiny are you ok?" Arthur asks "ok? with that big red ball mark on her face that doesn't look ok" Muffy said "Muffy!" Francine exclaims.

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