the new girl

Destiny Whites is a new girl at Lakewood Elementary she had came from all the way from San Francisco she is around 8 years old and attends 3rd grade. But there was a problem she had trouble making friends and she worries people won't like her will they?
@copyright Marc Brown all rights reserved. (I do not own Arthur or other related characters I only own Destiny)


3. CH3: That afternoon.

I had a real great day getting to know the usual school antiques the usual stuff that afternoon I was heading home when I heard someone whimpering my ears perked up I headed over to a bush and noticed Arthur in a bush! His clothes were torn and his glasses were broken! He also had a black eye on the left he had a couple of bruises on his arms I gasped in shock "Arthur who did this to you?" I asked.

he fiddled with his broken glasses as he spoke "its ok really I'm fine" he replied as he tried to get up but he yelps as he fell back down into the bush "no you're not I think your ankle is hurt and you have bruises and for heavens sakes a black eye! Be honest with me Arthur who did this to you?" I asked him "th the tough customers did this to me but really I'm fine I guess they got embarrassed by you shouting at them yesterday and giving me payback" Arthur added I was shocked to hear this. "I'll buy you a new pair of glasses but for now I better take you to the nurse" I replied as I carried Arthur on my back he was pretty heavy but I sucked it up and carried him he was hurt and someone had to deliver him to the nurse.

I found the nurse's office but it was closed I remembered it was in the afternoon so I guess the nurse went home "darn she left I guess I have to carry you to your house to have your parents to check on things" I suggested to Arthur he nodded and I headed off down the street I was tired by the time I arrived I walked up to the porch. I and knocked I think Arthur's dad answered the door he was shocked to see the state Arthur was in "Arthur what happened to you? come inside you two its freezing" said his dad I walked inside and placed Arthur on a couch. "I'm not sure if you know me Mr Read but I think Arthur's ankle is hurt" I said his father sat next to Arthur on the couch and felt his ankle Arthur lets out a yelp of pain it really was hurt "honey I think you need to call the doctor I think Arthur may have sprained his ankle" he said "why Hun?" she asks coming in she gasps seeing her son's condition.

"I'll call the doctor's at once" she said rushing to the phone and calling "mom is everything alright?" asks a faint voice I looked up seeing possibly his little sister he was talking about she had hair the same colour as her mother's and a pink dress with a white long sleeved shirt underneath and white leggings with turquoise shoes a little dog was neck to her. "DW sweetie please got back to your room its very important" he mother replied over the phone I sat next to Arthur on a stool the little girl walks back up the stairs as the little dog followed her close behind.

At that moment the doctors came and checked on Arthur's ankle "yep its sprained all right luckily this young lady bought you home in time I'll just bandage it up and you'll be on crutches for a few weeks" says the doctor wrapping Arthur's ankle. "A few weeks?! B but I have soccer practice in a few days" Arthur complains.

 "Out of the question young man you're ankle needs to heal itself so no soccer no sports understand?" replies the doctor Arthur groans a little "ok sir" he replies "its ok Arthur I can cover for you beside I signed up for the soccer team so I can take your place while your ankle is healing" I replied Arthur was taken by surprise "really? would you do that for me?" he says "sure you're my friend aren't you?" I replied with a warm smile Arthur's face lights up happy to hear that.

After the doctor left I realised how late it was she said goodbye to Arthur wishing him well for his healing ankle and said goodbye to his parents and left for home making sure the coast was clear of the tough customers she arrived home late that night approximately 8pm. Her parents were so worried for their daughter they even dialled the police because of her absence "oh honey you're home we were so worried we thought you were kidnapped!" My mother cried checking me "its ok mom really I was just taking Arthur home he sprained his ankle and got hurt I carried him home I promised him I would take his place in the soccer team in a few days while he's recovering from the ankle" I replied. "Did you hear that Hun? she's helping out a friend oh we're so proud for you honey but make sure you call us next time in the future ok?" mom ads I couldn't help but blush.


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