the new girl

Destiny Whites is a new girl at Lakewood Elementary she had came from all the way from San Francisco she is around 8 years old and attends 3rd grade. But there was a problem she had trouble making friends and she worries people won't like her will they?
@copyright Marc Brown all rights reserved. (I do not own Arthur or other related characters I only own Destiny)


2. Ch2: a new routine.

For most of the day I followed the Aardvark around as he was showing me the school he said his name was Arthur Read and his family always lived here he seemed fascinated by the place I lived before (San Francisco if you forgot).

I was starting to get to know him a little more he really liked Bionic Bunny he even used to have a lunch box with him on it when he was younger he asked if I had a favourite superhero I replied I really liked Wonder Kitty (which is my spoof on Wonder woman) I told him Wonder kitty been around when my mom was a kid. He seemed impressed that I actually liked superheroes unlike most of the girls at school "so if someone asked you to choose between Dark bunny and Bionic Bunny who would you choose?" Arthur asks. "I thought for a while I guess I would choose Dark bunny I have a slight crush on him ever since I first saw him you won't tell anyone would you?" I asked "don't worry you're secret is with me I won't tell anyone" Arthur replies I smiled I was starting to like him as a friend.

the bell rang for the end of the day eventually which was around 3pm I was heading home remembering the routes that I took I noticed Arthur taking the same route probably to his house too "hey Arthur!" I cried the male Aardvark turns seeing me he smiled noticing me running up to him.

"I didn't know you lived down this way" I asked "yeah I live down this way we probably share the same street too" Arthur replied we walked to his house which was a few blocks down my own house I said goodbye to him and see him tomorrow and left walking down the street towards my house. That's when I saw the group of bullies that I fought off that morning I felt nervous and avoided them at all cost which was risky as I hid behind cars and behind trees. I eventually made it home and mom was the first to greet me "hello honey how was your first day at school?" she asks with a sweet smile.

I smiled back "I actually liked the school the teacher was slightly weird but all in all I liked the school it has a cafeteria and a lot of clubs there too" I replied this got my mom excited "which club did you sign up for? I am excited to listen" she replied. "Well I signed up for a chess club that's when I realised Arthur and brain and a bunch of other students in my class attended as well" I started.

"who's Arthur and Brain?" my mother asks "oh just a couple of friends brain's real name is Allan but people nickname him the brain or just brain cause he is really intelligent the smartest kid in my class and Arthur's another friend of mine his full name is Arthur Read he wears glasses cause he can't see very well without them" I replied. "Destiny's got a boyfriend!" Cried pearl after hearing our conversation "Arthur is not my boyfriend Pearl he is a classmate I don't suppose you have friends?" I replied "actually I do I met a girl named DW she said her brother goes to the same class as you and another girl named Emily who is DW's friend" replies Pearl poking out her tongue.

I poked my tongue back at her "well did you signed up for other clubs?" my mother said breaking us up "well then there's computer club too I also signed up for the band and the chorus" I replied my mother's face lit up hearing the Chorus part I used to be the lead signer in a chorus when I was your age the family tradition continues" she sighs as she walks into the kitchen.

There's mom for ya she's a sucker for traditions I forgot to mention I also signed up for a hula class down the road from here oh well I'll wait till after dinner then I headed into the kitchen and saw mom preparing Sushi one of my favourite dinner meals. My mom's a great cook she usually prepares all the meals we eat she especially loves baking desserts and cakes anything that's sweet she is a massive sweet tooth. At dinner Luke told us he signed up for a surfing club and he was going to attend a kung Fu class, pearl said she made an awesome painting today in school and also made friendship bracelets for her friends *so early?* I thought.

Then dad said he worked for an insurance company and had a busy first day at work I mentioned I signed up for Hula classes which were free of charge which was a relief for mom "well it seems that we'll have happy times here in Elwood now Pearl you go off to bed Destiny and I will clean up" Mom said "night mom" she replies heading upstairs I could hear her loud footsteps I sighed. "You know Grandma may be sending you a package soon for your birthday which is coming up you'll invite your friends to your Birthday party will you?" asks my mom this was gonna be my first birthday party with friends "my birthday isn't till September mom and I need to get to know my friends a little mom then I'll think about it" I replied. After cleaning the dishes I headed off to bed for the first time in my life I felt happy as I laid in my bed I smiled as I slept.


The next day around 6:am I was up and early and got ready for school my parents were confused "honey what's the rush?" asks my father eating his porridge "gonna run I promised Arthur I would meet up with him" I replied grabbing the popped up toast "you mean your boyfriend?" asks Pearl with a smirk on her face "quit it Pearl he's just a friend bye mom see you this afternoon!" I cried "have a good day at school!" mom replied "I will!" I replied.

I was soon out on the street my keychain bouncing on its position from me running I then saw Arthur's house and Arthur was outside leaning on his letterbox next to him was a male rabbit they were talking to each other I'm guessing he was a friend of his.

"Hey Arthur!" I cried he turns and waves "hey Destiny!" he cried I ran up to them puffing from exhaustion from running "Destiny I want to meet my friend, Buster Baxter I've been friends with him since we were in Kindergarten" Arthur says I smiled seeing the rabbit "hello nice to meet you Buster" I said shaking hands with him "nice to meet you too Arthur told me you like superheroes is that true?" he asks I giggled "yes I do I like Wonder Kitty but also like Dark bunny" I answered.

"So do you have any siblings? or are you born single?" asks Buster "well I only have 2 siblings one who is 16 and the other 4 and she's a pain in the neck" I added "reminds me of my sister, DW she's always a pain in a neck" Arthur replied. "wait does she have a friend named Emily?" I asked Arthur nodded his head "yes why?" he asks "my sisters probably friends with DW" I replied "oh boy now we have two pain in the necks that's worse than having one pain in the neck" Arthur replies I giggled that was kind of funny. After having a little conversation we headed off to school it was around 6:06 when we arrived we had plenty of time before class Arthur said he had a few friends he would like me to meet and we headed into the Gym. When we arrived there were bunch of other students too two female monkeys, a moose with a puppet, two female poodles, a bull dog and Brain. "Arthur what kept you? we've been waiting for oh 40 minutes for you to show up and who is that is that the girl you were talking about?" complained the female monkey with a red jumper and yellow barrettes "sorry guys I got caught up her names Destiny and she is San Francisco you guys probably met each other in class when I was late yesterday" replies Arthur.

I smiled and waved nervously I remembered Brain who I sat next to on the first day "hello I'm Muffy Crosswire I'm a rich girl here" says a female monkey I shook hands with her. "Hello I'm Fern Walters I like to come up with stories and write them" said a female poodle "she makes really good story you'll probably like them" whispers Arthur.

"Hello I'm George LundGren and this is Wally" the moose says as the puppet spoke in a high pitched voice "hello its nice to meet you" "its nice to meet you both" I replied "hello I'm Prunella Deegan I'm the oldest I'm 9 and attend 4th grade" "hello nice to meet you" I replied after that the bell rang which was a shame I didn't get to meet everyone.


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