the new girl

Destiny Whites is a new girl at Lakewood Elementary she had came from all the way from San Francisco she is around 8 years old and attends 3rd grade. But there was a problem she had trouble making friends and she worries people won't like her will they?
@copyright Marc Brown all rights reserved. (I do not own Arthur or other related characters I only own Destiny)


1. Ch1: New school, new friends, same old self.

(Before you judge yes I do like Arthur its one of those Guilty Pleasure shows I watch and no I do not watch Cailou or Dora their sh** compared to Arthur mind the language I don't usually swear sorry if some of you are sensitive don't let kids read this part just continue the story well enjoy the fanfic.)

It's been 2 weeks since we left San Francisco for a city called Elwood City, my father got a job there and we were traveling there I loved my old school in San but now I have to leave it behind. My name is Destiny Whites I'm a 3rd grade student who well never had any friends I always had trouble with friends I was always to shy and nervous to talk to anyone and I never found my place at the school the jocks, the Queen bees, the nerds and the weird ones I didn't fit into any of them felt left out and an outcast my mother, June Whites says that the new school I'm going to make friends easier and they don' t have the typical elementary things like the different groups. I hope what she said was true because I always feel like a freak of society because of my birthmark being a shape of a dragon like creature is that the reason I didn't fit in? or was it because I have a heart shaped nose? I was considered 'weird' through other students eyes, but my mother and father said I was special and unique.

My car jumped as I was in the clouds again a faint voice entered my cloudy mind "honey we're almost there" I shook my head and turned towards the front a large wooden sign read 'Elwood City population: 60,000 The City of Strawberries' I smiled at the thought of Strawberries I love everything that has Strawberries in it. we notice a large city coming into view it was 7PM at night so it looked beautiful with all the lights on. We drove for another 2 hours until we suddenly came to a stop I awoke yawning I had fallen asleep! I turned noticing my little sister, Pearl sleeping soundly in her seat I nudged her "we're here Pearl time to wake up" I yawned again tiredly my sisters eyes fluttered open "we are? yes! We're here! New friends! New school! New places to explore!" Cried my sister bounding out of the car I sighed *sisters* I thought "Pearl you're going to wake the whole neighbourhood if you don't shut your mouth" I said. Pearl pokes her tongue out "I'm going to pick my room!" She cried running into the new house "not if I choose first!" I cried following after her I didn't notice my older brother, Luke sighing and rolling his eyes as he helps mom and dad unpack. I decided to pick the room upstairs it was pretty big and had a lot of shelves for my books and my photo's of me and my family. I could overlook the backyard it was huge compared to the one in Francisco well mostly because we lived in a flat and it was pretty cramped and small but here I had my own room! I sighed falling into the bed that was already assembled which was convenient. *New house, new school but what about friends? I'm hopeless at making friends what if they don't like me?* I thought in my head I sighed *I'll see tomorrow* I added as I fell asleep in my day clothes I was that tired.

I was jolted awake by pearl's shouting "Destiny wake up!! We're gonna be late on our first day of school!! get out of your bed and get breakfast!! We're leaving in 90 seconds!!" after that I heard footsteps going down the stairs, loudly I sighed rolling my eyes I got up putting on blue jeans, a navy blue coloured jeans, a light blue shirt with paw prints on it I put on my blue and white sneakers and white socks. After I got dressed I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair and brushed my teeth as soon as I finished I headed downstairs to the new kitchen it was bigger than I thought and it had a classic feel to it I liked it my favourite subject in school was History I always got straight A's in that grade and people would always call me a nerd for it. I saw my brother Luke all dressed up and ready to go same for pearl in a cute red dress with a red ribbon in her hair she kinda looked cute but she was just an annoying little sister "well kids I hope you enjoy you're first day at school" My father said before we left in the car after breakfast. I looked out the window and saw it was pretty big and loads of students were just heading in for class I looked at the time on my watch 7:30 it read "well goodbye kids see you this afternoon I love you" my mom says "love you too mom" both pearl and I said before leaving the car I walked up to the office and checked which class I had, I had some person call Mr Ratburn's class so I headed there straight away after turning a few hallways I finally found the classroom I sighed and turned the doorknob and opened it a class turned and stared at me including a teacher who turned out to be a male rat a bunch of kids were staring to and muttering "do you think that's the new kid the teacher's were talking about yesterday?" whispers a female monkey.

I blushed shyly and said "h hello I'm sorry I'm a little late Mr Ratburn" I apologised the teacher smiled a bit accepting my apology "it's ok Mrs Whites not everyone arrives on time on their first day now class we have a new student she came all the way from San Francisco her name is Destiny whites please make her feel welcome please take a seat Mrs Whites" says the teacher. I smiled as I saw an empty chair next to a male bear I chose to sit down at that chair "hi my names Allan but everyone calls me Brain its nice to meet you" says the bear "th thanks I'm well you already know my name" I replied. The bear smiles warmly I was already liking this school the bell soon rang and we all headed out I was walking to my maths class when I heard a voice "where's my lunch money dweeb?!" I turned seeing a fourth grader picking up a 8 year old aardvark with glasses he shook, nervously "I I forgot it Rattles honest I didn't had any money on me" replied the aardvark in fear "well save it dweeb you're gonna get it" said the fourth grader throwing the 3rd grader on the floor hurting him he whimpers as he hit his arm *those bullies!* I said marching over angered. "Hey! Leave him alone what did he ever do to you?!" I cried stepping between him and the bullies I didn't realise people looking towards us "hey no one buts into our conversation Heart nosed dweeb" says a female rabbit with hair covering most of her face. "never mind that you shouldn't be picking on a kid younger than you do you do anything else other than picking on another kid?" I blurted out *oh boy my first impression on the school I have a feeling this isn't gonna end well* I thought.

Before we know it both the kid and I were running for our lives from the bullies I saw a building and signalled the kid to hide behind the building I watched the bullies giving up on finding us and left when I thought it was safe we came out of hiding. I turned to the kid and I noticed he didn't had glasses on like before I looked around and found them on the ground I notice one of the holders were broken so I grabbed out some duck tape I always carry some in an emergency like this I placed them back on his face he actually kinda looked cute what am I saying barley know him. "Thanks my names Arthur Read are you new? no one is able to stand up to those guys until you came" the kid replied. I noticed he was a male Aardvark "oh um my name's Destiny Whites and yeah I am new I don't believe I seen you in my class?" I asked "I was uh kinda late this morning I had to drop my sister of at kindergarten that's why I wasn't in Homeroom which class do you have?" asks Arthur.

"I have this teacher named Mr Ratburn" I replied "that's the same teacher I have I guess we're in the same class then" I replied the aardvark smiled and nodded that's when the bell rang and we headed off to maths class.

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