The Fighting Five

Two spy sisters work together to take down a bigger, stronger force! Will they succeed or will they die trying?


6. Chapter 6- Dad

“Yes I am and I don’t think you want me to turn on the bomb again do you?”

“You’re not turning on that bomb!” we all reply

“Watch me.” he said while reaching for the switch.

Before Tech Man turned back on the bomb someone special came in. Someone I love. Someone I will need in my life and on missions. That person is the my dad. I was so happy to see him. He got out a blast gun and he tried to shoot Tech Man but he missed. After that, Tech Man shot him. Ali and I ran up to him. I didn’t know what to do. While I was helping my dad, Bulldog grabbed the gun and shot Tech Man with the blast gun. Jayjay, Charming, and Bulldog ran up to Ali and me. Bulldog us a big hug. We started to cry as Jayjay and Charming called 911.

The cops came fifteen minute later with actual handcuffs and took Tech Man to jail. The police came up to me and told me how good of a job I did, but all I can think about is my dad.


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