The Fighting Five

Two spy sisters work together to take down a bigger, stronger force! Will they succeed or will they die trying?


5. chapter 5- Tech Man

Fifteen minutes later we’re almost ready. Charming finished hacking the minions and Bulldog is almost done getting people to help. Bulldog walks in the door with a bunch of people behind her.

“Amanda, Ali, Charming, and Jayjay,” she begins to say “This is Anne, Ashley, Anna, Allison, Ava, Abigail, Alice, Alex, Amber, and last but not least Amy.”

My mouth drops. “So you like to scare people with names that start with A?”

“Not all the time.” she replies ”I didn’t scare you.”

“You did just a little bit.” I say a little worried about what she might say.

“Oh yeah I do that sometimes.” she replies with a smile.

“Okay let’s get out of here!” I say quickly. “Charming, make sure the minions are going to let us go and not kill us.”

“Got it.” he says. “You guys are good to go.”

    “Great,” I say with a smile on my face “Everyone, go find the door that leads to Tech Men’s lair!”

    Ali grabs my hand and holds on real tight. We follow the crowd that is walking out the door and Ali lets go. I don’t think she’s scared anymore. We run to catch up with the rest of the group when Tech Man comes around the corner. Oh no we don’t have any weapons! We can’t fight like this. I just kept thinking about Tech Man killing us. Ali grabs my hand again and doesn’t let go this time. All of a sudden I see a boomerang fly through the air and is about to hit Tech Man. Everything is in slow motion and the boomerang was about to hit Tech Man but he grabbed it in mid air. At least Jayjay tried. I have another vision. First comes Tech Man laughing and about to kill us. Next, I see a picture of Ali and me. Then, I see a picture of a switch on the back of Tech Men’s back. I now know what to do. I run over in the front of the crowed and ask Bulldog to come with me because she is strong. I ask her to lift me up so I can reach Tech Men’s back. I almost have it but I still can’t reach. Boomerang runs over and lifts up Bulldog. I didn’t even know he was strong enough to hold Bulldog and me. I can reach the switch now and I turn it off. Tech Man falls to the ground. I didn’t know Tech Man was a robot until now. I thought he was just a guy in a suit.

“Let’s go!” I yell “we don’t have much time before the bomb goes off.

Everyone follows me and Ali comes up by my side and she grabs my hand one more time. We get to the lair and its 8:05! We only have ten minutes before the bomb goes off!

“Everyone come look around for the timer for the bomb!” I exclaim “come on!”

We look for about five minutes until we find the switch to turn off the bomb. I turn it off and everybody cheers. The bomb is now gone and we all aren’t going to die.

“Not on my watch!” a voice from behind me says.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“You don’t know who I am?” he said “I’m Tech Man!”

My mouth drops. “You’re Tech Man?” I ask


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