The Fighting Five

Two spy sisters work together to take down a bigger, stronger force! Will they succeed or will they die trying?


3. chapter 3- The Jail

Thirty minutes later we are standing in front of the Lemon Store. It’s a nice, breezy day outside and I’m shaking, nervous to fight the most evil villain on planet earth. I mean, who wouldn’t be nervous to possibly be killed by a huge robot super villain named Tech Man? Having my sister by my side makes me feel a lot better though. She grabs my hand. I can tell she’s nervous too. I just wish my dad was here too. We are very close and I want him helping me. I love my sister and all, but sometimes I wish it was like how it used to be, you know, when we were kids. Laughing, smiling, and just having fun. Things are different now and I’m all grown up. I am a bigger and brighter person and I can do this with Ali.

“You ready?” she asked.

“More than ever!” I reply trying to sound confident.

We both walk around the lemon store to see if there is a window or door we can see. We find nothing. Then we looked for signs of Tech Man. Still nothing. We look one more time, and then just give up.

“Maybe he’s not here after all.” Ali says.

“Let’s look somewhere else.” I suggest a little disappointed.

As soon as I say that, guess what I hear?

“I believe you’re looking for me?”

Ali and I turn around slower than a turtle.

“Tech Man!”we both scream.

My stomach is aching and I can't feel my toes. Is that normal for seeing the most evil villain in the world? Ali looks like she’s going to throw up.

“Well if it isn't Amanda and Alisha?” Tech Man said with an evil kind of voice.

“Actually I go by Ali now.”

“Really Ali we're trying to save the world here and all you care about is your nickname!”

“You need to get the facts right.” She replied.

“Do you think Tech Man cares what your nickname is?”

“Okay that's enough I'm taking you to my jail.” Tech Man says

“Not on my watch!” I yell as I'm getting out my blast gun.

He swipes it right out of my hand the second I get it out. We have no weapons now so Tech Man grabs us and takes us into his jail.

“At least now we know where his lair is”. I try to whisper that to Ali, but Tech Man shushes us to be quiet. I’ll just tell her when we get into the jail cell. I notice that Tech Men's  robot minions are controlling the jail and watching the poor superhero’s think about how they are going to escape the jail and save the world. At least that’s what i’m thinking about right now. Well I’m not a superhero with powers like most of the people Tech Man put in his jail. We get into our jail cell and in it are three other people. One is super cute, but he probably already has a girlfriend.

“Hello I’m Amanda and this is Ali, my sister. We are not superheros like you, but we’re spies. Do you guys want to team up?” I say with a nervous voice because those superhero’s are like twice the size of me.

“First of all I’m not a guy, I’m a girl.” this one girl says that I’ve never seen before. “ Second of all I’m Bulldog and these are my friends Jayjay and Charming.”

“Hey I’m Charming and I know you probably have a huge crush on me because i’m the cutest guy in the whole world but you need to get over that crush and just be my friend.” Charming says with the most wonderful voice I’ve ever heard. Right I need to get over that crush.

“Hi Charming and Bulldog it was nice to meet you!” Ali replies

“Oh and this is Jayjay, he’s kind of stupid but he shoots boomerangs out of his arms so he does come in handy.” Bulldog said in a deep kind of voice.

“Oh okay.” I say a little frightened.

“We’ll be happy to help you save the world from Tech Man!” Charming exclaims.

“Really?” I asked excited.

“Yeah we will! Right, Bulldog?”

“Of course I’ve been waiting to get out of here for the longest time.” she replied

“Bulldog we’ve only been in here for six hours. We haven’t been in here that long.” Charming reminded her.

“Six hours is a long time in my family.” Bulldog replied.

“Whatever, let’s just make the plan.” Charming suggests


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