The Fighting Five

Two spy sisters work together to take down a bigger, stronger force! Will they succeed or will they die trying?


2. chapter 2- The Lab

We walk into the lab and pulled up the voicemail the organizer left for us. The organizer is my dad. He has always been there to help me on missions and now he’s helping my sister, Ali, too. He tries to be a good dad, but ever since my parents got divorced it’s been tough for all of us.

“Hey girls, I have a new mission for you guys. It’s about Tech Man,” my dad’s recorded voice says.

We both groan “Tech Man is the most evil villain in the whole world!” I said surprised that we need to complete such a hard mission.

“Right now, we don’t have a location on Tech Man, but he’s hacking computer companies, banks and worst of all, he set a bomb in the middle of the Earth. You girls need to go into his lair and stop the bomb from exploding. Being careful, smart, and safe will prevent you from getting into trouble. This would normally be an easy mission but I don’t know where Tech Man's lair is or when the bomb will go off. Remember be safe but also be quick. Good luck and remember,  I love you and will do anything I can to help.”

“Okay so now let’s make a plan.” I say quickly. “Where do you think Tech Man’s secret lair is?”

    “I don’t know I’m new to this.” Ali replied.

    “Umm, well Tech Man loves technology obviously so maybe he is hiding somewhere that involves technology.” I say

“I agree, but where would that be?”

We both think for a couple of minutes. Then it hits us.

“The Lemon Store!” we both shout. We screamed so loud I thought all the glass in the lab would crack.

The Lemon Store is a shop that sells phones, tablets, laptops, etc. What better place to build a lair then around your favorite things.

“So I'm assuming in order to shut down the bomb we need to go into his lair. The first thing we’ll do is find Tech Man's secret lair, then we’ll turn off the bomb, and finally take Tech Man to jail.” I exclaim a little too excited.

“Sounds like a plan! I’ll get the blasters, and you get our mission suits.” Ali says excited as well.

“Ali wait, can you brush your teeth first because your breath smells like you haven't brushed them in weeks.”

She glares at me and goes to brush her teeth while I get everything ready for the mission.


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