The Fighting Five

Two spy sisters work together to take down a bigger, stronger force! Will they succeed or will they die trying?


1. chapter 1- The Mission

“Ali get up.” I say aggressively shaking her arm.

“Just five more minutes!” she replied

“Ali you need to get up!” I shouted pulling her feet hoping she will fall out of bed.

“Fine, but what’s the big deal anyway! It’s a Saturday!” she screamed angrily.

“We have a huge mission today, the whole world is in danger Ali.”

“Well the whole world can wait! I’m going back to bed!”

“I thought you wanted to go on missions and be a spy with me?”

“I do, but I don’t want to go on the missions on Saturdays. I want to go on the ones before and after school. I’m not going to waste my Saturday saving the world.”

“You’re not wasting your time, so let’s go into the lab and plan out the mission. I’ll tell you what we need to do when we get into the lab.”

Ali and I went into my closet, pushed the clothes that are hiding the secret door out of the way, and put our fingerprints on the scanner. Ali looks amazed as usual.

“I still can’t believe this was behind your closet all these years.” she said surprised.

“Have you ever been in my closet?”

“No because it has a lock on it.”

“Well then why are you surprised?”

“I’m surprised because nobody has a lab behind their closet.”

“I have a lab behind my closet,”

“It doesn’t matter, let’s just find out what the mission is.”


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