The Last Two Elements

Follow two young girls through their journey to saving the world from others like themselves.


The most common elements known. Do you want to know why? Because the last two elements are terribly beautiful. Because life is a terrible lie and death is the painful truth, but workout each the world would always stay at the beginning of the end.
Follow Opal and Chrysanthemum through their journey as they try to save the world.

"We need your help saving the world."

"Well that's quite a request now isn't it?" She grins.



4. Opal

It's been six hours since Chrisy and I have spoken to Soren last and it's been a good thirty minutes since I've left the bus to go and fetch Soren. I approach the domed house the same way as before, quietly, but this time I'm more sure of my steps and I know exactly what I'm expecting as I enter. A shorter young woman with dusty ocean blue eyes, and that's exactly what I find.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes. But I'll warn you now i don't have much clothing for Italian weather."

"It's fine. We all share anything that's shareable, but only outerwear. Come on. We have a distance to walk."

The entire walk was silent unless Soren had a question that was important enough to be answered and even then there were only a few questions that I answered.

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to the bus."

"The bus being what exactly?"

"It's where we're all going to be staying until we get everyone and make it to Italy."

"How many more are there to get?"

"Three more. Lesly, the wind element. Cameryn, the fire element, and Norma, the earth element."

"Do you know where to find them?"

"Yes," I pause thinking for a moment before continuing. "We know where to find Norma and Lesly. But, Norma knows Cameryn and should be able to help us get to her. 

The walk was much longer than I'd like seeing as Soren wasn't used to walking such a distance and the fact that she was much shorter than me didn't seem to help so a thirty minute walk turned in forty-five and I was surprised that I didn't see Chrisy anywhere along the route looking for Soren and I.


"When we first met Chrysanthemum said something about you being the death element."  Soren spoke as we sat against the side of the bus.

"And?" I look at her with an eyebrow raised.

"Is it true?" She spoke with a cautious expression on her face.

"Yes. What reason would we have to lie to you about something so dangerous?" I look down at  the black leather that separates the flesh of my forearm and the palm of my hand from the surface of anything or one living.

"Could I see?" Soren looked down with her eyes, embarrassed by how curious she was she spoke in a hesitant tone.

"See what? Do you wish to see my hands or my element in action?"

"Both." She said so excitedly that her cheeks turned an ugly red that clashed harshly with her pale skin. The same pale skin that went well with her blue eyes and dark lashes.

I sighed. Soren was such an ugly beauty. I don't feel bad as I think this because I'm the same as her. Beautiful, with that one thing about me that ruins it all.

She has her ugly red cheeks, that appear when her emotions become too much.

I have my ugly bruised hands, that get worse as I use my hands as a conductor for my element.

"How does your element work? I know for mine I can make water 'grow'. If I have even one drop I can turn it into an ocean."

"It works in various ways, depending on the victim, my emotions, and the the amount of time their exposed to it. One slight touch that doesn't even last long enough for me to recognize would have someone dead in a two week time period. If I touch something for a longer time with more skin to skin contact they'd before they could even take notice of the current situation. Causes of death varies as well, but it's all painful to watch and experience. I'll show you if you're still up for it."

"Yeah, i'm still up for it."

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