The Last Two Elements

Follow two young girls through their journey to saving the world from others like themselves.


The most common elements known. Do you want to know why? Because the last two elements are terribly beautiful. Because life is a terrible lie and death is the painful truth, but workout each the world would always stay at the beginning of the end.
Follow Opal and Chrysanthemum through their journey as they try to save the world.

"We need your help saving the world."

"Well that's quite a request now isn't it?" She grins.



2. Opal

I'm posting this early because I finished work for the summer and I want to show my joy by publishing a chapter early. Hope you like and criticism is helpful.

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Chapter One: Opal

I keep my head down as I walk down the streets of Syria. My dark hair, sharp nose and full accented lips covered by a dark blue head wrap. My hands covered by beaten black leather gloves the reach the elbow. My body concealed by a black long sleeve dress that reaches my knees in the front and my calfs in the back. To complete the outfit I have a pair of black thigh high heeled boots that boosted me to the height of six foot three inches. It's almost 100 degrees in this sandy city and the outfit I'm wearing doesn't help at all but I need to keep my skin covered up for the well being of me mans everyone around, even the smallest  of skin to skin contact from me will send my victim to the ground where they will slowly burn from the inside out, their inside will liquify and the their flash will blister until the bones are so brittle that they're reduced to ashes and the entire body caves in on itself.

All while this is happening the victim is still aware of what's happening.

And that's only one of the ways I can kill you.

"Opal!"  Chrysanthemums high pitched voice cut through the mixing bowl of voices and conversation. I give her a nod of acknowledgement and slow my pace for her to catch up.

"I think I found her." Chrisy puffs out as she grips my left forearm and tugs me in the opposite direction I was headed.

"What do you mean by you think you found her?"

"Exactly what I said. It might be her but I'm not exactly sure."

"What aren't you sure about?"

"Well, she doesn't seem to have an element."

"So. It would be 'weird' to go around town and pull water from the ground without even using the proper materials."

"I guess." Chrysanthemum said with an eye roll and continued to tug me down the street.

After making a few more turns we arrived to a large dome like house made of dried mud.

This house only had a doorway and a small window-like hole at the bottom.

I approached the house slowly with Chrisy I front of me, her being the nicer one out from the two of us, and walked in.

"Hello! I'm Chrysanthemum and this is my friend Opal. You wouldn't happen to be Soren do you?" She greeted with a bright smile and glimmering brown eyes that could easily win over the meanest of people.

"Actually, yes I am Soren. What can I do for you?" Her light voice answered.

"Well like I said before I'm Chrysanthemum, and this is Opal. We are elementals."

Soren kept her facial expression neutral as she responded. "I don't think it would be safe for you to say things like that to random people."

After she said this I decided it was my turn to talk.

"Well you see.  That's the problem, you're not any random person and I know for a fact that you're elemental as well." As I speak I move from space behind Chrisy and stand at her side. My tall five foot eleven inch frame towering over them both.

"And why do you think that?"

"I know that your are a water elemental because your sink is full of clean water and your shoes are still clean so I know for a fact that you haven't left your house yet."

"You know what, you're a smart girl. What do you want?" She asked and took a seat on a well kept leather chair. After settling in her seat she motioned for Chrisy and I to take a seat on the chairs matching leather couch.

"We need your help saving the world."

"Well that's quite a request now isn't it?" She grins.

"It is but we wouldn't ask for your help unless we knew we could do it without you. So what do you say, are you in?"

"Save the world from what?"

"Its self."

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