The Last Two Elements

Follow two young girls through their journey to saving the world from others like themselves.


The most common elements known. Do you want to know why? Because the last two elements are terribly beautiful. Because life is a terrible lie and death is the painful truth, but workout each the world would always stay at the beginning of the end.
Follow Opal and Chrysanthemum through their journey as they try to save the world.

"We need your help saving the world."

"Well that's quite a request now isn't it?" She grins.



5. Chrysanthemum

"It works in various ways, depending on the victim, my emotions, and the the amount of time their exposed to it. One slight touch that doesn't even last long enough for me to recognize would have someone dead in a two week time period. If I touch something for a longer time with more skin to skin contact they'd before they could even take notice of the current situation. Causes of death varies as well, but it's all painful to watch and experience. I'll show you if you're still up for it." As i lay on my mattress I listen to Soren and Opals conversation through the window above me.

"Yeah, i'm still up for it."

"Chrisy, could you come here for a moment?" I throw my legs over the edge of my mattress while reaching into my bag and pulling an over-sized denim button-up top out. By the time I exit the bus I'm wearing the top and my hair is pulled into a puff at the top of my head.

"What's up?"

"Don't you already know seeing as you listened in."

"You can't blame me. It's been a long time since I've met someone new."

"Yeah sure, either way i need you to sprout me up a tree." Opal looks at me expectantly, but from me all she receives is a weary expression. "Come on please it'll be a good practice for the both of us."

"Okay. Fine, so what'll it be Soren." I acknowledge the young woman still sitting next to Jewel.

"How about an Olive tree?" She suggested.

"Sure." I smirked.

I kneeled down and dug my hands into the dry dirt, took one deep then closed my eyes. I'm searching for the life string of an olive tree that's bound to have existed here previously. When i find it, i pull as hard as i can and quickly before snaps. The mental strain is practically unbearable. That's good. Great even that means next time i pull on something this old and large it wont be difficult.

When there's nothing else to pull on i open my eyes to see a large olive tree with its large roots around my hands.

Spinning around on on the balls of my uncovered feet i grin at the awestruck water elemental.

"Good enough for you?"

'Wow' Was all she spoke, but even a blind person would be able to see the questions brewing inside of Soren' head.

"I didn't make the tree. I, for no better way to explain, brung it back to life. Even when you or anything dies it gives off energy, the longer it's dead the weaker the energy. Also meaning the harder it is to bring back." I sit against the tree as I explain. "This tree for example is very old and has been dead for even longer, so the next time I have to bring back something or someone that's been dead for just about as long as the tree it'll be a walk in the park. But that's enough of me, Okay then Jewel, go work your magic dove."

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