The Last Two Elements

Follow two young girls through their journey to saving the world from others like themselves.


The most common elements known. Do you want to know why? Because the last two elements are terribly beautiful. Because life is a terrible lie and death is the painful truth, but workout each the world would always stay at the beginning of the end.
Follow Opal and Chrysanthemum through their journey as they try to save the world.

"We need your help saving the world."

"Well that's quite a request now isn't it?" She grins.



3. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums P.O.V.

"It is but we wouldn't ask for your help unless we knew we could do it without you. So what do you say, are you in?" Opal asked. I swear she just makes everything more dramatic and exciting.

"Save the world from what?"

"Its self," Her voice held a severity in it that could only be released from the mouths of one whose been through as much pain as Opal has. "To an extent anyway. It's more like we're trying to save the world from other elemental beings like us, but there powers are more focused."

"I don't understand what you mean by 'more focused'. "

"Opal is the death element. The more focused version of her element would be things like death by; poison, suffocating, etc.," I take my turn to talk. "And I'm the life element. The more focused type of my element would be the life of; land animals, plants, or sea life."

"So mine would be; rain water, salt water, or fresh water?" She seemed genuinely confused.

Poor thing.

"Yup! Exactly that." I put on a huge grin.

"I get that, but I still don't see why the world needs saving."

"Well you see the other elements not including the 'unfocused' ones have been taken and brainwashed, and they're being sent out by an unknown organization to take out multiple cities at a time. But that's all we can tell you now." I hate the fact that we only tell minor thing like this when we ask someone to risk their lives. It just doesn't seem fair, but then again I understand that we don't want them to join the organization that I like to call 'The Weather Men', Opal says the name is stupid but I like it, and give their side the knowledge that we gave them.

"Sure. I haven't anything else better to do, so why not."

"Great, get packed. Think Italian weather." I giggle and rise from my seat motioning for Opal to follow.

"I'll send Opal back here in a few hours to get you. Bye!"

After Jewel and I made it out of hearing distance I finally spoke.

"I think she's going to fit in great."

"Please tell me why you think that." She chuckled.

"She didn't even blink twice when I mentioned your element that's why."

"Just because she isn't easily scared of me doesn't mean when we're a together that we'll get along you know."

"I think that we will. It's all about balance. Life and Death. Fire and Water. Earth and Wind. One without the other is absolute mayhem and you know that Jewel. Gosh, don't be such a downer." I poke her in the cheek with my finger that's covered by the fabric of my pink silk-like elbow high gloves.

"I'm not a downer Chrisy, I just don't want to jump quickly into a big pool of trust like you do."

"See Jewel that's another way we balance each other out. You're cautious and I jump right in."  I look up at her with a wide grin on my face until Opal looks down and gives me a slight smile with her eyes before she removes her black headscarf to reveal her face.

"I think we're far enough where as the scarves aren't needed." She declared while motioning to the miles and miles of sand around us.

The only thing near us for miles was  the bus that we found a few weeks ago. We look out some of the seats in the far back and replaced them with mattresses.

It's comfortable, saves money, and it's not suspicious either,especially now that we scrapped the yellow and black off and replaced it with indecipherable graffiti. We have enough mattresses for Soren, Jewel and I to get our own and even then it's an extra mattress for whom ever we can recruit next.

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