To everyone I'm perfect... please don't let them see behind the curtain... I'm full of scars...

Everyone thought that she had it all. She wasn't rich or was perfect but from the stories, she was happy. She was on her way to making something of her life...

But it was all show. Was she truly happy? On the outside it was something and on the inside it was something else completely. What was true and what wasn't no one knew?

Things start to fall apart when Gabriella vanishes into thin air without a trace and is never to be found...

What mysteries did she hide and who is to blame? What happened to Gabriella Lane?


3. Three

"No one will ever know the pain I feel inside..." 


Gabriella woke up the next morning with a heavy heart. The sun was creeping through her blinds. She yawned and got out of bed. She listened carefully and there was silence in the house. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She saw a big, huge woman staring back at her. Shame rose in her mind as the site disgusted her. Was her mother, right? Was she really that bad and overweight? Shaking her head she left.


Coming down stairs she saw her mother was sitting outside in the sun. She was on the phone with someone and she nodded at her when she saw Gabriella approach. By the looks of it, Natalie appeared to be in a good mood today.

Ignoring her, Gabriella prepared herself some toast and tea. She quickly ate as she realised that she was going to be late for work. Normally people looked forward to the weekend but Gabriella chose to work so she wouldn’t be home with her parents. She knew from experience what it would be like being around them.


“What time do you start today?” asked Jacob. He came and sat down next to her and took a bit of her toast.


“I have to catch the train in like 30 minutes.”


“I’ll drop you off at the station,” offered Jacob.


Gabriella gave him a smile and nodded.


“Gabby, I made lunch for your sister and I also packed your lunch,” called Natalie from outside.


Gabriella gave her a smile in response. This was one of those mornings where all seemed fine. She knew that this wasn’t something that would last. She had learnt long time ago that as fast as she has a moment of happiness, just as fast it is taken away from you. She had learnt ages ago not to get hopes high.




Gabriella sat down with a sigh as she handed the last customer her coffee. It had been busy all day and it felt like she hadn’t had a time to even sit down. Tony handed her glass of water as he too sat down.


“Wow… it was so quiet this morning and suddenly so busy. I’m so tired that all I want to do is go home and sleep,” he said.


“Yeah well, we still have 2 more hours of this and then back tomorrow for more,” replied Gabriella.


“How can you possibly be happy to work on a Saturday. I hate this. The only reason I took shift this weekend was because they were desperate.”


Gabriella didn’t say anything at first. She didn’t want to admit to him that she was happy to take the weekend shift because that was the only escape for her from her home and her family.


“Well, that is the only time I can actually work… and better pay,” she lied instead.


“That customer was a pain,” said Max. “I took down her coffee and she kept asking for things… one at a time. I had to come up and down 4 times before she was happy.”


Both Tony and Gabriella laughed at this.

The last 2 hours went slow for them but it was a fun shift. Finally, the relief staff came in and it was time for them to go. This fact hit her, that now she had to go back home.


“What’s wrong with you? asked Sara. She watched Gabriella closely.


“What… nothing. Just trying to remember if I need to get anything for tonight. Well see you later.”




Gabriella waited for her sister to come pick her up from the station. Finally, she arrived and on their way home they sat in silence. Clearly something was up as her sister was angry.


“What’s wrong,” Gabriella asked breaking the silence.


“I’m stressing out here. Nothing is going right for me. You won’t understand it,” she replied.


“Why what happened now?”


“Henry called and we had an argument. I keep telling him that I don’t want his whole family to come to the dinner before the wedding. I just want his close family, like his sisters and their partners and his parents but he keeps trying to get his cousins invited,” complained Holly. “On top of that I have a report due for my uni.”


“It will all work out,” said Gabriella.


“It’s easy said than done. This all is so depressing and I’m having a nervous breakdown here. Nothing is getting fixed but rather feels like it’s getting worse.”


“Wow, isn’t it so unfortunate that you can’t get what you want for once. That once in your life you are faced with a small problem that no one can fix. Depressed over a small issue… Yeah that is the solution for all problems now right. Something doesn’t go your way and you are depressed,” thought Gabriella.


“Did you say something?” asked Holly.


“Me…no nothing. What would I have to say about this. I don’t have anything to stress or worry about.”


“Yeah, you are lucky.”


Gabriella couldn’t help but smile at this. How her sister was oblivion to even see her sister in pain. Did she even know her at all?


Gabriella knew everything about her sister. She knew Holly even more than Holly knew herself. Without even saying it, Gabriella always knew what she wanted or was thinking. They were 3 years apart but they could have been twins.


Holly was the oldest and she had different figures than Gabriella. Like she had long brunette hair with hazel-brown eyes. She was talk and slim. Gabriella and Holly were close at one stage but since she met Henry, they had drifted apart. Gabriella was happy for her sister… She thought that maybe when she was gone, her parents would pay attention to their ‘other child’ (like her mum referred to her at times).


“Gabby, you even listening to me. My life is a mess and you are… I don’t know which land you are in,” snapped Holly.


“I’m sorry. But I can’t help you with your report but I can try and talk to Henry about the dinner thing,” offered Gabriella.


“Thanks. Sometimes I wonder what is the point of all this. This all is too much to handle.”


“I ask myself that question all the time. Why am I here and what is my purpose,” mumbled Gabriella and Holly didn’t hear her. 

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