To everyone I'm perfect... please don't let them see behind the curtain... I'm full of scars...

Everyone thought that she had it all. She wasn't rich or was perfect but from the stories, she was happy. She was on her way to making something of her life...

But it was all show. Was she truly happy? On the outside it was something and on the inside it was something else completely. What was true and what wasn't no one knew?

Things start to fall apart when Gabriella vanishes into thin air without a trace and is never to be found...

What mysteries did she hide and who is to blame? What happened to Gabriella Lane?


10. Ten


"They all think that I'm perfect... but please don't let them look behind the curtain. I'm scared and too damaged. 



The day had finally arrived. Everything had started to fall into place. Family members had started to arrive. It all felt like a dream as one after the other things happened. Gabriella and Holly watched as they tried on their outfits for the wedding, the venue of the wedding and the reception venue all got decorated. Natalia and Jacob both were now stressed more than usual as they organised the final touches to the wedding. 

On the night before the wedding, Gabriella stopped and finally let the whole thing sink in. Her sister, who she loved more than anything in the world who she knew may not care that much about her was finally going to get married and move away. What did this really mean for her? Was she finally going to get the opportunity to be the daughter that she wished her parents saw her as? Would she finally be stopped being compared to her sister for with and will she finally get the love and attention she hoped from her parents?


There were many more questions that were racing through her mind that moment but she also knew that there wasn’t anyone who could answer them. No one cared enough to do that and what was the point. Deep down she already knew the answer. No matter how much she tried to change that fact, it was always going to be there. She was never going to make her parents happy and that she was never going to be like Holly.


“Gabriella honey, where are you? I can’t seem to find your dad’s suit jacket and the bow tie that we got last week,” called Natalie.


Quickly shaking off all the thoughts, Gabriella looked at her reflection in the mirror. She didn’t need anyone’s approval as long as she was happy with herself. But standing there at that point she couldn’t even do that. No matter how much she tried, when she looked at her reflection, she only saw a loser, a failure looking back at her and no one else.


“I put it away in that bag. I didn’t want it to get messed up. I have also placed his shirt and pants in there too,” said Gabriella.


“Ah thanks. You know your dad. He wont get it all ready till tomorrow and we wont have time to do all this. We have an early morning photo shoot and then we have to be at the wedding venue to get whatever is not ready.”


Gabriella nodded and gave her mum a weak smile. Whatever it was, or whatever she felt, she couldn’t let anyone else know or see it. She came downstairs to find that most of her relatives had stopped by for a pre-wedding celebration.


Taking in a deep breath, she put on a mask that was smiling. She hid behind that perfect mask where all only saw that smile and happiness. She couldn’t let anyone know that behind that fake smile was a girl who was in so much pain that she was doubting herself for everything that she was doing. No one seem to notice and that’s what she wanted. No one could help her and that is what her parents wanted… her to make everyone believe that she was happy.


“Your dad is calling you,” whispered Gabriella’s cousin, Talia.


Gabriella approached her dad. “Hon, make sure that all that needs to be taken to the venue is ready and at the front door. Jessica has offered to take it down in the morning as we will be busy at the photoshoot,” explained Jacob.


Gabriella quickly noted down all that was needed to be done and made sure that all was placed at the door. After finally an hour of running around and gathering, she came and sat down next to her dad’s cousin. She noticed that Gabriella looked tired but still wore a huge smile on her face.


“Wow darling, you are such an amazing daughter. Helping your parents so much. Must be so much work,” she commented. “Natalia, you are so lucky to have such a great daughter.”


Gabriella looked up and saw her mum take a seat in front of them. She had a smile on her face as she looked at Gabriella.


“Bet she is making sure all is ready for the big day. Such a caring person she is.”


“Yeah, so is Holly. Always helping others. Has been like that since she was young. Maybe that’s why she chose a profession where she takes care of others,” responded Natalia.


Hearing this, the smile and that small ray of pride that Gabriella had felt left her. Like someone had hit her with a brick wall she tried her hardest not let her emotions get in the way… especially in front of all these people.


What had she been expecting. Her mother to praise her? She knew that no matter who praised her or for what she was praised for, she managed to bring in Holly and made her the centre of attention. She couldn’t stand to let her have it, ever. She was used to it but no matter how many times she reminded herself, she forgot that it wasn’t going to change. She was always going to have to fight and struggle under her sister’s shadow.


A pain rose inside her chest and her breathing started to raise. It was getting harder and harder for her to breath and she knew straight away what this was. She was about to have a panic attack… right there in front of everyone. She quickly got up and started to make her way to the stairs. She kept smiling at the passing people. She was now shaking from head to toe but like always, she tried her hardest to hide this… that is what she was always expected to anyways…




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